Wednesday, September 28, 2016

August I

Perry loves this jumper. He clicks his heels together and bounces with one pointed foot behind him, it looks like he's doing a jig. He'll stop and smile, then get going crazy again.
His 3 random long hairs.
Happy baby!
Sweet yawns
Scott played Zelda one day and took all the vases to the pool, so Link could have toys in his bath.
Perry started sticking his tongue out.
The drooling continues
He likes to grab at his toys
Jonah naps when he doesn't sleep well at night, typically by falling asleep wherever he is at the moment.
Now that Perry's a little sturdier, he loves Jonah snuggles. It still makes me a little nervous, but they both seem happy.
I was picking boots for family pictures and Perry was helping.
Scott feeding his babies breakfast.
Playing at the water feature park on Lulu's birthday
At Carrie's wedding. Jonah and Scott kept looking for the princess and were excited to find her.
Our friend Gina getting some Perry time.
These are out of order, but earlier that day we went to San Francisco for family pictures. I'm really excited to get the images.
After pictures, we shared a sundae. Jonah fell asleep driving over, but even without his help I think it's our last time having just one as a family. Especially if Perry thinks he gets some.
At Perry's 4 month appointment, his doctor said he could start having baby cereal or oatmeal if he showed an interest in our food. I said he hadn't yet. He must have heard and took it to heart, because the next two weeks every meal looked like this.
We saw a baby opossum crossing the street. Much cuter when they're tiny! Although still dumb. I was afraid I was going to run him over.
All ready for the park!
Watching Toy Story together.
We went to John's work one day because NASA was hosting some event that included lunch. It wasn't clear if families were included, but I figured we'd go to their cafeteria if we were the only ones who came. 
There weren't very many kids, but they definitely planned on children being there. They passed out things for kids at the booths, like firemen hats, candy, and pencils.
Sparky could hear and respond via a nearby fireman, so he was talking to Scott and Jonah.
This Girl Scouts robotics team had the boys mesmerized. 
Perry all ready to go to Moffett.
While Cory and James were in town, we put all the kids in the nursery. Some nights we had to separate one in our bed until they fell asleep, then add Perry to the crib once the other two were out, but it worked.
They loved using sleeping bags and being in the same room together. Scott told Perry when he's big he can share their room. There may be bunk beds in their future, because there's no way a 3rd bed would fit!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jonah Turns 3

Jonah celebrated his birthday with his bestie Lulu, who was born a week before him. He picked the Minnie Mouse theme and wanted fruit and cupcakes at the park.
Jack came, but nobody else from our usual park day crowd was there. The kids had fun playing all morning.
Our neighbor gave us a three-wheeled scooter and we saved it to give to Jonah for his birthday. He loves being able to scoot with Scott.
We tried to go to the children's museum, but we circled around about a half hour and couldn't find a parking spot. We went to the jump place by our house instead and there were only 25 minutes left in the open session.
We went with it anyway because it was Jonah's birthday and they were pretty disappointed about the museum.
They loved it. They were wild and crazy and running and free to do so.
We'll definitely bring them back.
This is very Scott.
Karen and Alan gave Jonah some of the little stuffed Star Wars characters that they have and Jonah loves to play with when we go over.
We bought him a set as well, so now he has the whole collection of original characters.
At home, he opened a package from my aunt.
They kept asking me how to play the game--it's just a play mat.
Another red and white shirt! His favorite! After it got clearanced, I actually went back and bought a couple more because the 2t one was so stained and trashed by the time he outgrew it. I'm hoping we can swap them out when his 3s get gross.
We went to Chipotle with my mom and sister for dinner then had strawberry birthday cupcakes.
Playing with Aunt Amanda. The perfect end to a fun day.
On Saturday, our family went to Happy Hollow.
 One of my favorite things about Jonah is how he shows his excitement. His emotions are usually visible.
 •What is your name? Jonah 
•How old are you? 3
•When is your birthday? It was at the park
•How old is Mommy? 3 
Daddy? 3
•What is your favorite color? Black
•What is your favorite food? Rice
•Who is your best friend? Perry and Scott
•What is your favorite movie? WALL-E
•What is your favorite song? Mickey Mouse
•What is your favorite animal? A lion
•What are you scared of? WALL-E is scary for me
•What makes you happy? Possicles
•Where is your favorite place to go? To Costco
•What do you want to be when you grow up? Bigger
•What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Color 
With Daddy? Play Wii
At his 3-year check-up, Jonah weighed 32 lbs 9 oz (60th percentile) and was 36.5 inches tall (26th percentile). He's had some sleeping problems lately, so his doctor scheduled a sleep study at their lab. Other than that he's a happy, healthy boy!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Muir Woods

While James and Cory were visiting, we went to Muir Woods. Despite the unpleasant traffic, John found parking easily and we had a great day.
Perry and John enjoying their first trip here.
The cathedral section has a post asking for quiet and the boys love following signs, so they whispered and walked calmly. We never told them it was okay to be loud again, so it was a mostly peaceful walk. 
Hiding behind their hands.
They loved watching the water
There were no logs available, so it's a family on the bridge bench picture.
I love redwoods. Especially the shade they provide.
Jonah mostly walked the whole time, which is good for him.
He did try to show his ninja moves to everyone who passed.
They also liked telling people that they needed to whisper. Luckily people who come places like this tend to be happy and kind, so they found the boys cute instead of obnoxious.
Especially this one, who is never obnoxious.
Jonah giving his cheeks a little pinch. I can't really tell him not to because I do it all the time. Plus he seems to like it.
I pushed them in the stroller to the exit because Jonah was upset about something and disturbing the peace, to put it kindly. 
Then he cheered up and slept on the drive home.