Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alaska I: Thursday, Friday

All packed and ready to go! The boys were excited to bring their backpacks.
Scott loved wheeling his own luggage. It was slow going, but helpful because we had 3 bags and the stroller.
Playing during our layover: Scott plays with cars, Jonah makes new friends. Pretty typical of their personalities right now.
We arrived late into Anchorage and were greeted by a moose at the airport.
After a few hours of sleep, we took a shuttle bus down to Seward. Our first stop was Beluga Point where there were no whales out,
but lots of little sheep high up on the mountains. (They're the tiny white spots on the rock in the middle).
The cool, fresh air felt great to breath.
Our second stop was the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This black bear jumped toward Scott playfully and scared him.
He wanted to be held near the bears after that. 
Just a little fence between us. These pictures look cagey, but there was a lot of space for all the animals so it felt like visiting them in their homes rather than them being stuck in a zoo.
Scott showing me his dusty bum.
Another bear walking around.
The boys ran on the bridge over to the next area. It was good to stretch our legs.
The elk were going through an awkward stage with their hair. 
Seeing the reindeer. Fun fact we learned: they're called caribou if they're in the wild. 
What does the fox say?
Jonah raised his hand and said, "Ding, ding!" while miming ringing a bell.
Scott was watching the fox and I told him he was as big as the bear.
He was startled to see it there. Even after reassuring him it was pretend, he stayed far away after that.
The scenery everywhere was just breathtaking.
Scott walking back to the bus.
Our last stop was Canyon Creek Overlook. The ledge had ground on the other side and Scott was running along it, but Jonah didn't want to without holding my hand.
Then they gave me snuggles.
We arrived in Seward and boarded the ship. The next day we cruised up to the Hubbard Glacier. We stayed outside while we got closer.
 Jonah and I sunbathed while we waited.
 John found floating ice.
 We went really close to the glacier and had some clear skies to see it well.
Everyone came out to see it when we stopped.
 It's even more amazing in person.
 The fog started rolling in quickly and heavily and covered everything. There was a little boat of people going closer to it.
It was perfect timing and we're glad the weather cooperated so we could see it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May I

Scott found Amanda's sunglasses that she left in the backseat and needs to wear them when it's "too hot outside" and sometimes when it's "too chilly."
Jonah found Pampa fish (old fish) in the book.
Jonah wanted to hold hands in the cart. Scott did not.
This is how I walk to the park with four boys under four (the baby is in the carrier). Usually Scott walks on his own, but he tripped and couldn't walk until he got a Star Wars bandaid on his knee.
Playing so well together
while I took pictures of the smiley baby.
We were playing hide-and-seek and Scott hid in the couch.
So did Jonah . . .
Can you see him? It's creepy! John and I had a good, long laugh.
I put a little book rack by the boys' chairs and they're getting even more use now.
He saw the phone.
My mom sent Jonah a Woody and Buzz plush, so now he wants all four of his toys all the time.
Jonah and his friends.
After dropping them repeatedly, John tucked the toys safely into Jonah's hood like a papoose.
He loved it.
Scott never showed interest in blankets or stuffed animals, so it's fun to see Jonah get attached to some. He'll still go without them, but his face lights up when we hand them to him.
Amanda's over = time to read.
We had our moms over for Mother's Day dinner. Karen ate, opened her gifts and quickly headed home to take and return phone calls. I think it's her favorite holiday because she loves when her kids call.
John playing horsie.
My mom and sister stayed a little later to make treats for my mom's work party the next day.
We are not a photogenic family. I thought Amanda looked great, but she didn't like any of her pictures, I didn't like any of mine and we didn't even bother to show Mom. But here's the proof we were there and had a good time.
Daddy doggy pile.
Jonah wanted something to eat while I was in the shower.
Scott found "little bacons!" in his quiche and couldn't wait to eat them all out.
Scott had a bad head bonk that was only made better by R2D2.
Another picnic at Daddy's work.
Dumps the toys to play in the basket.
The boys did watercolors while I made dinner. They loved it, but it took a lot more interaction with me than I was hoping, so not a great dinner-making distraction.
Jonah missed the paper and painted himself a little mustache. 
Building a rainbow platform for their Duplo princesses and animals.
John helped Scott find another great hiding place.
This was Jonah's spot.
We went on our monthly trip to Chik-fil-A and Scott asked for yellow sauce. They gave him two and he brought one home and wanted to dip everything in it. So he did.
Playing in the field by John's work. 
Scott helped me with some Target shopping.
Our friends had pallets of raspberries they were giving away, so we took a few containers off their hands.
I washed a package and gave it to Jonah in a bowl to share. They sat right where they were and polished it off.
Please note the 4 different stripes they rocked at once.