Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We woke up nice and early on Thanksgiving thanks to a cranky Jonah. We hosted Thanksgiving again this year and John's parents went out of town again, so it was just my side. Jonah played with dishes
 while Scott helped me bake.
 Licking the batter is his favorite part of cooking.
 Jonah played.
 I made the yummiest rolls using my friend Stacey's recipe. I've made lots of rolls over the years, but these were the most forgiving and tastiest (butteriest) yet.
 Jonah had crashed by the time dinner was ready. John made the turkey with herb butter again and it was delicious. 
 After eating, Russell helped Scott do puzzles.
 Jonah woke up and ate, then my mom read to him.
I finished making pies
and we ate them. Jonah loved the peanut butter one.
We spent our day being grateful for food and family--two of our favorite things!

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