Wednesday, August 30, 2017

June II

The day finally arrived for Scott and Jonah to see Cars 3 in theaters.
 My mom took them to the movies while we went out to dinner.
 Perry is grabby with screens.
 We took Wendy to the Children's Discovery museum while she was here. We went on the light rail, which is usually the kids' favorite part of the day.
 Scott and his map. Actually it's a time table, but he didn't care.
Driving the fire truck.
Our family faces
Hitchin a ride
John opening his Father's Day gifts.
Perry wore his paper tie for him.
Jonah is especially good at celebrating other people on their special days. Scott's getting better about not focusing on himself, but it's always come naturally for Jonah.
Three squishy boys. Such a lucky daddy.
Sandals are on and he's ready to go.
We started swim lessons at the community center.
It was a hot, hot week and was hard for Perry (and us!) to see the cool, inviting water and not go in. I ended up signing all 3 boys up for another 2 week session so we could get more pool time this summer.
They love Wendy, especially because she'll read to them until her voice is hoarse. 
Little sunshine
Scott willingly puts his head under water now. He's come a long way since last year.
Jonah was trying to get Perry's attention. We went to Chick Fil A one Saturday morning to try their breakfast food.
Then we went down the street to Happy Hollow. Jonah was the only one on the Frog Hopper.
Scott helped Perry on the car ride.
They both wanted to sit by Perry on the granny bugs.
The go-kart was the highlight of this trip. It's usually closed, but I noticed a sign that said you could ride it yourself, just take 2 laps and pass it on. I have no clue how long it's been open, but I've never seen anyone use it before.
Jonah was technically too short for the ride, but we moved the seat forward and he did great.
Another fun surprise was our new trampoline. Our friends are adding on to their house, so their trampoline didn't fit in their backyard anymore. We were happy to take it.
Scott said it's big enough for grown ups, so Wendy went on with them. It takes up a lot more yard than I was expecting, but it's a great use of space for them. Especially in the summer when it's all weeds back there anyway.
On Monday we picked Amanda up for a day at Muir Woods. 
Traffic was a nightmare, so Perry was overjoyed to get out of the car.
He pointed everything out to us, including the warning signs every few feet on the boardwalk.
Happy boy!
Jonah's animal stack.
Churros at the SJ Giants game.
Perry cheering. He loves clapping when people around him clap.
Passing time during another swim lesson.
Dreaming about our parent baby class the next week when we could swim, too.
Jonah and Scott bravely jumped off the diving board.
Perry took his plate of edamame and put a few beans in each bowl.
Wendy left us early to visit Rick and his family before flying home. It was not a happy day for the boys. She watched them while I substitute taught a week of summer school and Perry really latched on to her. Scott and Jonah kept asking when she was coming back.
To distract them, we went to try a new park in Sunnyvale with a big water feature.
Then stopped at John's work before coming home. Which means had some snacks.
My grocery shopping buddy with his scraggly hair.
Another night my mom took the older boys to see the Minions movie and I made one pot pasta for dinner as a surprise for John. He loved it.
June really flew by!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

June I

There's a reason we call him Destructobaby.
I went to a band reunion for Mr. Morgan's retirement party. It felt great to be back in a band, was fun to meet up with some old friends, and was very nostalgic. I didn't realize how much I missed performing in a group. I had a miserable time in intermediate school, but I loved being in band.
Perry carrying Jessie by her pull string.
Risky business baby at church. A lot of mornings I wake Perry up on the way out the door and he eats breakfast on the drive over, so we just change and dress him when we get there.
He's mastered the use of the step stool to get into an extra foot of mischief.
I came home from spin class to the boys soaking wet in the front yard. I guess watering the garden was extra fun that night.
We finally finished the ocean puzzle. It took 2 1/2 weeks of late nights after the boys were in bed, but we did it.
Jonah is very into squares these days. He made these piles so their room would be beautiful.
The paper was leftover from these gift card bouquets I made for their teacher and aide as a group end of the year gift.
Silly boy does this when he backs up into the couch.
Cute pony.
Jonah wanted one, too.
He still makes a nest for himself on the ground some nights. At least there's a piece of carpet there now instead of just hard wood or a flat rug.
Full body hugging Perry
Following my ducklings to the park.
Having dinner with the twins.
Scott face painted some facial hair at the Children's Discovery Museum.
They love the Thomas exhibit.
We discovered the cafe there sells gelato bars. Yes, please.
Perry loves drinking from cups.
All 6 boys listening to the rain.
Scott thinks he can drive now, since he can reach the pedals.
He is big enough to bring up the empty recycling bin.
Perry waving hi to Grandma Marva.
Cousins on the trampoline.
Field day at the end of preschool was a hit. Perry drank the water at the play water table.
and stole all the fruit he could get his paws on.
He tried to crawl through the inflatables, but I didn't want him around the big kids on them.
He tried so hard to climb up to Jonah and Scott in the jump house.
Jonah was playing hard the whole time. At the cupcake decorating table, Scott asked if he could lick the knife. The teacher said he was the only one who asked, the others just went to town and she had to keep replacing the knives.
Saying goodbye to his preschool teacher.
Watching the garden being watered before a walk. I love Perry's little crossed feet.
He brought a cake decorating tool into my room and was mimicking flossing with it. 
We met up with Katie and Sheri at Happy Hollow.
We took up lots of seats on the roller coaster.
Bennett and Dallin had a little snack while we waited for the other kids.
Perry was sleeping in the stroller, but the other 8 cousins piled on this seat for a picture.
Back at Grandma's they piled in the (warm) hot tub.
Scott's favorite breakfast is "rectangle pancakes."
Ready to go with a bottle in one hand and sippy in the other.
Crashed after church.
Lucas reading to his younger cousins.
I brought carrot cupcakes to a family dinner at Karen and Alan's for John's birthday.
On his actual birthday we took the boys mini golfing. 
They were terrible.
I took the boys up to Curiodyssey one day. We walked a ways to the entrance and I saw a basket for sticks. I thought, "that's a clever idea, but for once we don't need it." I turn around and there's Jonah with a huge stick.
It had fun hands-on science exhibits inside
And animals outside.
Perry ran around while the older boys watched a feeding.
It was a long drive for us when we have similar options at Happy Hollow and the Discovery Museum close to home, but with a library pass and reciprocity discount it was definitely worth checking out.
After eating lunch and using the bathrooms we walked down to the marina.
It was crazy windy out on the water and so beautiful.
Friends shot!
We walked back to the car (Jonah retrieved his exact stick) and headed home.
It was a great start to summer with lots of fun outings.