Friday, May 27, 2016

Perry's 3rd Week

Several generous friends brought us dinner when Perry was born. Someone delivered Outback, which was serendipitous because their cobb salad was my favorite food the last few months.
Perry started smiling in his sleep.
He was 7 lbs, 2 oz at his 2-week check-up. A whole pound up from when he left the hospital.
So tiny in that big carseat.
I love when he stretches his legs out straight.
Jonah sensed Perry snuggles and ran to join in.
He loves holding Perry,
holding his hands,
and rubbing his head.
Nappers. This was his last time squeezing into his preemie dinosaur footie jams. A sad day for me.
I risked a quick shower when John was at work. Perry woke up and his brothers jumped in to keep him happy.

Scott loves feeding Perry for about a minute, then he declares he's done or tired and passes him back to me.
Jonah showing his baby brother the picture he colored.
I was trying to get Perry accustomed to being content while not held. It worked for a few minutes at a time.
He's usually being harassed when not being held, though.
Even when he's sleeping, his brothers like to give him attention that sometimes wakes him up. I think he sleeps longer at night because he doesn't nap soundly very often, though.

Late night bottle. He likes to fill up before bed then sleeps long stretches. He's already up to 4 or 5 hours most nights.
I went to take a picture of John holding Perry and the big boys wanted to be in it, too.

I love his froggy legs with the big shoes on.

He tries to lift his head up. He's still very bobbly, but strong.
His wrinkly knees!
Perry had his first bath. He was unsure at first.
Then when he relaxed into the warm water, he had a zen moment. He loved it.
My mom came to visit on my birthday and got some good Perry love.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Perry's 2nd Week

We went to John's parents' house to watch conference on Sunday, so Perry had lots of family time.
He loved being held by Uncle Brian.
Cheesy Jonah and serious Scott waiting for dinner.
Grill masters

We caught Hailey during a stopover in town for work.
Joe and Liza came. She held Perry the whole time we ate dinner, which was amazing.
Karen and the uncles
Katie was visiting Karen and dropped by to see Perry. Paige loved him.

John's favorite thing to do with Perry is nap.
Scott helping hold Perry's pacifier. Eventually he'll get tired of putting it back in and come over distraught telling me, "Our baby isn't holding his pacifier! He needs to keep it in!"
Sleeping little angel
The little 4oz bottles are still huge compared to his little head.
Starting to fill his penquin jammies.
He likes sleeping on people best.
I was still feeling sick most of the time, but I wanted a picture with my little snuggle baby.
Brother hug.
Scott helping Perry have a drink of milk. 
He's serious about his food.
He mostly just eats and sleeps. We mostly just hold him and tell him how cute he is.

Monday, May 9, 2016

March II

After backyard haircuts, the boys had a popsicle.
They're colored with beet juice, so the bathtub or shirtless in the backyard are the only places they get to eat them.
One afternoon we took a friend to see Zootopia at the Pruneyard. I think their policy is technically 4 and up need a ticket, but when I told them I had a 2, 3, and 4 year-old, they only charged for me. 
Enjoying his tree hairdo that prompted the trim.
Their buddy, Jack, invited them over for a St. Patrick's Day party.
Everything was green and sugary and fun.
Jonah and his baby testing out the Moses basket.
Jonah kept using the basket instead of his chair.
My mom had an edible arrangements gift card, so she sent the boys Mickey fruit.
They loved it.
We have to cut off Jonah's fruit supply because he'll never stop on his own.
The boys brought their stack of Elephant and Piggie books to Grandma's for her to read.
Trying out my new running shoes.
Jonah was reading and said, "Mommy! I found stormpoopers in my paper news! Tada!"
Scott talking on his pretend phone to Grandma. I love their conversations.