Sunday, June 9, 2019


The boys beg John to jump with them on the trampoline and we use it as a reward for getting ready for bed quickly. Unfortunately it gets them worked up so they don't settle to sleep well, but they love it.
Perry waiting impatiently for his brothers to come home from school. 
When I can't go places during the day, we spend the morning playing and after lunch he usually watches a show while I take a nap.
He follows me everywhere and makes this face a lot.
Our family went to an activity where we made care bags to pass out to people in need and the boys made cards to put in them.
Using his tippy toes in romper jammies makes me want to pinch his little buns even more.
Scott in his music class performance at school. 
He did a great job participating, even with hand motions that he's usually more reserved about doing.
Perry "cooking" his grilled cheese sandwich.
Band-aids make everything better.
My friend Miranda gave us this bunny for the baby and Perry loves it.
The other boys heard him laughing and came to try it out. They were all entertained by it singing and playing peek-a-boo.
Perry using the laser on his Buzz jacket to shoot off a "big one rocket ship."
We have lots of snuggle time when I'm resting in the recliner.
Scott told me about a picture he drew on the back of his school work in class one day. He described it in detail for at least ten minutes. Then when he brought his work home at the end of the week I saw why it took so long to explain. It's a very elaborate Star Wars scene and has me questioning how much sooner he finishes his work than his classmates.
Jonah's turn for music class performance.
I went in for an ultrasound to check the baby's size since I'm having other complications that put her growth at risk. There were some markers of pre-term labor, so they sent me straight to labor and delivery for testing and observation. It was scary and stressful because I was only 29 weeks, but everything turned out to be fine and they sent me home exhausted and sore, but grateful for more time.
Perry ran around the blacktop and picked up all of the pe teacher's cones that kids had knocked over in the morning.
Perry wanted to read just one more Peppa.
Thankfully, Jonah took a turn for me.
Jonah still sleeps in the strangest positions.
Perry getting his lollipop distraction during the baseball game. And he's still in his pj shirt because I choose my battles.
Scott and Jonah warming up together.
I was curling my hair to see how it'd do short and Perry wanted a turn.
After church Jonah started changing, but I made the boys take a quick Mother's Day picture with me before they were totally undressed.
My mom and Amanda came over for dinner and the boys gave Amanda and John a workout standing on their legs.
Perry ready to pray so he can eat his plateful of watermelon.
Perry wanted a piece of leftover pound cake the next morning and before I came in the kitchen, I heard him opening the container. He had a whole loaf that he'd cut in half and asked if he could have just two pieces. 
Scott showing us his class room at open house. His hair was wet from the rain, which was funny because his picture is in water and it isn't wet.
Jonah's art made with a real fish for art vistas.
I love that they do art projects at school because I don't like doing crafts with them at home and Jonah especially loves being artistic.
One of Scott's art vista projects. Perry accidentally broke his ceramic project, so it was a very tragic end to the evening for Scott.
Later in the week was the walkathon. We had a break in the rain, which made for perfect cool but not too muddy weather.
John stayed home for a sick day and Scott had him playing this Star Wars themed game that I still don't understand.
We went to my mom's district retirement party and had a nice bbq dinner to celebrate.
Karen and Alan were in town and came over for dinner. When they were leaving, Perry wanted a hug with both of them at once and then Jonah joined in.
The next day they came over to play with the boys after school and Alan took the boys geocaching and to the park. We went out to dinner and by then Perry and Grandpa were bffs.
Perry loves building with the magformers and really knows his shapes now.
He asked for lunch a few hours after breakfast and I figured why not, so I made him a quesadilla and some fruit.
Then when I had my lunch, toast and milk, he joined in.
Still needed some snacks at his play date. And ate a full dinner that night. He's a little hobbit when he's growing.
He also ate most of this Costco hot dog while we were shopping, which amazed me. 
We had stormtrooper mini cupcakes at the park for Perry's friend's birthday party.
John and I put the kids in childcare at Living Spaces and tried out some furniture. It was like a free date night.
We watched our friends' kids while they were packing for a move and Jonah took our job watching "the baby" very seriously.
He kept her out of the street, pushed her in the car, and sat on the trampoline while she played. He's going to be a great help with his sister.
Jonah's latest haircut really aged him.
Perry lined up his play food so I could pick what I wanted him to make me.
If there's a basket Perry can climb in, he will try.
His cheese face on his obligatory rock picture.
Another day, another box. We were helping our other friends pack up for their move. So many families are leaving the area and it's depressing.
We're going to get as much fun in with them while we can, which will be easier with summer break starting soon.