Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Scott loves having a tree on his head. Also known as a ponytail.
I organized a neighborhood sewing class and the boys played matching while we waited for everyone to show up.
We tuck the boys in bed before we go to sleep and Jonah is always in a precarious position.
John found out his company was likely to close the next week, so I made all the doctor appointments I could while we still had insurance and FSA funds to spend. First up was Scott's dental check-up and cleaning.
I took him to a pediatric dentist and he was nervous, but excited to get his teeth white. The hygienist was awesome and Scott did a great job. 
I went to the gym and for the second week in a row the spin instructor didn't show up. I went to the other location and had a half hour to kill, so I bought the boys a donut to share from Safeway. The childcare person at the second place wasn't there (which they didn't tell me when I had checked in a half hour before and gotten childcare tokens), so it was a total bust of a morning. My back was killing me for days, but at least the boys remembered getting a donut instead of missing out on play time. I put my membership on hold until after the baby comes and started going back to the community center. I love that place so much more, but the convenience of childcare, showers and distance from the house makes the gym a better choice.
John came home from work with his personal belongings, AOptix swag, and snacks they were throwing out from the break room. We're going to miss a lot of things about his job, but are excited about future options. He was contacted by a recruiter Tuesday, interviewed Wednesday, and started Thursday at a 6 week contract job. It's in Newark, which is a huge adjustment for our family. Since his company couldn't offer cobra or severance or anything, it's nice to have work while he job searches, though. We really need something full time because insurance for our family through the state is insane.
Jonah lined up his friends during his nap. And stole Scott's pillow.
We went to Krispy Kreme for a free glazed donut.
Scott wanted a sprinkled one, but the lady said we couldn't pay the difference. Instead of having a fit, he asked if he could have one next time. We went outside to eat and found two mini sprinkled donuts in our box along with the four glazed. She made two boys very happy.
We met our friends at the park before dinner one day. The frisbee went over the fence and Lou crawled under and rescued it.
Playing in another friend's backyard. The rain made a lovely mud puddle to play in.
Since John has a long commute and it's been raining, it was time to replace his bald tire. We were trying to decide what to do for fun with the boys that day and ran errands first.
They thought it was Luigi's tire shop and loved it.
We saw a fire truck on the corner, the light rail went by, they played at the mall play place while we waited and we grocery shopped and got them a hot dog at Costco. It was probably a better outing for them than anything we could have planned.
Scott made stairs and I helped him put supports in place up to his Empire State Building. Then he said he needed an elevator so the people don't get tired on all the stairs.
Tucking their babies in to bed. Then Scott turned and said, "Alright, Jonah, let's go on our date!"
They abandoned their children and had a nice date to go buy a hockey stick because theirs broke. I love that Scott is verbalizing his imagination now.
We asked what song they wanted to sing for FHE and Scott chose "Christmas Tree church song"-- the opening song from the Christmas Devotional. Jonah was excited and danced, then they sat and watched attentively and wanted to keep watching the whole thing. Weird kids.
Sitting on the boat outside the grocery store. I don't even think this runs anymore, it just sits there.
I agreed to babysit one week thinking John would be home to help. He was already working, so I brought the kids to and from preschool in the wagon.
Gracie put the boys down for pretend naps. They loved it. 
Jonah not so gently burping his baby.
We're going to need to work on their technique before the real baby comes.
We had a girl's night for my mom's birthday.
Amanda brought this great cake from a Santana Row bakery and it was as good as it looks.
Helping clean the church building.
At his first primary activity. He was excited to use colored pencils and started coloring with both hands at once. 
The dress-up station. He didn't want to do it, so we were going to skip it until he saw this costume and wanted to put it on. So he could be a Jedi.
I blame John for that one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MLK, Jr. Day in SF

On Friday the 15th, John's company closed. We decided to try and do some fun and inexpensive things while he was looking for a new job. 
Monday we took the Celebration Train to the Martin Luther King Jr. parade in San Francisco. It's just an Amtrak dedicated to this purpose with free roundtrip tickets.
We thought we'd watch the parade for a while and then play in the city, but didn't have a set schedule. Upon arrival, we saw the chaos and scooted far away from the parade area. 
We walked down the piers and found the sea lions.
Jonah would have stayed and watched them all day. Scott wanted to see the sharks, which fortunately are not near the sea lions.
We walked to Ghirardelli Square, which is my favorite part of visiting.

We shared a Crissy Field sundae.
Then we took a streetcar back to the train station. 
Jonah napped on the way home. It was a fun family day!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Plantation Shutters

After 6+ years without window coverings in our living spaces, we ordered shutters back in November. I'd been holding out getting blinds or curtains because I wanted these, but they were too expensive.
 John found a company that made them to order, so he did the measurements and installation himself and it was less than half the price of the bids we'd gotten in the past.
 They arrived the second week of January and went in faster than I'd expected and look beautiful.
 One down, nine to go. (We have 12 windows total, but two are bathrooms).
 Jonah helping put the frame together.
 The boys' room was so dark the next day they stayed in bed even with their alarm light on. Scott asked me if they could get up and I said they could play in the play room, which they did happily for an hour. Worth the money right there.
 Our room had blackout curtains before and they're about the same darkness now.
 The nursery looks even sweeter.
 The biggest improvement was the play room I think. It looks less boxy/garagey and more like a homey living space.
 The kitchen is my favorite, though, because the sun isn't in my eyes while making dinner
 and people who come to the door can't see in.
So worth the wait!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

December II

Before Christmas we had a mini bake-fest. Mostly I cleaned the kitchen and shopped then my mom made all the cookies. 
John's request was spritz, which the boys decorated with sprinkles.
I made toffee for a cookie swap and neighbors and I think that's it. So I'm glad my mom helped the boys do something festive.
Enjoying the last play date with Cash before their move.
One night our friends invited us to the Cal Academy of Sciences as their guests to a members Christmas party.
John hadn't been, so we showed him around the exhibits that were open.
There was apple juice, reindeer and carolers making the whole place more festive. John left work a little early, but it was still a late night because of traffic getting there. After a few hours we called it good.
Once we saw the albino alligator John went to get the car and not a minute too soon. Scott laid down on the floor while we waited and said he was too tired to walk, which is abnormal for his energetic self.
Another night that week Britta took me to see the Nutcracker. Well, I technically took her because I have a car, but the tickets were her Christmas gift. It was great to have a girl's night out.
I borrowed a snap circuit kit and Scott and John tried it out one afternoon.
Jonah brushing Scott's hair with a dinglehopper.
Putting their sticker ornaments on the tree cards Wendy sent. 
Watching the penquins movie my aunt sent. All 3 kids were entranced.
One of my favorite holiday traditions is Christmas Eve dinner and singalong at the Blanks'. Scott moved the little rocking chair to the middle of the commotion and joined right in. The boys loved the singing, especially the bells, and stayed up late to party with us.
My dad got us all tickets to a Sharks game and we went together after Christmas.
It was Scott's first live hockey game and he loved it. He got a little overwhelmed by (John's) cheering at one point near the end, but it was long past his bedtime, so I wasn't too surprised.
Baby Cedric managed to stay awake, but Scott crashed on my lap near the end. 
We lost, but had a fun night out together. Jonah had fun watching a movie and eating snacks with my mom at home, so he didn't miss out, either.