Thursday, November 19, 2015

Welcome to New York!

I've been itching for a New York trip since I heard Taylor Swift's new album last summer. We wanted to go visit my East Coast family and I convinced John to start off with a few days in the city. (He's always wanted to go, so it wasn't hard).
After 9 months of babysitting the two boys each week, we had enough play money for the trip. Scott wasn't convinced it was New York because there was no Taylor Swift.
There was a Chrysler building and Grand Central Terminal. We actually heard one of her songs in a store and Scott decided we had arrived. We kept hearing them pop up throughout our trip, which was fun.

St. Patrick's Cathedral 
We toured the inside, which was beautiful, but Scott kept asking questions about what everyone was doing and I was ready to move him along.
Radio City Music Hall. My aunt took me to see the Rockettes on my first New York trip and I loved it so much. I looked up tickets, but we were too early in the season.
Fifth Avenue. 
We were reading books in the library as a quick breather. Then John and Karen took a bathroom break while I checked out the lions with the boys. They wanted to ride them.
We went to the top of the Empire State Building.
Every time I try to take pictures at night I promise myself I'll learn those camera settings. Still haven't.
Times Square! Karen and I went to see the Phantom of the Opera while John took the boys back to the hotel. It was her first broadway show and she's a fan.
The next morning we took the ferry to Liberty Island.
Karen's always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, so when we planned our trip we invited her to come see it with us.
It was definitely a highlight of the trip. The weather was beautiful and the kids could move around a little.
John bought us tickets in advance so we could tour the platform.
We took the ferry to Ellis Island. Scott chased the birds while we waited for it to arrive. Jonah was sleeping in the stroller. I asked Scott if we should swim there instead and he said, "No! We don't have our swimsuits on!"
I thought Ellis Island would have more interesting exhibits. Hurricane Sandy damaged the climate control, so most of it was removed to keep it preserved.
We took the ferry back to Manhattan and went to see the 9/11 Memorial.
This Survivor Tree made it through the attacks, healed and is flourishing. I didn't want to tour the museum with the boys, but we put it on our list for next time when our kids are older or we go without them.
We went back to Times Square and showed the boys M&M World
and Hershey's Chocolate World.
Jonah enjoying his free sample
and contemplating a career in the chocolate industry.
Next up was Serendipity 3 for frrrozen hot chocolates. We tried an original and a mint. Both were amazing.
There was no line for the first time I've ever seen, but the front was still not very welcoming. I assume they don't prefer little kids eating there (they have a no stroller rule). But then our server was fun and thoughtful. He talked to the boys and offered to take a group picture. He said he's a board-certified uncle. It was a great experience and we wished we hadn't had dinner already so we could've eaten a meal there, too.
Back at the hotel in matching jams.
Our last morning we went to the Manhattan Temple. Karen and I went in while John played with the boys at Central Park, then we traded.
It was a busy trip and we had a blast. Overall, things went smoothly. We saw a ton, have lots more to see and can't wait to go back.

Monday, November 16, 2015

October I

Scott did tracing in preschool one day and it reminded him of the Star Wars workbooks I bought him several months ago. He burned through several pages that morning.
Our friends the Van Tassells took us to a Giants game. We got slaughtered, as is customary for any game I go to in person.
They invited us over for conference and pumpkin waffles with buttermilk syrup the next morning. The most delicious waffles I've ever had, which is saying something. It's a good thing they're a twice a year treat.
Jonah entertaining himself during conference. Our boys love playing with their boys, so it was a relatively peaceful session.
I love Jonah's use of his fork. We no longer have leftovers when I make quiche. Or chicken pot pie, pizza, or any one dish set quantity dinner.
We went over to Grandma's to play with Olivia and Annabel when they were in town and I helped Scott make the ultimate train track. The hardest part is keeping it intact with so many little helpers.
We went on a tour of Filoli one Saturday while the weather was still nice and warm. 
I loved the house, but the boys liked the gardens best.
I think John was jealous of the fruit trees, but he'd take the house, too. As long as it comes with the housekeepers and cook. And the pastry chef. 
Jonah woke up from a nap with a fever again and I took him in for bloodwork. It was heartbreaking hearing Scott talk about not wanting them to hurt his best friend and how he would fight the bad guys and protect his brother. 
It turned out he was just getting sick, so we had a few days of nests in the play room with Elmo and Mickey Mouse.
Jonah still managed to keep up on his chores.
Dr. Scott helped us all feel better.
Jonah had a lot of meltdowns during his quarantine. 
I'm always grateful when he's healthy again and we can get back to better sleep and happier moods.
They are so much cuter when they're being sweet, happy and getting along.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Scott's preschool had their first field trip to Uesugi Farms, which is where I went on a 1st grade field trip. There was a pumpkin pyramid, trains, scarecrows and all sorts of fun activities, but the one thing Scott noticed was "all the beautiful flowers." He was excited to get out of the car and see them up close.
Here's Miss Angela with both of her classes (4's in the morning and 3's in the afternoon).
We could bring siblings along, we just had to pay their entrance. Jonah was excited to finally join Scott at preschool. He's going to think it's a real party.
We went through the corn "maze" to learn about bees, then rode the train.

We also watched a bee movie, but it was geared more toward elementary-aged kids.
Next we each picked a pumpkin.
I told them they could bring home what they could carry.
Jonah picked a nice, big one.
Scott picked this one, but then decided it was too heavy.
Since ours were included, I brought them home anyway and bought them each the tiny pumpkin they picked out for $2.
Miss Angela wanted bigger ones for a craft, so we gave her one and had one extra to take home to Daddy, who missed all the field trip fun.