Saturday, December 10, 2016

Harry Potter World

My long-time friend Miranda wanted to go to Harry Potter World in LA and was looking for a roadtrip buddy.
We met up with our other friend, Shannon, in the park.
We went on all the rides, tried all the butterbeer and shopped in every store.
I bought myself a new sweatshirt so I can give my brother back his Michigan one from high school.
Harry Potter World was magical and our girl's weekend was rejuvenating.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November I

Jonah helping me with laundry.
Scott helped me carry in the groceries and stacked all the cereal so he could "scan" them with his Darth Vader laser keychain.
Sweet baby. I never want to put him down. So usually I don't.
It was Scott's turn to choose/help make dinner and he asked if pumpkin pie was a dinner. He settled for quiche instead, then the next morning in preschool we made pumpkin pie! It was his lucky day.
Perry timed his spit-up as I was bending over the dishwasher, so I didn't have anything to clean up. So thoughtful.
Play-doh time. 
John and I went out to find him a suit for Joseph's wedding and stopped for dinner so we could call it a proper date. We tried a chicken and waffle place we've been wanting to go to for ages. It was good, but still not Roscoe's. 
Scott learned how to draw a heart.
I kept Jonah entertained one morning having him find and cut out specific things in an ad, like a baby. He kept going and made a family: mommy, daddy, baby, big boy and little boy. 
Perry rolling across the room to get his toy.
The boys used their pumpkin lights from my dad on our nightly walk.
Helping Perry figure out the popup toy.
The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show will ask the kids questions and Jonah enthusiastically answers them and does what they suggest. It's really funny and cute to watch.
Jonah wasn't feeling well for maybe the 4th Monday in a row and wanted me to keep holding him. Eventually when I needed to get up, I plopped him in my chair with his blanket and a show. I think he loved the special treatment.
Clown Scott
Scott made a big train track oval so there was room for everyone. Except Perry, who pulls the track apart to chew on a piece.
He also discovered my shoes. He can roll, scoot and pull himself wherever he wants to go.
I was cutting out turkey feather hands for Jonah's preschool class and the other parent helped do a stack. I sent this to John to see if he could tell them apart. To be fair, I think he was using safety scissors.
Raking leaves at Grandma's house. I ordered door dash for dinner for the first time and we cleaned up the front yard while we waited for the delivery guy.
Scott loved being buried in leaves.
Reading to his brothers.
Perry looked like an elf on the shelf with his legs dangling out of the crib.
I made up the bed for Rick and Jess to use and put Perry on it while I cleaned the rest of his room. I looked over and saw Jonah being sweet with him.
The boys excitedly cleaned the house for our company. Here's Scott micromanaging Jonah's window washing.
Perry enjoyed a little snack in his net
while his brothers cheered him on.
Jonah will still occasionally spoon feed Perry.
Bubbles and Amanda. Two of their all-time favorites.
I love seeing pictures like this to remind myself to focus more on the simple, magical parts of childhood.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Messmanns at Muir Woods

We bought passes to Muir Woods this summer and were excited to take family back to use them.
Perry fueling up.
Cedric hitched a shoulder ride.
The boys found a new clubhouse.
Little P found himself a set of shoulders.
He likes being outside and watching everyone.

Cedric found a walking stick.
Naturally, Jonah needed one, too.
Practicing his spells.
On the way home I wanted to try Bi-Rite creamery in San Francisco. It was not incredibly on the way and there was a group hug at the park next door, so parking was even crazier than usual. But John waited in the line wrapped around the corner while I found a spot.
They have fun flavors and quality ice cream, so I think it was worth going back! Plus it broke up the drive home, which is always longer than I remember.
I'm glad everyone put up with my crazy plans because it was a fun day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cedric Visits

I waited until right before their trip to tell the boys Uncle Ricky was coming. They were SO excited.
They love "Baby" Cedric.
Perry liked having a little friend around.
I think we overwhelmed the poor kid.
He loved pushing the doll stroller.
Playing in the chairs.
His excited face is amazing!
This boy needs a train set asap.
Preferably sent in bubble wrap.
Running around the play room
Popping bubble wrap. It's the simple things.
Perry tried to copy Ced's crawling.
Cedric's tan, skinny leg next to Perry's pale, chunky one. He's 9 months older and only 2 pounds heavier.
Also on the play agenda: light sabers.
Lots and lots of light sabers.
And a quick vacuuming. 

Cedric is Perry's closest in age cousin. I'm excited for them to have each other as they grow up.
Showing off some dance moves.
Little side-eye on the slide.
More noodle fights
Serious battle face
And happy smiley face.
The play tent was a little crowded.
Some side-by-side play with the kitchen food.
And some climbing on/ 
fighting over Jess.
Happy little guy. He won't smile for the camera, but he smiles all the time while he plays.

Dancing on the floor.

Staying up late with the grown-ups to watch a movie
Snuggle time with Rick
Fueling up for another fun day. I think he ate mostly raspberries. He and Jonah are fruit loving twins.
Amanda came over and the kids were all in bed, so we spent some quality time on our phones.
Right before they flew out I made all the boys sit outside for a quick group shot. 
They didn't all look at me at the same time, but they're both pretty cute.
We loved having sweet Cedric visit and want him to come back already.