Sunday, December 2, 2018

2018 Halloween Disneyland Trip

We've been trying to go to Disneyland with my mom once a year until she retires this summer. This trip was hot, but the fun Halloween decorations were up.
They're especially cute in Cars Land.
I bought matching shirts and treats at Target to bring along. 
Perry loves driving.
Brave soul with Jonah behind the wheel. They think it's funny to let go of the steering wheel and let the car go berserk. 
We met Kylo Ren
and gave Goofy high fives.
Perry was still too short for a few rides, so we switched off. It takes longer, but the other boys get to go twice in a row, so they like it. 
We swapped on Cars Racers, which was Scott's favorite ride.
Perry mostly ate while we waited.
Scott loved Splash Mountain this time. Jonah has loved it since his first time, but Scott had to warm up to it.
Some Coco decorations for dia de los muertos.
Now that the boys are a little older and since they never go to sleep quickly in the hotel anyway, we decided to stay for the nighttime show. Fantasmic was amazing and they loved it, so it was worth the whining while walking back tired.
We found a Perry-sized Zurg.
Perry met Mickey
He went right in for a hug and kissed his nose. 
He loves Mickey so much.
(Jonah was on Guardians of the Galaxy with John)
The late night caught up to him.
Jonah ran on sugar and excitement.
Pumpkin Goofy. Perry can recognize the characters now and has seen some of the movies, so it's more engaging for him.
Perry petted this lady's tail in line. I had him apologize, but when you wear a fuzzy tail, what do you expect?
I took the boys on Thunder Mountain Railroad while John took Perry on the boat and they met Tiana.
Napping by the water in the shade with two fans running on him. We were all jealous.
The boys had a lollipop
while we tried this amazing churro sundae.
Our first time on teacups together.
Jonah and Scott were Jedi trained, but Perry was willing to join Darth Vader on the dark side.
Lightning McQueen in his costume.
Brave little Jonah on his favorite ride.
I took them on the Grizzly Bear run for the first time since it was so hot. I got drenched, they got sprinkled. It was really uncomfortable having wet jean shorts on, but kept me cool the rest of the day. Then John took them and the boys got their turn getting all wet, which they loved.
I was sick again this trip and it was really hot, but Disneyland makes everything more fun. It's probably our last family trip for a while, so we really soaked it in and had a great time. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Scott and the Sorcerer's Stone

We finished reading the first Harry Potter book right in time to go see the movie in the theater. 
They were showing the movies all week to celebrate the 20th year since the first book was released. Scott dressed up like a true fan. Jonah listened to the book, but he's going to wait to see the movie because he scares easily at movies.
Little Perry Hotter.
It was fun seeing it on the big screen for his first time because it made it feel more like the original release only better because it wasn't midnight and we don't have to wait a year for the next one.
Now we're ready to start the second book!

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Perry is so fast on his "scoot scoot." He's at the park in his pj pants and backwards shirt. 
I got my second devacut. She cut a lot more off than I planned, but it's nice and soft again.
The boys made a fairy garden at Lulu's birthday party.
Reading at the library.
We took some friends with us to get out of the house and in the a/c. They all gravitated to the computer.
Their little brother wrestles Jonah every chance he gets.
Watching a show together in the most comfortable way possible.
We finally had a non-spare the air day and made s'mores in our fire pit.
Perry just wanted to eat the marshmallow plain and didn't even care about cooking it.
Scott got his nice and burnt.
A neighbor that was moving gave us her groupon for bowling because she couldn't use it before leaving. I love date nights that come pre-planned and it was fun to play without kids.
Perry enjoying a little smoothie with his waffles and eggs. He always asks for a "wah peas" ie straw, please. If I don't get one, he just scales the cabinets and gets one himself.
He loves wiping things up. In this case, he was using the wash cloth on the side of the toaster, which wasn't dirty, but it kept him entertained.
Caught with his hand in the m&m jar (on top of the microwave)
Another date night at Shoreline. We met some of my childhood friends there for a concert. We all ended up leaving early because it was a weeknight and we're old, but we had a fun time together.
Perry was trying to get something from Scott and he said, "Perry, you're growing strong with the force!"
At church, the primary has activities to entertain the kids instead of making them sit all the time. Jonah usually does play doh or coloring. This week Scott made a giant domino chain.
Perry loves sleeping in our bed. Or on our bed, in this case.
The boys have been practicing more cooking and baking now that Scott can read and mostly understands the measurements. 
He has two willing stirrers. 
Found Jonah asleep under his bed.
Perry was trying to wipe Max's face clean after they ate their fruit at Sprouts.
We dropped him off and Perry helped me unload our grocery haul. This is a pretty typical weekly produce run, not counting Costco.
If Perry hears me in the kitchen, he runs in and climbs on the counter, eager to help.
Poor baby had a bad scooter fall. He chipped his little front tooth and I was so mad at his helmet for not protecting him better. Then I figured it probably would've been a lot worse without it.
Once we cleaned him up it wasn't so bad. Just a little puffy, a bump on his forehead and a scab above his lip. He had all the popsicles he wanted and we snuggled while watching Mickey Mouse. All in all, I think he'd do it again.
Sweet little guy snuggled up to Minnie.
And sprawled out on our bed, where I sometimes put him to separate him while his brothers go to sleep.
Collecting leaves on our walk to school pickup.
Scott picked this book and I asked him if he knew what a bully was. Jonah answered, "A boy that is mean." And Scott replied, "Jonah! Girls can be mean, too!"
I went to get a back-to-school pedicure one morning and Perry entertained himself next to me with the ipad.
Helping me make naan for dinner. I tried making butter chicken for the first time and we all loved it. I want to make it more often, but with my helpers it took almost 2 hours to cook dinner and we dirtied every dish in the kitchen.
Spotted a lizard.
Pants and shirt are both backwards now.
Jonah tucked his new birthday stuffed animals into the foot of his bed.
We tried to fit in all we could at the end of summer vacation, so it was a full and fun month.