Tuesday, February 3, 2015

San Francisco Trip

My dad wanted to visit the city, so we loaded up our van and headed to Boudin for clam chowder bread bowls. It was really crowded, so we sat outside.
We walked over to see the sea lions.
Jonah pointed out the water everywhere. Scott just wanted to be with Rick.
There weren't very many out this time, but it was a nice day!
BFFs holding hands.
Lazy bones getting carried.
When Jonah did walk, he attracted so much attention. He's very outgoing.
We went to my favorite place in San Francisco and found it under construction. Rude! The smaller shop was open, but the line was wrapped around for days and we were getting close to traffic time.
We took a quick stop at the beach instead.
Jonah was in heaven.
Jess took him out to the water, then he wanted down and dug in the sand like a puppy.

It made me feel guilty that we don't take Jonah to the beach more often when it's so close.
Scott doesn't like being dirty, but hopefully if we go more he'll warm up to it. Maybe this summer.
Rick and my dad waited on the steps for us. We drove home for some hot chocolate and Tillamook to fill my Ghirardelli hunger.
Not pictured: Jessica throwing up from geting carsick on the drive up. 2 (unjust) parking tickets waiting for us when we left. It's not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!

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