Thursday, March 8, 2018


Scott delivering some compost to the garden boxes while Perry supervises.
We went for a light hike at Belgatos Park and stopped for a picnic at the turnaround point.
Then we went to Grandma's and played with cousins in the hot tub.
We got one last visit on our Children's Discovery Museum passes before they expired. I was going to renew them, but the price jumped up and I'm not sure we'll get enough use to make it worth it now.
There was a magic show outside that was fun. Melody and her girls met us there and Nora has the cutest smile in this picture.
A little upsidedown reading before bed.
I was on the phone with customer service in my room because I couldn't hear over the kids. I came out and Perry had entertained himself cleaning the heat intake vent with tissues. There are worse things to do while unsupervised.
Scott got some bigger puzzles from another family on buy nothing and they were the perfect rainy day activity.
We went to an epic light saber battle at the Higleys one night.
I always have willing recipients of any extra smoothie.
Waiting for the wii to start their game.
Perry thinks he's done napping, but sometimes his body disagrees.
Looks so comfy with his legs crossed.
I wanted to take a picture of Jonah with his artwork, but Perry jumped in.
Another afternoon fighting his naps and losing.
This time at the dentist. Another clear check-up for the big boys.
I took a picture of Perry's tip toes as he climbed up to use the sink, then when I was in Seattle I saw it on my phone and wanted to squeeze his little bum.
Also while I was gone, John picked up this couch I bought from our friends. It fits our space so much better and is great quality. The room looks a little drab with all neutrals, but nothing some bright throw pillows can't fix.
Big huggies for little brothers
Talking to each other on the walk home from school drop-off.
Kitchen helper
Perry tucked himself to sleep on the floor. He only lasted a few nights in his toddler-converted crib.
Just lounging while he listens to his dump truck.
Pushing the button again. He can be SO lazy.
Another unexpected nap, this time on the gym childcare floor. So gross.
Jonah went to bed with his "shoot" tucked into his underwear.
I was watching a friends' kids and noticed Scott's shirt and pants were short on him. He sprouted up overnight.
Most people in our area only use kids dress clothes for a wedding, funeral, or holidays, then they're outgrown, so it's easy to get free or inexpensive clothes for the boys for church. This blazer is Janie and Jack, worn once, and was free from a neighbor on Buy Nothing. It's perfect for Scott.
We went for a Sunday walk after church. It was beautiful weather for January.
I appreciate the trampoline more after it's rained and we haven't been able to use it. I love sending the boys to the backyard to get some energy out.
Little Bieber hair action going on. He loves combing his hair with my brush.
And wearing John's hat.
Picking up Scott from school
We took the twins to the park during cookie day so their mom could have a break. We had tired legs on the walk back and needed to triple up on the stroller.
Jonah helping Perry get the kibble out of the kitty.
The cat is still entertaining us all a month later.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Girl's Weekend in Seattle

Amanda had a buy one get one free flight that we couldn't let go to waste, so we booked a girl's trip to visit Jess.
She picked us up from the airport and we went to the city to play.
Mostly eat. First, piroshkys. 
Manda had to add her contribution.
A poster I liked
She wanted to see the Amazon building, which was impressive.
And the Fremont bridge troll. It wasn't too cold, but it was rainy so I stayed in the car and lazily took this picture out the window.
Jess took us to Theo's, where you can sample all the varieties of chocolate. I picked up some treats for John and Karen, who were watching the boys in my absence. 
Then we warmed up at my favorite--Hot Cakes. We shopped at some cool vintage stores and headed back to the hotel for Ivar's and Obama videos.
The next morning we went to the Seattle women's march. It was calm and almost eerily quiet before it started. We went to a bookshop and visited Jess' friend who lived in a cool studio nearby. We grabbed a quick lunch at the Wandering Goose and headed to Woodinville.
Amanda had some gift card money left and we decided I'd pay for a cheaper hotel elsewhere and she'd use the card for massages. It was heavenly. We used the steam room and outdoor hot tub, had snacks, water, showers, homemade cider. It was hard to leave.
But we wanted to get home to Bellingham and see this cutie!
The next morning we went for a little hike to the ocean.

Ced liked playing with his train in the sand.
Thomas had mud over his eye and Ced said, "Thomas is a pirate!"
So beautiful everywhere you look.
Cedric showed me where the donut shop was. Then he offered to share with everyone.
All tuckered out after playing.
Before we knew it, we had to head home again. 
We brainstormed for our next trip while Rick took us to the airport.