Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pinecrest Lake

Lauren's family has a cabin a few hours away and she invited us to go up for the weekend with them.
John took Friday off and we left first thing in the morning. The kids played all day and we went to the lake that evening.
The whole place is beautiful. It's in the same area as Yosemite.
We went back to the lake the next morning and Jonah wanted to get right in.
Scott did not.
It was overcast Saturday, but Jonah didn't mind the cold at all.
Going down!
Loving and concerned parents. One's laughing, one's taking pictures.
Jonah's face!
One second later he's happy again.
Little Q the angel baby.
Boys on a log.
Family on a log.
The kids got along well considering how many straight hours they spent together and how little sleep they had all weekend.
Playing on rocks. We were checking out the outdoor theater, but the movie ran too late at night for the little guys.
The kids spent hours and hours playing in the sand (Scott) and the water (the other 3).
Q was happy everywhere.
Jonah took a break from swimming to eat his weight in graham crackers.

John engineered some cool ponds for Scott to play with.
It was a fun and surprisingly relaxing weekend with friends and the only cost was food!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

June II

Passed out after our first day of swim lessons. Their teacher, Emily, lives less than 2 miles away.
We have some cool Duplo building sets (from Emily's family I'm pretty sure) where you follow the book and make different animals one piece at a time. After finishing them all, Scott went and got a regular book and tried to copy the pictures. "I need a brown block, Mommy, and a white one and this color (points)."
My mom took the kids for their first sleepover together. We both had different things to do that night, so the next morning we went out to eat before John went to work and my mom dropped the kids off. We tried a cafe nearby for the first time and it was pretty good, but not really worth repeating. We're trying to test out the local places, though, so cross that one off the list.
Reading well together. They love search and find books, but they memorize them and get really fast.
"I wanna holdit baby!"
"My choo choo needs a new battery. I got my screwdriver, so I can fix it."
My aunt sent John a birthday package, so we brought it to his work and stayed to have lunch with him. We waited in the a/c and I fed the boys while we waited for John to come out.
We went back to San Pedro Square and tried the two most alluring restaurants, both Italian. Fresh pasta and margherita pizza. Both were delicious and we want to try other dishes at both places.
We went roller blading afterward at an outdoor rink during their free summer night.
I was at Karen's when Sarah was in town and took the kids for a walk to get them out of the house for a little bit. Olivia wanted to be buckled in the stroller the whole time. Annabel was happy to be in there, too.  So the opposite of my kids.
Scott wanted to hold "the baby."
Which meant Jonah needed a turn, too.
Another day Katie came down, too, and I took a bunch of the kids for a walk.
3 of the 4 2012 cousins.
We went to the dollar kids rerun movie one morning. Scott wanted to hold hands so Jonah wouldn't get lost. He's very into parenting lately.
Jonah looking so comfortable during his nap in Grandma's pack and play.
Scott was devastated that his milk ran out and I wouldn't take him to the store to get more.
You can only see Scott's face, but they're smiling at each other. He loves babysitting.
Having an older playmate is fun, too.
Between trucks, trains and Duplos, they keep themselves busy.
Another train track. I like to see how many variations I can do using every piece.
Reading the Cheerios book. Scott reads to Jonah like we do with them, asking what color and how many and what's that called.

Monday, August 10, 2015


One Saturday morning we wanted to go berry picking, but it was going to be a hot day. I searched you-pick farms and found one north of us, rather than south.
We loaded up the kids and headed out. We invited John's parents and sister who was visiting, but they didn't make it.
Jonah ate their berries for them.
Some were more stubborn.
It was really chilly there and the berries were small and so sweet and inexpensive for organic.
John hiked Scott to the bathroom.
They helped me fill our bucket.
Scott was good at getting the whole berry off in tact.

I don't think a single one of Jonah's made it to the car.
Our next stop was just down the road--Pigeon Point Lighthouse.
It's closed for renovations, which really means it's waiting for more donations to renovate. I stayed in the hostels overnight as a girl scout and remember touring the inside. I hope it comes back one day.
We did go through the little museum
and watched the waves.
It had warmed up a little, which was nice, but it was still windy.

We walked from there down to the beach.
We were the only ones there.
Throwing rocks. Their favorite activity.
John found some sea life to show us, Scott explored a little cave.

A thousand rock throws later, we started dragging them away to the car.

We had a picnic lunch and headed home. We stopped at some fruit stands along the way and wished we'd brought more cash with us.
We spontaneously went to the Los Gatos mall on the way home and I ran in and shopped alone (heavenly)  while John stayed with sleeping kids in the car. It was a great family outing!