Thursday, December 11, 2014

October II

Jonah usually eats breakfast earlier, but mooches for more when Scott eats. Scott likes to feed him--like put the bites in his mouth. They both think it's great fun.
 Melody and I did our 3rd 10k at our fastest time yet.
 Scott liked the after snacks. Since we were some of the last runners in, they were pushing the food on us and the boys were happy to help. They both took apples--Scott takes little bites over the whole thing so it's polkadotted and Jonah will eat the entire thing (stem, seeds and all) if we don't watch him.
 Jonah coming home from church.
 John leaves for meetings at 5:30, so I get the boys ready for church myself. This day they slept late so we were in a rush to get to church on time, which I don't mind one bit because I prefer it over them getting up with John and then I have to get up when he leaves.
 John builds these towers with blocks, then Scott and Jonah take turns knocking it over and they all love it.
I took this to show how messy Jonah can get from just eating fish crackers. We have a strict eat-in-your-chair rule and he's the reason why.
Running as fast as possible to the library. I'd like to claim their brilliance and love for literature, but it's really the fun, long ramp that makes them so excited.
We went to see John at work.
 Jonah is always happy to see his daddy.
 And his own self. He discovered this cute baby in the mirror at the mall.
 At Happy Hollow, Scott actually rode on the carousel animal, rather than the bench that he typically prefers.
Jonah was fascinated by the anteater. He just stood there and watched him moving around.
Scott steered the ladybug for his ride with Jonah.
I took Scott out one Saturday morning for errands and I bought him a little kid-sized hot chocolate at Starbucks. It was so cute!
Scott likes "painting" with the aquadoodle my cousin sent them. I love it because it's mess-free. Jonah likes to play with the little character toys.
I squeezed Jonah into Scott's Christmas sweater. He looked great unless he moved around and his tummy poked out. He is so chunky!
Scott wanted to wear Daddy's shoes and made sure Jonah had some, too.
At the end of October it finally started to cool off a little, so I switched Jonah's bed to the flannel sheets, which are a Christmas print, and pulled out his matching blanket. I love them, so I like to get as much use out of them as possible each year.
Scott outgrew his Grinch jams and they're loose on Jonah, but we use them as a second pair to keep him warm when he gets out of his blankets at night.
Scott helped me make pizza dough and was just in his underwear. I asked if he wanted pants on and he said, "no tanks, just my ap-in." He probably likes his apron so much because it represents food coming soon.
Scott wore his Sharks jersey for costume day at dance class.
We usually watch the trash truck throuh the playroom windows now, but we were heading out so he had a nice, close view.
Scott still loves to vacuum, but now he wants to do it himself. If he were a little taller, the angle wouldn't be so off the ground and it'd actually be helpful. Of course he's cleaning pantsless and in a train costume. 
I heard the water running while I was getting Scott dressed and wondered what on earth it was, since he and I were right there. I looked across the hall and this little trouble maker had climbed up to wash his hands.
Jonah was helping me pull laundry out of the dryer, then stopped. I turned to see where he was going and he was already up on the couch, 6 feet away. He gives me such bad anxiety.
We can't go anywhere without someone telling me I have my hands full. And I just say--yep.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Harry & Dobby

After the 50 millionth comment about Scott's crazy hair, we decided he needed to be Harry Potter for Halloween. 
 That naturally progressed to Jonah being Dobby--causing lots of mischief, but fiercely loyal to Harry  and best buddies. Plus, I thought he'd look cute in a pillowcase.
I dressed them up for the Santana Row trick-or-treat with vendors and they loved it.
 Ouch, I think his scar is hurting.
 Scott is into hand holding. Jonah isn't.
 I gelled Jonah's hair to look like Dobby's ears. It lasted for a few minutes.
 Working on his spells. I went to Target to buy a big black shirt to make Scott a robe, but they were sold out of every size. Instead, I found this nice Gryffindor robe for 6 bucks. It was huge, so I safety-pinned it smaller. I didn't want to cut and hem it because I'm lazy and also wanted him to be able to wear it until he's 10-12. Scott wore his church clothes and John's tie and voila. Cute, cheap costume.
At trunk or treat the Saturday before Halloween. Jonah wore a cut-up old pillowcase and socks. Nobody really knew who he was and it looked sad having him in rags next to Scott's professional/expensive looking ensemble, but that's why we have S.P.E.W.
Harry walked fearlessly right along in the costume parade.
John helped Dobby try to keep up.
This is the best group picture I got. John's parents are conveniently in the other ward that did the activity with ours.
Poor Jonah had face planted on our walk earlier, casuing a nice scrape/bruise/bump on his forehead.
Karen and Alan passed out the candy at our car so we could both go around with the boys. It was really fun--Scott caught on right away and Jonah loved walking around and seeing everyone.
On Halloween we went to get our free Krispy Kremes for being in costume. Scott shared a bite of his with Jonah! His first time sharing food, and it was a treat even!!
Then we stopped by John's work. Lots of coworkers came out to see the boys and take their pictures. 
 Debbie took these of Scott and John said at the party he was mentioned for the cutest costume.
Halloween night the Naylors came over for pizza and then we headed out to trick or treat in the neighborhood.
Scott was excited to play with Lincoln and run around outside.

Jonah tried to keep up.

We didn't think Jonah would do much actual trick-or treating, but he loved it.
 We wagoned him inbetween some houses to give him a break and dumped his candy in there so his bucket wasn't heavy.
 People loved the little kids. Jonah and Lou would get handfuls of candy. If they offered the basket, Jonah would take one and turn and run for it like he was getting away with something. If the people stayed inside, he'd walk right on in.
There aren't many kids in our neighborhood who trick-or-treat and we were the only ones who visited some houses, so they really loaded the kids up with candy--a few even gave out full-size bars. We ended up giving most of it to the primary to use, but it was fun to collect! This was definitely my favorite Halloween yet.
I'm not sure how many more Halloweens I get to pick their costumes, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.