Thursday, January 8, 2015

Family Pictures

My sister took pictures for us at the park by our house again. She also did my hair, so double kudos.
 Jonah was all smiles for his solo shots.
 Little bundle of happy.
 He also liked being with Daddy.
 Scott wanted to run around, of course.
 Group shots were going pretty roughly, so we let them play around for a few minutes before trying again. Meanwhile, Amanda took some of John and me.
This one's my favorite.
Scott getting his wiggles out.
 This is my favorite family shot. I want to eat Jonah's smug little face.
I told Amanda we just needed one good family picture and "film" was free. In 14 minutes, she took 296 pictures, 5 of which had all 4 of us looking at the camera and 2 of those had no fruit snacks showing in any mouths.
So narrowed down to two viable options, we went with this one for Christmas cards. Success! Thanks again, Manda!


  1. Forget JCP. Amanda should always take your pictures!

  2. These turned out super cute! Love Jonah's smiles.