Friday, April 29, 2016

Perry's 1st Week

John reading to all three boys.
Everything Perry does is adorable to us. Even just lying around.
Holding his paci in place.
Perry giving Scott a kiss.
Scott returning the love.
Our neighbor gave us this boppy cover, which was a big hit.
Perry's whole self fits in the opening right now.

If he's not sucking on something, he's rooting for something to suck on.
He still likes being curled up.
After his brothers go to bed, we get some quality time with Perry before he goes to sleep.

We like to watch West Wing. He likes to eat.
The tiniest sailor.
The biggest yawn.

A big pacifier
and a minute later he's asleep.
Scott helping a brother out

Perry and I snuggled all afternoon while John took the big boys to church.

Since I couldn't drive on the medicine I was taking, Amanda babysat on Monday so John could take me to Perry's newborn checkup. He was steady at 6 lbs, 2 oz and the nurse was pleased with his growth so far.

Jonah asks to hold his baby every chance he gets.
He still examines Perry and tells us what is tiny.
All stretched out in his tiny pajamas.

He likes to hold hands.
Jonah checked out the boppy and found it comfy enough for a nap.
Scott was concerned that our baby's eyes weren't blue and wanted a picture of his own eyes to see what color they are. Still blue.

Perry likes his one arm stretched up.
Jonah came back from the park (sporting a flower necklace) and needed to see Perry straightaway. 

If Perry doesn't fall asleep after eating in the middle of the night, he typically gets to stay in bed with us.
Before doing anything or going anywhere, Jonah needs to give Perry a hug and kiss and get one in return.
We're all obsessed with baby Perry.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baby Pictures

I took a few quick pictures of my little snuggly baby when he was a week old and I didn't narrow them down because I love them all.