Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Party

The weekend after Jonah's birthday we had a party for him at the park.
We had bbq chicka chicka chicken sandwiches for lunch.

Amanda and my dad came early to save the picnic tables and help set up.
Amanda decorated the monthly pictures banner. I love seeing his teeny baby pictures.
Alphabet carrot cupcakes
I tried a new sugar cookie technique--glazing--and they turned out perfectly. I'm always a little surprised when new things work the way I'm hoping they will. John painted the little trees and J's for favors.
The birthday boy in his chair, ready to eat. I went to get disposable tablecloths at the dollar store and picked up this balloon for him. It turned out being one of his favorite parts.
One of our little guests
and her mama.
Summer trying to love on Jonah.
He just wanted to be on Dad's shoulders.
Brian and Annie stopped by to celebrate with us.
Annie and my mom
Naylors and Van Tassells
I put copies of the book on the tables and Scott roped Amanda into reading it to him.
Joseph choosing his cupcake.
Jonah asking for something. Most likely food.
Lunch time!
Anna loved the chips. I love Scott's face here.
Baby Dasha isn't allowed in the sun, but she broke the rules for a few minutes to come. Probably to show off her adorable party outfit.
Little Lou
Birthday buddies Jonah and Lulu were due one week apart on Sundays and born one week apart on Mondays.
Lulu's sunglasses were cracking me up.
The happy birthday boy. He was needing a nap, but the swings helped put it off.
Linc and Lou on the playground
Scott upset about something tragic. Also needing a nap.
Our guests left and we took a few pictures with our coconut tree before heading home.
Here's Jonah's spaced out face.
I was there, for the record.
They weren't very cooperative for pictures. Then they fell asleep on the way home (not even a half mile drive).
We spent the rest of the day recovering from all the fun.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jonah Turns One!

I made a present tree for Jonah. Scott would yell excitedly every time he walked by about "Chicka Boom Boom tree" and "Nonah One!" Even though it was Jonah's birthday, it was fun seeing Scott so happy for Nonah Bear.
Jonah enjoyed opening his presents, especially the tissue wrapped one. Scott kept trying to hand him the next one, but he liked savoring each gift.
My mom gave him a Duplo trash truck that was a big hit. Karen and Alan gave him some cute outfits that I'm excited to dress him in this fall. 
John and I gave him a tug boat and submarine. I think it was Scott's first time grasping the concept of gifts. He yelled out "It's Nonah boat!" Then, "More Nonah boat! Mommy see that? More boat! Yay!"
Jonah loved the propeller on the sub.
My mom was going to go out to eat with us for Jonah's birthday, but Karen and Alan were going to be in Utah for Jonah's party, so we had them all three over for dinner to celebrate. Then Jonah tried his first cake--white chocolate raspberry Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlette.
He screamed for a fork and then dug in.
He mostly just ate the cream cheese frosting. We had a big bundt cake to share and he didn't want any more the next day, either. Luckily his brother and parents were willing to help him finish. 
It was a fun evening celebrating our little guy's big day.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jonah 12 Months

At Jonah's check-up he weighed 24 pounds and 9.5 ounces (91st percentile)
was 30 inches tall (60th percentile)
and had a 19 inch head circumference (96th percentile).
He's wearing almost all 18-24 month clothes.
He still laughs easily for/at Scott
and gives big cheese smiles.
Even though he's heavy, he's been into snuggling lately and I can't get enough.
He can be such a little doll and I want to eat him up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July II

Scott and Jonah can play with Duplos together finally. Scott builds and Jonah eats.
He loves doing what Scott's doing.
Standing unassisted.
Check out that chub. He crawled onto me while I was taking his picture.
Then he started blowing raspberries--his favorite noise. He can also say Scott and wow.
Trouble makers caught in the act. 
Scott all dapper for a friend's baptism.
Rick and Jess gave him this bowtie for Christmas and it mostly fits him now. He loves the trains.
Scott ate all of the berries and cream then asked for more. Like the pancake was a plate.
Jonah loves sink baths, which is good because he's a messy eater.
 I love how curly his fluffy hair gets after a bath.
 Scott made me "ookies" for breakfast one morning.
 Scott runs at 100% until he collapses. Sometimes he doesn't make it to bed time.
 Teaching his brother how to climb the slide. 
 It's hard to tell, but he has a huge Duplo in his mouth. It's a Pooh Bear honey pot, which is appropriate because it was stuck in there just like Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit's home for eating too much.
 Obviously Jonah's into putting toys in his mouth.
 We met Karen, Sarah and Nate at the Boardwalk one Monday/cheap night. Sarah and Nate had to leave right after we arrived to go back to pack for home, but Karen stayed and watched our kids so John and I could go on a couple of rides together.
 We rode the Giant Dipper and Log Ride (John's choice--I always get soaked!) while Karen took the boys on kid rides.
 Then they all rode the carousel together before leaving. It's all big kids on the outside because there's a ring toss game everyone plays. Karen came pretty close to making it. We need to go back and practice some more.
 It was really late for the boys when we left, but I still made us stop at Marianne's. Scott had his first ice cream cone. He loved it and has asked for "ice cweam" several times since.
 Jonah is getting into things without Scott's help now. He's always so proud of himself, too.
 Scott wanted his red chair in the Yoda tent. He had his own little party in there.
 Jonah saying goodbye to John through our window as he leaves for work one morning.
 I took the boys to Happy Hollow and Jonah was a kid magnet in line. Kids usually like babies, but Jonah is an extra draw for them. The littler ones like to touch his head/hair. 
 His cuteness is just irresistible. 
 Scott climbed up this play structure, crossed the net and rope bridges and went down the slide by himself. It seemed normal to me, but there were older kids who wouldn't do it without a parent, which made me realize how brave/fearless/crazy Scott is.
 Scott asked for "noo-noo 'cado" for lunch, but wanted them in separate bowls and with their own spoon. I don't like giving into every whim and demand, but he did eat the whole bowl of noodles and the entire avocado, so it's hard to complain.
 My mom brought Scott an electric train engine from Minnesota. He makes the poor thing pull all his other trains--up to 15 at once.
 Stylin on their wagon walk. Scott saw his old hat in Jonah's drawer and wanted to wear it. I think Jonah's head is bigger than Scott's now.
 I watched a friend's kids while John helped them pack their moving van.
 Scott loved their tricycle and Brooke hopped on back for a ride.
 John bought a longer snake and cleared out the drain pipe. It was nasty, but the washer hasn't leaked since, so I think that did the trick.
 Dumping all the toys off the shelf is a new, fun activity. Scott actually likes singing the clean-up song and putting them back, which is probably another reason he loves dumping them.
 The back of my Safeway receipt had a bogo for Golfland, so we went for family night.
 Scott wanted to climb on this ride in the arcade, but once he was on it he was scared and wanted down.
 John beat me by 2 points. So we'll have to go back for a re-match. Although he capped out at 6 on two of them, so it's practically a tie.
 He also let Jonah down 
 the little cheat! He blocked John's putts from going too far.
 I had Scott teach Jonah high fives. They both think it's hilarious.
 Scott's first (and last for a long, long time) lollipop. He knows food isn't allowed in the playroom, but I found this in there.
 I love when Jonah wakes up from his naps happy!
 When we go outside, Scott says ow! sun in eyes! and asks for his Mickey glasses, but then he opens them up so they're not blocking the sun at all.
These kids are so quirky!