Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September II

In summary: Jonah reads and Scott eats.
 Seriously, Jonah will sit anywhere and everywhere to read a book. His preferred place is someone's lap, but basketball hoops will do in a pinch.
 John is definitely his favorite reader.
 John was asleep on the floor and Jonah crawled over and whacked him on the head with his book. He might not be able to talk, but he manages to communicate pretty well.
 We had Karen and Alan over for dinner and Jonah persuaded Grandma to read to him.
 We had dessert and offered Scott some, but he requested avocado instead.
 He and Jonah both wanted avocado. Weird kids.
 Scott was apparently concerned about Jonah's bald head burning. It took a lot of scrubbing to get the waterproof sunscreen off.
 He found another willing reader when my mom came over. He picks a book and backs up to your lap, then plops down. He does it to my visiting teachers, too. Anyone who's around will do.
 We had to squeeze Mr. Chubbers into this penguin suit. After pictures I took it off and passed it on to one of Jonah's more slender friends. I love the protruding white belly.
Found a quiet room and sat by the fireplace to read a good book.
Scott figured out that he can project cars by popping them off of this toy. 
The preschool pick-up brigade. It took longer to load and unload all the kids than to drive there, but Lincoln had to be signed in and out. Luckily there's a playground, so we just went early and had some play time twice a day on preschool days.
Scott found John's Mickey jams in his drawer and was so excited to match.
Scott showered with John and didn't have his towel in our bathroom, so he used my robe.
Scott helped me make French toast one morning and ate two pieces while I finished cooking the stack. He likes "puple sywup" (boysenberry syrup) on it.
Krispy Kreme did their pirate day again and Scott kept his makeshift costume on to earn us a dozen donuts. He enjoyed his spoils.
We went to our stake's street fair and it was Island themed. There were fire dancers performing who totally mesmerized the boys.
Scott had his first cotton candy. Our friend Kelly made it, handed it to him and he just held it, looked at it, then licked it. She said we needed to teach him how to eat it, but after a few licks he figured it out. That thing was gone in no time.
We went to Lowe's to look at vanities and the stove I liked was on clearance because it was discontinued.
They were sold out everywhere except for floor models, but the one in Dublin was still new in the box, so we drove up and bought it that night. John cut the opening bigger the next Saturday and installed this beauty.
Now we can cook more than one big pot or pan at a time and it's amazing! It also cooks faster and crumbs don't drop down the sides into the cupboards anymore. 
After installing the stove, we went to help Karen and Alan move out of their apartment. I went a few times during the week and even with the kids in the van I could load tons of boxes back there.
Jonah helped me make trips to the trash and recycling. Several people stopped us to comment on how cute she is. It might be time for a haircut, but I love his little curls.
Scott crashed on the futon and Jonah took his blanket, then snuggled it on the floor. 
It looked so peaceful, but a second later he was wrestling the pillows.
Trying to take a group picture. I braved toddler storytime with all four kids and it went pretty well.
The boys playing in Grandma's toy room. I went over a few times to help clean, unpack and paint. I worked while Karen watched the boys and I think it felt like a break for both of us, so wins all around.
Being silly on the trampoline.
If you're wondering why there are so many holes in the styrofoam . . . 
My mom watched the kids one Saturday so we could go to the temple. It was a gorgeous day up there.
Little cheese. His church clothes are decided by him choosing a hat and I match his outfit to it. He loves hats.
Scott practiced a lot and is now faster on his bike than my walking speed. We've been doing more family bike rides again.
Scott was asking me about his Superman Little People toy, so I showed him some clips of the movie. He brought Superman over so he could see himself in action.
Jonah helped me pick out a shirt. The only one left in the drawer.
Jonah positioned himself.
His first See's sample.
He's a fan.

Monday, October 27, 2014

September I

Jonah sat in the baby wagon and grunted until John took him for a ride.
He eventually toppled out, but the whole thing was so funny to watch.
Jonah wanted to wear the carseat strap and John made it into a bandolier for him.
Linc is always great about sharing with Jonah. Not so much Lou or Scott, but for some reason Jonah taking over his toys never bothers him.
I could usually get the other 3 kids napping in the afternoon and Scott had alone time with me. His activity of choice the last few weeks has been painting.
While Wendy was here we went to the temple.
We brought John's parents along, too.
Wendy watched the boys for us in the visitor's center while we went in the temple. Scott cried because he wanted to go inside, too.
It made me grateful to be sealed to my family.
Library play time is all about the trucks.
Jonah playing his lid game while I try to cook. It typically helps for a few minutes.
Scott being such a helpful shopping companion.
Jonah and Lou having some side-by-side baby play. I try to stagger their lunches so they have time to play without big kids and vice versa. 
Linc riding his "motorcycle."
So, of course, Scott has to ride his motorcycle.
John started weekly stake volleyball.
Jonah found the cutest little baby walking around Home Depot's door aisle.
We took Wendy to Happy Hollow to show her our favorite mini-putt ride. There was no line, so they rode it a half dozen times in a row. Until the clanging bell did me in and we moved on to the playground.
The nursery leader ran an errand and his daughter held Scott's hand while he was gone. I guess she needed some comforting with him away.
Scott likes to line his Duplo blocks across the board. He gets upset when Jonah pulls them off, but I remind him that it's Jonah's board from his birthday and he'll say, "Jonah sharing, thank you!"
They like the library Duplo table, too. Wendy was home with the sleeping little kids when I took the big boys to story time, so we stayed for the craft activity. They wore their crowns all day.
This is why Jonah gets hosed down 3 times a day.
Now that he can walk I let him play in the backyard a lot more. He's started trying to play t-ball.
This pretty much sums up having two kids for us: one is ecstatically steering and the other is trying to climb out.
Scott giving Anna a ride around her backyard. 
It felt like we didn't do much, but that's a lot of activities for two weeks!