Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fentons & Temple Lights

We tried to do some Christmas traditions after Christmas this year. I made Jessica watch the last few minutes of Up before our trip to Oakland.
Jonah the little bird sat between two ice cream sharers at Fentons.
Everyone tried to get Scott to smile.
As it was getting dark, we drove up to the temple.
Jonah pointed to every light and exclaimed, "yite!"
After the impressive displays at the Salt Lake Temple earlier in the week, I still loved the Oakland Temple grounds. Maybe it's just nostalgia.
Jonah saw Rick coming and ran as fast as he could.
Both boys loved all things Ricky all week long.
Showing Rick the "wawa!"
Scott wanted to walk around the fountain.
Naturally, Jonah wanted to copy.
We went in the visitor's center to warm up (which was funny after being in Utah where it was actually cold).
The kids movement made the pictures blurry in manual mode, so I switched to auto where the flash is awful. So I had my mom take one of just us in manual to compare. Much better!
We love the temple! (And Fentons!)

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