Monday, January 19, 2015

Utah Trip II

Tuesday morning we took family pictures. This is everyone except Nate, who had to work.
 We got a family picture with all smiles!
 Sweet Jonah and his poor split lips.
 Scott was not in a smiling mood.
 Impromptu brotherly hug. Probably huddling together for warmth.
After pictures, we went grocery shopping and took the boys to Cafe Rio for lunch. Then we cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, made cookies, cleaned the kitchen and ate dinner and dessert.
On Wednesday, we wanted to give the boys a chance to get some exercise and fresh air. 
Alan wanted to geocache, so we waited to tag along with him. A mere hour and a half later, everyone was ready to go! Karen said something about inertia . . .
Meanwhile, John distracted kids by "going on a bear hunt" and I washed our bedding and packed up the rest of our things.
 Scott built one last train track and then we went to a nearby park.
Other than during the night and long car rides, Jonah was very happy in Utah. His gums were bulging with teeth, he had a chronic crusty nose and his lips kept cracking despite his love for chapstick, but he was smiley.
Lots of the dads came to the park to let the kids play.
Paige kept sticking her tongue out/licking her scarf? It was cute.
Scott was very serious.
Jonah was happy to be held.
Stori was cold.
Madoc found sticks.
Dallin was happy to play, too.
Bret and Asher
Found one!
Jonah exploring
Having a little race
Another treasure!
I love the mountains in the background. It was a clear and beautiful day and I'm glad we had a chance to spend some time outside.
Joseph drove us back to Provo and we were flying back before we knew it. Scott was absolutely perfect on the flights.
He entertained himself and I even slept for a few minutes . . . until Jonah's screaming 2 rows ahead of us woke me up. He cried through at least half of the trip, but luckily it was a short flight.


  1. Stellar picture of your little family. Scott's solo shots look like he's posing for GQ; poor Jonah's teeth and lips make mine hurt in sympathy--and he still manages to smile!

  2. I love that family picture of you 4!

  3. Your family picture is about as perfect as it gets! Loved all the pictures you took. I had a wonderful time at the Christmas Cabin. It sure makes me happy when the whole family can be together.