Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Great America

Our neighbor gave us three tickets to Great America that were for a work party. She just wanted the lunch vouchers, but already had season passes.
Most of the rides needed an escort per child, so Scott patiently waited in line while they took turns.
On some of the little Snoopy rides Scott could go alone.
Perry was his perfectly chipper self.
We vested up to go swimming.
The cutest little life vest.
The boys loved the wave pool. 
It was a great family outing for the price of one ticket. We'll probably wait a few years before getting passes, but we'll be back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Perry 5 Months

Perry is still the sweetest little doll. He sleeps all night and smiles all day. He loves his brothers, jumping, and chewing on things.
His hair has really filled in, just like his tummy.
His brothers couldn't handle being away from him for too long.

Doing their best to give Perry some space. They're still learning.
After church, I took a few pictures of Perry before changing him.
I think the dead front lawn made a great backdrop.
What an angel!
Big, blue eyes.
Despite endless requests, Perry will not stop growing.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Blue Lily in San Francisco

My aunt gave us a photo session with Blue Lily for when they came in town, which was a dream come true for me.
 I've followed their photography for years and love everything they've done.
 She did not disappoint. The whole session was natural and she just had the boys play.
 Scott is about 4.5, Jonah is almost 3 and Perry is 4 months old.
 I'd love to take family pictures again when Perry is old enough to participate more. And when I don't have baby weight. It was a good motivator to work on being healthy all summer, though.

 She said she's taken pictures of a LOT of babies, and Perry was maybe the best baby she's photographed.
 We believe it. He's a perfect angel.
 It was very windy and he would gasp when it hit his face.
 This little stinker had fun. We had Ghirardelli after pictures and when we finished, Scott asked if we were going back to play with Wendy again. He thought we were having a play date with her.

Jonah showed Wendy his ninja moves.

 I love this and now I want pictures of me with each of the boys. Next time!
 I've wanted pictures with the bridge in the background since we got married and I'm so excited to have these now.
 Even though there weren't many posed with all of us looking at the camera, the lifestyle ones are so natural and beautiful.
 Perry tried his best to sit up for a picture. The hill and blanket weren't very stable, but he could hold his balance for a little bit. 
 Right before we ended I asked for a picture with just John. She took this one quickly and now it's my favorite of us!
 When people or photographers have said their photo session was fun and easy, I never thought it could be true for us. We're not photogenic people and I'm so awkward in pictures, but Blue Lily was amazing. We were totally at ease, she entertained the boys, and the pictures turned out beautiful.
I will treasure these forever!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

August I

Perry loves this jumper. He clicks his heels together and bounces with one pointed foot behind him, it looks like he's doing a jig. He'll stop and smile, then get going crazy again.
His 3 random long hairs.
Happy baby!
Sweet yawns
Scott played Zelda one day and took all the vases to the pool, so Link could have toys in his bath.
Perry started sticking his tongue out.
The drooling continues
He likes to grab at his toys
Jonah naps when he doesn't sleep well at night, typically by falling asleep wherever he is at the moment.
Now that Perry's a little sturdier, he loves Jonah snuggles. It still makes me a little nervous, but they both seem happy.
I was picking boots for family pictures and Perry was helping.
Scott feeding his babies breakfast.
Playing at the water feature park on Lulu's birthday
At Carrie's wedding. Jonah and Scott kept looking for the princess and were excited to find her.
Our friend Gina getting some Perry time.
These are out of order, but earlier that day we went to San Francisco for family pictures. I'm really excited to get the images.
After pictures, we shared a sundae. Jonah fell asleep driving over, but even without his help I think it's our last time having just one as a family. Especially if Perry thinks he gets some.
At Perry's 4 month appointment, his doctor said he could start having baby cereal or oatmeal if he showed an interest in our food. I said he hadn't yet. He must have heard and took it to heart, because the next two weeks every meal looked like this.
We saw a baby opossum crossing the street. Much cuter when they're tiny! Although still dumb. I was afraid I was going to run him over.
All ready for the park!
Watching Toy Story together.
We went to John's work one day because NASA was hosting some event that included lunch. It wasn't clear if families were included, but I figured we'd go to their cafeteria if we were the only ones who came. 
There weren't very many kids, but they definitely planned on children being there. They passed out things for kids at the booths, like firemen hats, candy, and pencils.
Sparky could hear and respond via a nearby fireman, so he was talking to Scott and Jonah.
This Girl Scouts robotics team had the boys mesmerized. 
Perry all ready to go to Moffett.
While Cory and James were in town, we put all the kids in the nursery. Some nights we had to separate one in our bed until they fell asleep, then add Perry to the crib once the other two were out, but it worked.
They loved using sleeping bags and being in the same room together. Scott told Perry when he's big he can share their room. There may be bunk beds in their future, because there's no way a 3rd bed would fit!