Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December I

Jonah is all about copying Scott. He really wants to ride a bike like his big brother, but as Scott says, "Jonah too yittle for my motorcycle."
Sometimes they play together so well for long stretches. Usually when Jonah is willing to play like a surgeon's assistant--
"I needa choo choo, Jonah. Good job. Okay one more piece. Fanks. Good job, Jonah. K how 'bout a tree?"
We live in an expensive place and consquently many of my friends have to work outside their home when they would prefer to be with their kids. (Some want to work and that's great, but lots of them don't). While Lauren was on maternity leave, we tried to have some fun during the day. She invited us on an adventure to Christmas in the Park. Batman and R2D2 liked taking the lightrail.
Scott loves Lincoln as much as he loves trains.
Another consequence of our pricey city is so few people have big families. With 5 kids between us who are 3 and under, Lauren and I had a lot of people stare or comment. I actually like it. I realized while we were in Utah when Scott was a baby that nobody noticed him/us and it was bizarre. I don't bring the kids anywhere here without someone stopping to say hi.
On the way home, Jonah crashed--after taking off his socks and with a snack still in his mouth. 
Scott reading to Jonah.
He wanted Jonah to play with the gears and other fun designs exactly the way he did. He'd take Jonah's hand and say, "like this, Jonah bear. Good job." I guess we tell him good job a lot.
Both boys are obsessed with John's slippers.
Our Mommy & Me craft this month was reindeer antlers. Scott wanted them both to wear them all day. Jonah did not, but he obliged for a picture (while distracted by food). For the record, Jonah's noggin is so big that their headbands are interchangeable. 
Buzz and Woody having a morning reading session. 
This handsome train conductor volunteered at an elementary school's Polar Express night punching tickets and helping all aboard. 
Scott and Jonah loved everything about it--big kids, a movie, hot chocolate.
The primary kids sang a few songs at our ward Christmas dinner. Scott wanted to go up with his buddy, Asher, who was sharing our table. He just stood there and watched.
Silly boys.

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  1. Fun times! Miss you guys a lot.

    BTW, do I see a new dining table in the background?!