Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Swim Lessons

Scott got swim lessons for his birthday. I chose the community center near our house because they were 2 weeks and less expensive.
Other than the first day, he was mostly excited to go. He was usually hesitant until we got there, then went right over and loved it.
Showing Jonah the letters for pool that told us where to go. Jonah was watching the archery class outside the pool.
The first few days that they were practicing kicking on the wall, Scott would come out to his stomach rather than just holding on.
Scott's in the back using the kickboard. He warmed up to being away from the wall and even being on his back. When they jumped in, he would be squatting and holding the instructor's hands, then just plop down.
Jonah entertaining himself during the half hour lessons. I was usually feeding patient Perry his breakfast.
Scott remembered how to spell pool and wrote it out at home.
The last day, they took the kids to the diving board. I was curious to see how Scott would do. The other kids in his class each backed down, then when it was his turn
he cautiously walked down the plank and jumped right in! I was proud of him for being so brave!
His confidence and familiarity with the water improved so much. If it weren't for having to tote all three of them over and back every day, I'd sign him up for more sessions.
Here's a quick video:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

June I

I hurt my back a few days before Wendy came, which was a bummer for doing fun things, but really helpful with Perry. They had lots of snuggle time. Jonah is good about showing Perry the pictures when he reads to him.
We went to see Amanda at work. Scott was mesmerized by the Sharks playoffs.
We had a heat wave and the boys tried out Jack's backyard pool. The cold hose water felt great.
Free donut day! Jonah was excited to get a chocolate sprinkle one because usually the free ones are plain glaze and he mostly just eats the top off.
Perry did not get a donut.
We picked up these light sabers from a neighbor and the kids battled John after work.
Typical sleep position for Jonah.
Perry enjoying some awake time.
Jonah warmed up to his soccer classes, but didn't miss them much when they ended. My favorite part was how cute he looked in his jersey.
Passed out. He's still going back and forth on naps and sometimes they catch up to him.
Paige loves the baby.
Dallin looks so tan next to Perry's translucent skin.
They frequently make the same expressions, have the same mannerisms and/or are in the same positions.
Another comfy sleep position for Jonah.
Perry discovered toys. They help distract him slightly when he's fussy. Usually it's only while he's waiting for food or in the car.
Normally he's a happy little guy.
We went to our summer movie (Paddington) and saw the display for Dory!
Perry slept through the movie.
Smiley boy
Squeezed him into the Cardinals shirt one last time.
Preschool field day. When we walked around the corner and saw the jump house, Scott didn't want to go. After seeing other siblings there, I went home and brought Jonah back with me. He saw the jump house and couldn't have been more excited. He ran over to it squealing and asking to go in.
Once Jonah showed up, Scott warmed  up to the activities. They played together the whole time.
They each had a big fluff of cotton candy.
Jonah insisted he needed sunglasses so he could see. I think his eyes are more sensitive to sunlight because he regularly asks for his glasses.
After all the festivities.
John headed to his 3rd round of interviews at Made in Space.
With 6 weeks of John home then 3 with Wendy visiting, Perry has grown accustomed to being held.
We babysat twins one day and had to double up in the stroller to go to the park.
Watching a movie one afternoon. While my back healed, they definitely had extra tv time.
Little nugget.
We picked out some new books and movies at the library. We could stay there all day. I fed Perry and enjoyed the a/c while the boys read books to themselves.
Catching the hacky sack with his paper bag puppet.
Jonah showing Perry the pictures in his book.
Here's the situation.
I picked up a yogurt maker from a neighbor and John tried it out. I don't love plain yogurt, but everyone else loved it.
Scott's last day with Ms. Angela. He grew a lot in preschool this year. He's braver and more confident. Scott has always loved babies and older kids, but being in this class helped him play better with peers and interact more with kids other than his brother. We're going to miss it!
Jonah having an allergic reaction and giving me anxiety like no one else can.
Sleeping in my bed. He falls asleep eating in the mornings sometimes and I just leave him while I get ready for the day.
Cheering for his Sharks.
Perry was in the habit of staying up a little later, then sleeping until morning, about 8-9 hours most nights.
Jonah was in his room for a break and tucked himself into bed for a nap with Bob.
Perry giving Wendy his big burps.
Morning snuggles in my bed. 
As soon as John leaves, his spot fills up with babies.
Perry wakes up hungry, but happy in the morning. His best smiles and giggles are first thing.
Scott was waiting for me and filled his time reading his book.
Good morning little love!
Typical action shot-- a blurry Jonah and frightened Perry.
Nakie baby
Scott pointed out the beautiful rainbow sunset on our walk home. I didn't have the heart to tell him it's  probably from smog.
The nap won this time.
Since I wasn't very mobile, I didn't take many pictures during Wendy's visit. I took this one before heading to the airport.
Every time the boys see a Southwest plane now, they talk about Wendy coming to visit.