Thursday, August 25, 2016

Big Sur

After the holiday weekend craziness, we drove down to check out Big Sur. We tried to get our moms to come, but mine went out of town and John's was just getting home, then last minute Karen figured out a way to join us. We love having an extra person on our trips and appreciate her help.
Our first stop was Point Lobos.
I loved needing jackets! I love overcast weather!
We took a trail to the water. The boys were being sweet and silly after being in the car for several hours.

Jonah did a great job walking by himself, which he doesn't always want to do. He was not as cautious by the edge as I prefer, though, so I was anxious the whole time.
That's me helicoptering.
Scott's nerves take after mine, so I don't worry as much about him falling.
It's a beautiful reserve and was fun to walk around .

Next we drove down to McWay Falls. I was a little less nervous here because there were at least railings.
It's a really beautiful cove and easy walk.
We went to the end of the path and saw the remains of a house and funicular.
Finally we went to Pfeiffer Beach, home of the purple sand.
The boys copied other kids and climbed to the top of this hill to run down.
Scott went full speed
and biffed it.
I made John run down with Jonah after that. 
Then he played happily with Grandma in the water.
Scott steered clear of the cold water.
Jonah stripped down and got soaked through.
Fun and brave grandma.
Love that happy face

Perry slept through the outing.

John exploring
The tide was changing, making the walk back to the beach trickier.
I took pictures for two acrobats who were doing cool tricks together. Then one offered to take a picture for us.

We dressed Jonah in warm, dry clothes and went to try a new restaurant a friend recommended to me--Little Napoli in Carmel. It was worth the long wait for a the delicious dinner. It's not really a family-oriented town, though, so I'd like to go back kid-free sometime. 
After that we went to our hotel in Monterey and washed a pound of sand off the boys before bed. It was a great day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beach Day

John got a full-time job offer and when he gave the contract job notice, they let him go a week early since they had 3 days off coming up for the 4th of July anyway. Once again we found ourselves with some bonus family time and we took advantage.
First up, of course, was the beach. It's free, flexible, not far.
Perry was actually awake for this trip.
It was a Friday, but really packed. The busloads of tourists helped.

I was there, too!
We had a picnic and I nursed Perry and read my book while John took the big boys to look at tidepools.
It was one of those perfect times when things go the way you hope and everyone has a lovely day.
At least until you get home and discover the spots on your legs where you missed sunscreen.

Monday, August 22, 2016

June II

In the second half of June we celebrated Father's Day.
The boys in their Star Wars jams with their lightsabers.
That's one tired, but happy dad.
We made dinner for John's parents and they made peach pie for dessert.
John and Alan
Our neighbor gave us more painting pages. Scott's actually using them the way they were intended, but Jonah still just wets the paper until it rips. Either way, buys me some free time.
Perry found his thumb and loves sucking something at all times. He likes hands better than the pacifier already. Instead of crying to get up when he wakes up, he'll just self-soothe for a while.
So happy to have Daddy home from work.
Scott wrote up a grocery list for us. "See my words?"
Jonah says, "Perry wants me to hold him."
John took the cheerio stacking challenge to a new level.
Charlotte came over to play one afternoon while her mom worked. She waited patiently for Perry to wake up so she could hold him, then was heartbroken when he cried. She patted him gently, but he was too hungry to be happy.
This is the best I could do of the 4 of them.
Jonah shared his granola bar and said, "She likes it, Mommy!"
Sweet baby with his thumb.
If Jonah wakes up early, by afternoon he can't control himself very well. If we go anywhere in the car he falls asleep. If we're home and I put him in his room, he usually puts himself to bed. I'm not sure why he undressed first this time.
Napping buddies
Perry is chunking right up.
Perry can reach his toys now on the bouncy seat, and if he can watch his brothers playing, he's content to sit.
Princess Lulu helping Jonah mow the lawn.
She's almost a year younger, but taller than shorty Jonah.
Fighting over who gets to cuddle Perry. It happens most mornings.
Happy guy at the park
My favorite
The boys like to build clubhouses with their chairs.
Watching a show from their clubhouse.
His eyes are bright blue now
Scott was dawdling while we walked in to Happy Hollow, so I asked him to push the stroller. He couldn't see very well, but was otherwise great at it.
Hanging out with the babies while their moms took the big kids on the roller coaster.
My caterpillar boys and their 3 friends.
Sweet napping baby
We had a belated Father's Day gifting.
The boys gave him a car t-shirt and baseball tickets.
I got all of the pieces connected.
Perry watched happily the whole time.
Stripey family
Horsey rides
Perry's hair is filling in and looks fluffy after a bath.
Scott put goggles on so he could help John with a project.
Then he got to use the hand sander.
Perry looks bald in pictures, but he actually has a fuzz covering.
He wakes up so happy every morning.
We took my dad to lunch for Father's Day/his birthday.
Then we ran to Jack's Star Wars birthday party
From there to a San Jose Giants game. It was a full day of fun.
Perry's first churro. jk
Helping me read for book club.
We watched Lulu one night while her parents went to an open house. She and Jonah played so happily the whole time. We're all really going to feel it when they move. 
All ready for the park.
Best buds ready to watch a show. They tend to play Wii on Mondays and watch a movie on Wednesdays after the park and lunch. 
Our neighbor gave us their jumper and Perry loves it. He likes being upright, but bouncing and music makes it even more fun.
Jonah tried it out.
Perry started sticking his tiny tongue out a little bit.
Watching whatever's going on around him.