Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I asked Karen if we could go to the Aquarium while Wendy was visiting and we went the Saturday after Paige's birthday to celebrate.
It was our boys' first visit and they both loved it.
It has been hot and dry for so long that Jonah is outgrowing his cute warm clothes without even wearing them. I was excited to dress him for Monterey, but it ended up not being as cool and foggy as I had hoped.
See? Sweater already off. He's probably practicing his new phrase "what's that?" which comes out as a very high-pitched "wussat!?"
Complete with pointing. He loved having Wendy here because she'd hold him and show him everything as long as he wanted.

Scott followed Lucas around. 
They were talking about what fish they wanted to eat.
Jonah hung around Paige.
The aquarium is well-designed for families. There are plenty of eye-level and touchable displays even in the non-kid sections.
Jonah loved the water, as always.
And getting into things.
Scott wasn't interested in the water until Jonah started splashing. Then it was a splashfest until we stopped them.
Waiting for the wave to come in.
Scott preparing himself for the onslaught.
We all love this area.

Scott liked the penguins and talked about them for days afterward. 
John squeezed in the egg.
After we saw the penguin feeding, we walked to Ghirardelli.
Both kids fell asleep on the way over, so we split a sundae just the two of us and reminisced about previous trips.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

August II

Scott has more of an opinion on everything lately and has days where he wants to pick his own clothes. Today was a blue day--shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and later my blue bow headband.
He's also starting to get pickier with food, but still does well overall. Karen thinks kale eaters are weird, so I took this picture for her. Both boys love kale chips.
Lady Lou on an afternoon drive. The kids have been spending a lot of time in the backyard.
Some mornings Scott gets up when Linc and Lou come, so he naps in the afternoon. I prefer him to sleep longer at night instead because he's whiny before his nap and crazy hyper afterward.
Having dinner at our ward pool party.
Jonah preferred to eat his shoe.
John was at the neighborhood cleanup the morning of the stake 5k, so I took the boys with me. They ended up being awful--Jonah was tired and whining and Scott was afraid of the rollerbladers on the trail and cried whenever they passed us--so we only made it about halfway. 
Jonah fell asleep on the drive home, so Scott and I did the logical thing and stopped for donut holes. It was his first time trying them and he's a big fan.
Jonah's eye shadow look, courtesy of his fall against the play kitchen.
Lincoln earned tv time one day and I let the kids watch Cars. They were all so happy for a few peaceful minutes. The big boys wouldn't look away from the show.
While Wendy was in town, we took the boys to their first drive-in.
Amanda came, too and we all had dollar nachos while we waited for the show to start.
We thought Scott would love it and Jonah would sleep, but neither did. They were good for a while, but became restless. I think the movie was more mature and too long for them.
We did get to use our tailgate seating in the van, though, which was cool. 
Jonah found John's old gamecube remote and knew exactly what to do with it. I don't think he's even seen it used before, so it must be instinctual. 
Wendy and I took all the kids to Emma Prusch Farm Park. Jonah loved walking around. I love how long his shorts are on his short, chunky legs.
Scott was much braver with the animals in Linc's shadow.
Little piggy.
Little diva.
Taking turns on the tractors.
Taking his shoes and hat off much faster than I can put them back on.
Occasionally when he doesn't think we're looking, Scott opens all the dresser drawers, then closes them as fast as he can. It reminds me of the Sixth Sense when I walk in with them all open.
And those were the rest of our shenanagins from the month.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Children's Discovery Museum

My Aunt Wendy came to visit, so we tried to do some fun things while she was here. First on the list was the Children's Discovery Museum.
We played with the elephant outside for a few minutes while we waited for the museum to open.
Since we were there first, the boys had uninterrupted time in the fire truck.
Figuring out how to motor the trolley and airplane.
Scott was a little young for some exhibits, but was really into the discovery parts. Some of them were easier with Dad's help.
The current exhibition was storybooks and Scott beelined for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
He spent the entire time putting letters up in the tree.
Jonah watched.
I put this cute bunny tail jacket on him for the Peter Rabbit exhibit. He walked around for about five seconds before going back to the letter tree.
Meanwhile, we took Jonah around to explore.
He found play food.
We dragged Scott away to see more and found an ambulance.
Scott drove and Jonah pushed buttons.
Family portrait
Another car to drive
Cutie Jonah walking all over the place. You can see the bruise between his eyes from the play kitchen.
Wendy entertaining Jonah while we waited for the train ride.
Waving to everyone.
I was playing with aperture settings on the camera.
So excited to start moving on the train!
Scott sat completely absorbed and focused the whole ride.
Jonah waved.

We went to lunch downtown then came back for some more fun. Scott played with the bubbles while I fed Jonah, since he slept through lunch.
Scott whipped up some tasty food. He knew just what to do in that kitchen.
Jonah liked the water best.
Excited face:
We ditched the apron because he was already soaked and kept tripping over it.
Scott didn't want to get wet, but eventually gave in when he couldn't resist the balls anymore.
I hadn't been to the "purple museum" since I was little, so it was fun to revisit with my own kids. I definitely remembered everything being bigger!