Saturday, June 18, 2016

Perry 2 Months

I couldn't get Perry to look away from John.
 He came behind me so Perry would look at the camera.
Working on that double chin.
  He loves his lambie mobile.
At his 2-month appointment, Perry was 1' 10.5" (26th percentile), 11 pounds and a half ounce (20th percentile) and his head measurement was slightly off. We measured 15.5 inches at home, but the assistant entered 16 inches (89th percentile). He still measures little on paper, but he's definitely getting big fast!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Amanda's Graduation

On the 28th, Amanda walked at SJSU.
I hurt my back and couldn't go, but the rest of the family was there.

John said the boys were very well behaved considering how long and hot the day was.

John killing time taking pictures.
You can see how big the tower is compared to little Jonah.

I love her hat design.
We're so proud of Amanda and excited to see what she does next!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

May I

Scott picked out two snacks for our surprise trip and one was cheesy poofs. Jonah was an orange mess driving down.
Scott provided the power for their teeter totter.
Perry's tummy is filling in nicely.
He's very alert when he's awake. He likes watching his brothers play.
Scott wrote a note to his preschool teacher for teacher appreciation week. Her name on the envelope was even legible.
Churros! John brought these home from work on Cinco de Mayo.
Sleepy little love
I was feeding Perry in my room and Jonah ran in to tell me the kitty followed him in the kitchen. I came out to see what he was talking about and, sure enough, a cat came in from the backyard with him.
Scott and Jonah still love holding the baby, but he's getting heavy for them.
I love when they're so little that the paci covers half their face.
Perry's getting pretty spoiled because we all love snuggling him, so he doesn't sleep on his own very often during the day. He's only little for so long, though!
Uncle Brian called while John was driving home from work one Friday to see if we could use their Giants tickets, including a parking pass. He'd even called Karen to line up a babysitter, so we had a spontaneous date night all set up for us!
It was Perry's first baseball game.
He was happy the whole time and the Giants won, so successes all around.
We went to dinner after church at John's parents' house for Mother's Day and the two little guys napped on Grandpa's couch.
We skype with Rick, Jess and Cedric about once a month. Jonah was excited to show them Banana Bob Minion.
Perry started smiling with a little prompting, not just spontaneously. 
Every morning Jonah comes in my bed and wants to hold Perry.
Jonah was having a hard time while Scott was at preschool and asked to watch a "Mommy show." I put one on and he fell right asleep.
Hanging out on Jonah's bed. 
All the boys love reading, but Scott will sit and look at books by himself for long periods of time. I loved reading as a kid and am excited for when Scott can actually read the books and experience that for himself.
Smiley boy
I took Jonah (and Perry) to lunch at Chick Fil A to use the free salad on my card. Since we didn't have Scott with us to share an adult meal with Jonah, I bought him a kids one. It's probably Jonah's favorite: a play place, fruit, milk and an ice cream cone.
Morning stretches
Perry likes to fall asleep in our arms, but sleeps best in his crib.
He sometimes falls asleep in the carseat on drives and sleeps while the car is moving, but doesn't stay asleep long once we're home.
The boys made sure their baby had some companions in his basket. 
Sweet little guy. I take a lot of pictures of him on my phone so I can send them to John at work. After 6 weeks at home together, I worry they're going through withdrawals. 
I sent this handsome boy to church with John and stayed home with the flu. While I'm grateful I was the only one in the family who got sick, I was also the only one who got the flu shot this year, so I felt a little ripped off.
Karen took the older boys for a few hours while I was sick, so this sweetie and I had an afternoon to ourselves.
My mom stopped by and Perry had some extra snuggles.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Father-Son Campout

Our ward did another overnighter this year with dads and kids (daughters can go up to age 8).
Scott and Jonah enjoyed the campfire and using their sleeping bags.
 John took them up Friday after work and left early Saturday to get to soccer, so they slept in the van for convenience. 
Meanwhile, Perry and I had a quiet time at home without them. Maybe next year John will brave the trip with all 3 kids!