Friday, May 15, 2015

April I

Katie brought the kids down to visit and John entertained everyone with his awesome reading voices.
Jonah shoved the pasta in two handed and did not stop until his cheeks were loaded. It's also cold, because he wouldn't stop screaming for "noo-noos," so rather than listen to him while I heated it up, I just dumped it on his tray.
My Aunt Wendy sent Scott a color-your-own Hungry Caterpillar book that Scott loves.
First he had to write his name inside. The S and c are hard for him, but he's got the t's down and the o (it's the huge circle). Not bad for a first try.
Scott has so many books memorized now that he "reads" to Jonah when I'm not free. This time Jonah requested the "Pippo book."
"More, peas."
My mom took Scott for a sleepover and Jonah was so bored he started mopping the carpet. We both missed Scott.
Halfway through our walk the boys wanted out of the wagon and I don't like pulling/pushing/carrying things that they asked to use on our walks, so I sat in it and Scott pulled while Jonah pushed. An arrangement I could get accustomed to.
Jonah found a tunnel!
Scott told Jonah he couldn't play on the fireplace because it's not safe. It can be handy having toddlers police each other. Jonah says "no monkeys" when Scott jumps on the furniture. My job is practically done.
Loading his airplane up with car passengers. He also puts the cookies in the boat. He likes containing things like that, the way Scott liked lining them all up.
Scott got a train "tunnel" for birthday. I tried to tell them it was a bridge, but they both insist it's a tunnel and it's hard to get the track to work under there. I think we need more plain track pieces.
Scott reading their Crapo family book. Jonah likes the grandparent page and exclaims, "Bampa! Bamma!" when he sees their picture.
Jonah taking a little rest while Scott plays with the trains.
The boys kept saying to infinity and beyond! Jonah was flying out of his seat a little.
We had our first family movie night and started while the boys ate dinner so we could finish by bedtime.
I used my free pizza birthday coupon during lunch one day. I got a mini pizza for the boys to eat, but they just drove their cars the whole time. I ate in peace and wish I could go there every day for lunch.
My mom and sister babysat on my birthday and John took me on a fun day date. We went to the movies and had fondue,
went bowling,
and shopping.
(We bought the dress. Not the Tesla. Sorry, John. Maybe for your birthday.)
The next day my friend Stacey had us over for dinner and cake. So John didn't make my cake until later and we had a very cakeful week. This was his best princess cake yet.
I love waking up to smiley boys.
Jonah is into hugs. He'll say "hugs" and go hug whatever's closest. Sometimes me, sometimes Scott, sometimes a tree or pole.
We babysat Lulu one day and she loved the trains. The electric one is always a big hit.
Scott ate this whole waffle for breakfast. He's a cream and berry junkie.
Another Lulu playdate. Another train track. This time I worked in all the pieces. I felt so accomplished.
Poor Lulu getting lots of Jonah hugs.

Jonah waiting at the door for Daddy.
We drove out to someone's house and Scott was saying, "Look, Jonah! It's a farm!" Sure enough, there was a field with some horses on the other side of the hill. I pulled over so we could watch them for a while. City boys.
 We went on the carousel lots of times at Happy Hollow while we waited for Karen and Katie to arrive. I was getting so dizzy, but the boys loved it!
Jonah was up screaming one night and we couldn't get him to stop. After trying everything for a few hours, John finally took him for a drive and he started to fall asleep, but woke up puking. It was a long night and by morning, the poor kid crashed. I think I washed all the blankets.
 When I took a nap that afternoon, Scott asked for one, too. Jonah had kept him up at night as well. I'm just glad Scott didn't get sick.
When I told some friends it was our first experience with a kid throwing up, they were amazed we'd made it so long. I'm grateful we've been so healthy overall because having sick babies is the worst! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

March II

When the boys are both quiet now, I usually find them reading.
Jonah still loves the baby doll. He tries to wrap him in a blanket and shushes until he's sleeping.
We went to buy Scott some sandals and Jonah wanted to try on these boots.
Scott said he didn't want broccoli, just cauliflower, so I told him it was green cauliflower. It happened to be St. Patrick's Day and that's all we did to celebrate this year.
Dr. Jonah prepped for his rounds.
We were playing at the mall after shopping and Jonah wanted to ride the bus with Scott and a little girl, so he just climbed right over her to sit by Scott like she wasn't even there. 
We had a better turnout at the toddler soccer group this week. Jonah seems to prefer kicking the ball and Scott so far is showing more interest in baseball.
Jonah picking on his brother.
Building an "elevator tower."
Scott loves babies,
but Jonah is the one obsessed with holding them. Luckily this baby is pretty patient and doesn't mind being held.
Since he's no longer a baby, Jonah decided to steer the bike himself.
Our even bigger kid rides his balance bike down the hill at our park. Makes me nervous every time, but he loves it and so far has stayed safe. Plus, toting his bike back up the hill 30+ times helps wear him out.
Sitting patiently waiting for us with his Mickey slippers and big mushroom head.
We babysat Lulu and she and Jonah had a fork fight at lunch.
When Jonah woke up one day, Scott was excited to show him his toys he'd lined up. Scott is great at self-entertaining during Jonah's nap, but he is always glad when his playmate is back awake.
Jonah wouldn't stop crying while I was making dinner one night and I'm trying not to feed him before we eat together, so I just passed him "choo choo."
He sat there and figured it out. Eventually, he played most of the game by himself. He's 19 months old and I'm amazed at what technology he can use with so little exposure to it.
Playing at the toy store's train table.
Another example of Jonah leading the way right into trouble. He ran in the bushes outside the store and Scott was trying to help me get him out, but the temptation was too strong and he joined in the fun instead.
We had a sausage kale soup for dinner and Scott only wanted "little kales, not big kales."
Then his tummy was full like the "hungry patercillar"
Amanda and I went for bogo jamba and they poured a little into cups for the boys.
It looked so tiny and cute when Scott was drinking it,  but huge when Jonah had his.
Trash truck!
Listening to his "krispies" talk to him.
We made a "little garage for Scott's little car and big garage for Jonah's big car."
I love when they play together nicely.
We went out to dinner with my mom one night and I brought the boys snacks while we waited for food, since I knew it would be packed because it was a weekend
The only spoons they had at the table were enormous and it was funny watching the boys eat their applesauce with them.
Jonah getting the hang of frisbee.
Scott is warming up to animals one cat at a time on our walks. He sits and waits with his hand out, meowing.
Success! Two orange friends.
Jonah is not nearly as afraid of animals. This nice dog joined us for a snack at Starbucks.
I took advantage of a half-price frappacino one afternoon and enjoyed it on the patio while the boys had milk and animal crackers. It was one of those rare outings where things go smoothly and as envisioned. Of course, the dog's owner went on and on about how my hands were full and they must keep me busy. I just laughed to myself because if she thought that then, she should see us when they're being crazy.
For example, Jonah woke up one morning crying for Batman rather than Daddy.
He had gotten out of his Batman pajamas and wanted them back on. Thankfully, he kept his (dirty) diaper on!!