Friday, October 12, 2018

Intuitive Family Day

John's work had a party at their park one Saturday. The boys played in the jump houses
 and mini paddle boats.
 It was an especially hot day, so we had lots of water, cold fruit,
and ice cream to help.
 The big boys went down a huge water slide that they were both afraid to try. Scott went first and was unsure about it, but wanted to go again.
Then Jonah went for it. We were proud of them for doing such a scary thing. Being soaking wet helped them stay cool, so we were jealous.
The carnival theme was fun, with the candy table being Perry's favorite. 
 He loves "ah-ee-pops."
I love that John's job has events we can attend with him. We had a fun family day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Scott's been slipping away to a quiet room to read.
When school let out, we started a summer morning routine. One of the steps was a "special chore" that doesn't get done regularly, like dusting the shutters
or washing the glass doors.
Perry loves helping. For the most part, having him clean with us at least prevents him from undoing our efforts while we're working.
Crashed on the way to a swim lesson.
We tried a different beach one day, Rio Del Mar, which has close, free parking and bathrooms.
Good thing he had his jacket on to keep warm.
Reading again. He's an addict. John was frustrated with Scott one day for ignoring us because he was so absorbed in his book and I said it's exactly what I did for many years, so he comes by it honestly.
Jonah on the hardwood. I really thought he'd outgrow the floor sleeping by this point.
Yoga in the morning.
Getting some good stretches.
Strawberry fingers.
One of the girls who babysits for us also works at her neighborhood pool, where she's allowed to bring guests. So when she was working a shift we'd try to go by and get some practice in.
So much fun did them in.
We took my dad to the city for his birthday. He wanted to go to the beach across from Candlestick Park where he used to go with Ricky.
It was really run down and smelled terrible.
We high tailed it out of there.
And went to the Sutro Baths.
Which was lovely. It was a really nice day for San Francisco.
We went on a little hike and down the cave tunnel.
I've never walked all the way down before because it makes me so nervous, but I had to make sure Perry stayed alive.
Then I made them leave asap with the promise of lunch on the way home. Then we dropped my dad off before traffic got too bad.
Big kid at the park.
The boys had an end of year pot luck for tball at the park by our house.
The coach gave them a medal and a poster.
They loved playing with their teammates one more time.
That's how I feel about working out, too, Perry.
Jonah wrapped the present and wrote the card for my dad's gift.
Perry loves to copy. I love when he doesn't even realize he's not doing it the same way.
Perry was enamored with the bubble show at the library.
Miranda's housemates taught the boys swim lessons in their complex pool. They made more progress in a half hour of private lessons than 4 weeks at the community center last year.
Perry vegged with John in the hot tub or swam laps with me.
All showered and ready to go.
A few days I substituted at the summer school program where I taught a few years before having kids. Perry went to a friend's house, but I brought the big boys and they went to my mom's K-1 class. 
They were so attentive and well-behaved.
We were there for free pizza and popsicle day.
Jonah said he had fun, but was very tired. Good practice for kindergarten!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Disneyland Girls Trip

My friend Miranda had a conference in Anaheim for work and she invited me and our friend Shannon to come stay with her. They picked me up from the airport and we got mani-pedis. Then we went in the hotel hot tub, shopped at Downtown Disney, and out to dinner at Naples. 
The hotel was pretty standard for a nice hotel, other than its proximity to Downtown Disney, little Mickey touches, and an amazing headboard. It had fireworks that lit up and played A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. Not something I'd be willing to pay for myself, but if someone's company wants to foot the bill I'd come back any time.
Miranda brought face and hair masks, snacks and drinks, and The Greatest Showman, which made for a fun night in. She also designed t-shirts and made us coordinating ears for our day in the park. I sent John my excited face the next morning.
We tried the fast passes on our phones, which came with free pictures. Naturally, we took one together in front of the castle.
We went at a slower pace and enjoyed sitting with our meals and poking our heads in shops as we passed. So different than going as a teenager obsessed with hitting the most rides or with kids where they're the focus of the trip.
We met Moana and a few other characters that Miranda wanted signatures from on her bag.
We watched Fantasmic and the Pixar show with fireworks at the end of the day.
It was a refreshing break and really fun girls trip. I'm already hoping she has to go again next year.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Monterey Day

We went down to Monterey for the day and beat the San Jose heat. 
We stopped at some model homes in Marina on the drive, which was a big mistake. Now I want to move and buy a beautiful, affordable home. Or redo our whole house.
Then we took the boys to Dennis the Menace park.
And, of course, Ghirardelli. Perry stole our cherry.
Jonah had a scoop of sorbet.
He didn't waste a drop.
Scott shared our sundae.
Then we walked down to the beach to play.
Scott fell on his bum.
Digging a giant trench that Perry jumped in.
We love spending Saturdays going fun places together.
We sampled every clam chowder on Monterey's fisherman's wharf and liked Scales the best, which is a relative of the Fish Hopper. We had dinner at their cafe--delicious fish and chips, and fish tacos that John declared were possibly the best he's ever had.
We jammied the boys before leaving, hoping they would fall asleep on the drive.
Wishful thinking, but we did enjoy a beautiful sunset on the way home.