Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brotherly Love III

These two have begun conspiring against me. They are a great team--Jonah comes up with the ideas and Scott executes. Jonah gets into things and is excused because he's just exploring his world, and Scott knows better but loves to help.
Jonah follows Scott around like a puppy. The image is reinforced when Scott opens and closes his hand behind him and says, "'Um on, Nonah."
 Scott can reach things like door handles and counter tops. I came in and asked why Jonah had the cheerios all over the floor and Scott (across the room sitting innocently in his chair) says, "Nonah hungry." And I'm sure the baby climbed the counter to get himself breakfast.
When they get into something like the piano, though, I just love it. When Scott gets too rough with Jonah I put Scott in his room so they can play separately for a while, but then Jonah will cry because he's lonely.
Kicking footsy in the stroller. I thought Scott was just kicking the baby for a long time, but one day I watched through the mesh pocket at the top of the stroller and Jonah is actually the instigator. Scott has longer, stronger legs and was getting in trouble whenever Jonah started to cry. I told Scott to stop kicking and he did, then a minute later Jonah sticks his foot over and starts jabbing his brother again.
I've put Scott to work feeding Jonah when I need them both occupied, usually while I'm cooking.
Jonah prefers to eat finger foods, so sometimes he'll stop accepting spoonfuls while he feeds himself a handful. Scott takes the opportunity to feed himself.
I gave the last of the raspberries to Scott, then realized Jonah could eat them, so I took a few back and Jonah scarfed them right up.
Scott was not impressed. He does not like anyone taking food from his tray, especially when we give it to the baby.
I'm surprised by how quickly these boys have bonded as brothers. They're already making my job easier and harder.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June II

Scott is getting more helpful with Jonah when he's in the mood. His latest favorite is feeding the baby. 
He opens his mouth to get Jonah to copy him. Jonah doesn't care who feeds him or how messy it gets as long as the food keeps getting shoveled in.
As a big boy, Scott also needed bigger shoes. Daddy's are his favorite, of course. He can actually walk surprisingly well in big shoes. He also picks out his clothes. He calls these his "B bike jammies."
He came in wearing his "Icky asses" and said hello!
Speaking of big boys, Jonah is copying Scott's every move. He loves the sippy cup and sneaks water whenever Scott's not around.
Before I knew Jonah could get on Scott's bed on his own, I came in to find he had climbed up, pulled the curtains down and was stranded up there. It's not a big drop, but luckily he's developing a modicum of fear/self-preservation. 
Scott arranging the daily line-up. This day it was baskets and other toy holders, like empty puzzle boards.
Jonah playing in the dumped-out toys.
We took advantage of a Home Depot coupon and city water rebate and replaced our old toilets.
They look nicer, use less water, and most importantly come clean when we clean them! I should take a picture in our bathroom because the toilet looks out of place in the grungy guest bathroom.
Amanda gave John cheese puffs for his birthday and he shared a few with Scott. He likes counting, so he'll usually ask me for a certain number of things. This week it was "three daddy poofs please!"
Our evening boys-reading-turned-wrestling time.
I bought summer movie passes and this day my mom watched Jonah so I could take just Scott. We met John for a lunch date afterward at Chipotle. 
Jonah has been thoroughly enjoying graham crackers. He eats so much better than Scott did at his age and has consequently gotten to try way more foods earlier than I let Scott.
One of my lifelong best friends, Britta, had a Skyped baby shower. We had the cake on our end and it was tasty. I can't wait to meet her!
We picked up free tickets to the SJ Giants game at OSH. Jonah was in a great mood and smiled at everyone. He tried to mooch food from the people sitting behind us, like Scott did  as a baby. 
Scott sat on the edge of his seat and commentated--run run! fast fast fast! oh no fall down! ball! ball! bat! base! almost, try again!
Little dare devil so pleased with himself at the top of the slide. 
I bought a few matchbox cars for Scott's car mat and he added them to the car line-up.
He found my hair tie and asked for "turn." I think he makes a lovely girl.
Lined up width-wise by size.
We went up and met baby Logan. He is so sweet!
I came in to this creepy sight. Scott lined all the stuffed animals face-down, but he was actually putting them to bed. He said nigh-night, gave them a kiss, then shushed me because "baby resting."
Scott copies us and Jonah copies Scott. We have to keep ourselves in line!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite

One of my friends gave me a kite, or airplane as Scott calls it.
We had a semi-windy evening and decided to try it out at the park.
Jonah was happy in his stroller, which is rare. 
John had a hard time getting the kite to work, but he gave Scott a turn trying to keep it up.
They had to do lots of running.
Scott was enthralled.
Jonah got down to join in.
He wasn't as impressed.
He loves John's shoulders, though.
And he found some weeds to eat.
I was there, for the record.
Then we walked home with two happy, tired boys all ready for bed.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrating John

On John's birthday we went out to eat while my mom watched the boys.
We came home around bedtime, so they came out and helped John open his present--a photo book of our Hawaii trip.
Jonah loved staying up and getting extra Oma time. We had carrot cupcakes then put them back in bed.
On Sunday, we invited our family over for a Father's day/John's birthday dinner.
Jonah showed off his slide-climbing skills. He can go up both sides.
Scott played catch with Joseph.
Jonah can also throw balls now.
John took pictures and entertained the kids while I prepped dinner. Then he barbecued everything and we ate a tasty dinner.
We gave our dads their gifts and then had peach pie that Alan made.
Katie couldn't make it and Amanda came late after work, but we're glad everyone else could come and we could celebrate together.