Sunday, February 19, 2017

January I

Smiley boy
He loves food time. He's slowly shifting away from bottles in favor of something he can bite.
Jonah started sunbeams at church. Scott told him, "Don't be scared, I'll be right behind you the whole time." It was a sweet sentiment, but also literal because Scott's class sits in the row behind Jonah's.
Perry keeps John entertained while he sleeps on the floor.
John had off on Monday for New Year's so we met friends and walked a trail at Rancho San Antonio.
It was sprinkling a little, but we saw deer and turkeys near the end.
So happy to be with friends.
Speaking of happy, Perry is so smiley with his four little teeth.
After the boys are in bed, he likes to have the play room to himself.
Rainy days leave lots of time for games.
Perry LOVES French toast.
Scott made the boys a chair train and plopped Perry in his seat.
I try not to take pictures of Perry at every meal, but he gets so excited.
Enjoying my Christmas gift from the boys: vacuumed floors.
Sweet snuggle time.
3 little monkeys keeping Perry company in his crib.
So happy for a piece of bread. I love his little chin.
Tasting Zurg after Jonah went to bed. 
Jonah picked some "number 1" books at the library in his "construction" getup.
Jonah thinks it's hilarious when Perry goes to the sink because he's "washing his hands."
Going for our evening walk and Jonah wouldn't wear long pajamas. He said his coat and boots would keep him warm. Running probably helped. And lows in the 40's.
Perry trying to open the doll's eyes while he was sleeping.
Standing has enabled Perry to get into more mischief. No toy is safe.
Jonah added his name to the thank you cards Scott wrote.
They took Scott a long time, so we didn't get as many done as I'd planned, but at least they'll be in the practice of writing thank you notes for gifts. 
I feel like all three boys have grown up so much lately.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

7 Years in SF

Since we went to Utah for the wedding in December, we missed our traditional anniversary trip. I surprised John with an overnighter in San Francisco after we got back to celebrate belatedly.
I picked John up from work Friday afternoon for what he thought was a movie and we drove up to our hotel (the Van Ness Inn, which I chose based on its short distance to Ghirardelli Square). We walked to dinner at the Buena Vista Cafe and shared a Ghriardelli sundae. Then Saturday morning we tried the Cliff House for breakfast, which was delicious.
We walked around the Sutro baths next door.
And Land's End.
It was too sunny for a good picture, but we tried.
It was fun walking trails just the two of us.
Then we took a bay cruise, which John had never done. We learned a lot about the city and enjoyed the views and beautiful weather. Then we walked past all the piers to have lunch at Gott's and picked up some treats at Miette's for Karen and Alan, who were babysitting for us.
Next year when Perry's older we're hoping to go on a longer trip, but a quick over-nighter this year was perfect. It's refreshing to have an extended break from kids and responsibilities and take time to reconnect with each other.

Friday, February 17, 2017

December II

This was Perry's last time squeezing into this cute outfit so I took a picture before we changed him after church.
While Jonah was using the bathroom at the cabin, he lined up some tp squares on the floor so they were ready to use. He's an odd duck.
Scott coloring while waiting for our flight.
He was very proud of "Stu-it" with his green "swim sloop."
Taking safety seriously.
Jonah likes a little cereal with his berries.
Big Perry pulling himself up everywhere he goes.
Saying goodnight to Manda.
They love this girl.
Perry sensed snuggles going on without him and rushed over to investigate.
He found a bystander to do the job.
Cute boys.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Christmas at Home

After we came back to California, we had my mom and Amanda over to open presents together.
My brother sent the boys light saber toothbrushes that they had to try out immediately.
Little P got a big boy chair from my aunts and uncle. He loves climbing on it.
Now they're all set to lounge together.
Perry playing with bells that came as wrapping on a gift.
The boys wore their "matching" jammies. We went to Carter's on black Friday and they each picked the print they wanted. Even Perry reached for the green and blue striped ones.
Then my dad came over for Christmas dinner.
He gave us inner peas, which Perry enjoyed chewing on.
Amanda and Jonah in their animal slippers.
It was a quiet day compared to the Crapo Christmas we'd had in Utah. We appreciated being able to celebrate with both families.