Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vasona Park Take Two: Lou's Party

We celebrated Lou's first birthday on a clear and sunny day. 
John dropped us off and went to park. I put a sleeping Jonah and the diaper bag at the picnic tables and came back to find Scott at the top of the big kid slide. Someone called him fearless and I thought I have enough fear for us both.
 It was fun to be at a pink party. Scott liked the pink straw and pink lemonade.
 Jonah woke up and was happy to be held and outdoors.
 Crazy Lauren
 Very serious Lou while we sang Happy Birthday to her. 
I think Scott saw Lou get stripped down and then given a cupcake and thought he would do the same.
I told him he could eat his with his clothes on, since he wasn't wearing a fancy party outfit.
 Scott won a train ride for the family and was very excited for a real choo-choo.
 I forgot Jonah's hat, so John shared.
 The train turns around at the end to make the loop again. All three boys liked watching it.
I'm glad we were able to go back when the train was running. It was a fun afternoon celebrating our little friend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March I

Jonah and his daddy have an extra tight bond. Probably because Scott was so clingy to me when Jonah was a newborn, so John frequently took care of him.
While I was potty training Scott I had him sit on a towel and now he brings me the towel when he wants to eat or help cook.
The boys have started doing more side-by-side play.
Scott is more patient with Jonah than I expected, but gets frustrated when Jonah ruins things like his train tracks.
Baby Zilla. When he was learning to crawl, Jonah spent a lot of time getting into this Mogli position.
We watched Lulu one afternoon and the little ones spent a lot of time watching Scott.
They played together nicely.
Feeding 3 kids under 3 at once was a circus. Luckily Lulu was patient because Jonah is not when it comes to food.
After a few good rainy days, the reservoir by John's work had some water in it. Scott loved seeing the ducks again.
Scott likes to hold someone's hand while they go down the slide together. He'd prefer me or Anna, but Jonah will do in a pinch.
I don't remember why he was crying (probably because I changed his diaper), but those arm rolls are so chunky!
Just chillin' in his tubby.
Scott loves the boats outside of nursery at church.
He added the wagon and cooking pot to the line-up this time.
When Jonah is anxious for food, he puts his head back and opens his mouth like a bird so you can just shovel it on down.
Scott helped me make peanut butter pie for the ward activity on Pi day. Again with the towel despite having pants on.
Jonah is big enough to enjoy the wagon Amanda bought us for Christmas and they both love it. 
I texted this picture to her and she said pants are overrated.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jonah 7 Months

This smiley baby turned 7 months old.
He started crawling little by little over the last week and is now almost all hands and knees.
He's even squirmier now and has to be wrestled into diapers and clothes.
He's started playing more with Scott's big boy toys than his baby toys.
He crawl/scooted over to chew on the wagon and I loved the classic look of the red with the overalls and hardwood floor.
All-American baby.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

February II

Most of our pictures from the second half of February were in Hawaii, but here are a few randoms.
 John sometimes does weird things with the kids and when I ask why he says that they like it.They make up crazy games and then Scott repeats them as long as John lets him. This one involved dropping farm animals on John's face through the barn door.
 Jonah was playing, then put his head down and rubbed his eyes. Bedtime! He started scooting around and can get Scott's toys now. Like the knives.
Scott started climbing into his highchair without help. One day he was just sitting there asking for food when I came in the kitchen.
 Jonah's scooting started out backwards and he found himself frequently stuck under furniture.
 Scott always wants canned green beans, or "bean beans" as he calls them. On his birthday I let him have at it and he polished off almost every bean.
 Closing the door when daddy tries to leave for work.
 I was putting Scott's toys in this storage bin and left the room. When I came back, he had started sorting my kitchenware into the drawers. So helpful. 
He's started mimicking everything, which is a really fun stage.

Monday, March 31, 2014

JCP Portraits 6 Months and 2 Years

The boys took turns cooperating for pictures, so this was the best one together.
The photographer always wants to use props with the babies, but Jonah just wanted to eat them. He was pretty smiley, though.
And drooly.
 Scott is flushed from running around. We waited 45 minutes for our appointment, so it was pretty hectic. 
This one I bought one print and scanned it rather than the digital image just to document the ridiculousness that was our picture session. I gave Scott a string cheese to keep him happy during Jonah's turn and then he crawled over and got in the picture. It would have been great if not for the mouthful of cheese.
I still think the boys are cute and the pictures turned out okay, but I might stick with my own photo shoots until they are older and better behaved. Or take one kid at a time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scott's 2nd Birthday Party

We invited some nursery friends and our parents and siblings to the park to celebrate Scott's birthday.
It was raining all day, but stopped right before the party started. The train and carousel were still closed, but John and Scott took towels to the playground slides and we were ready to play.
Jonah napped.
Adults stood around and chatted.
Kids played.
Amanda took a billion pictures of Scott.
Olivia followed Scott everywhere.

She loves "Scott's daddy" and gets sadder about leaving him than Scott.
I can't blame her. He's a fun guy.
Maya usually observes rather than playing at the park, so her favorite part was probably the cupcake.
My mom brought her class pet, Shelly the turtle.
Lots of kids came over to meet her.
Pushing the empty swing to each other. 
Holding the little ones. 
Amanda indulging Scott with a "sruck" ride.
John playing with Lucas and Lincoln.
Little Paige and Katie.
Scott blew out his candle when we had one at home on his birthday, but wouldn't do it at the park party. Eventually the wind took care of it for him.
If his wish was for chocolate frosting, then it came true immediately.
My mom brought various milk and juice boxes. Scott discovered his love for chocolate milk.
Lou only had baby snacks because she wasn't quite one yet.
It started sprinkling as we packed up to leave, so perfect weather timing. 
We went with our families to Blue Rock for lunch and Scott opened his presents.
We had a great day!