Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We arrived home from Utah just in time to go to one of our favorite holiday traditions--the Blank Christmas Eve singalong. We had a riveting time as always.
Christmas morning started too early thanks to Jonah's sleeping being way off. When I finally got up, John went back to bed and I made a big breakfast of french toast, bacon and eggs.
Rick and Jess flew in the night before and stayed with us for the week. Rick went to pick up my dad, we all ate breakfast, then started opening gifts.
The boys caught on quickly to opening presents.
Jonah just liked ripping open everything. 
John and I received lots of nice things, too.
Jonah was so excited about this Van Gogh book Jessica let him open.
The kids were pretty cranky. Being out of town right before Christmas was really hard. They were tired and then overstimulated with the excitement of company and presents.
Scott wanted to play with every toy and read every book and watch every movie. 
John and I talked about it after last Christmas and decided we could take our time. As the only kids, it didn't matter if Scott and Jonah took all day to open presents.
So they played and we'd eventually direct them to move along.
They received SO many toys, though. Lots of vehicles.
I'm not sure where the hacky sack came from. Even going slowly, I couldn't keep up with who gave which kid what.
Scott took a break and did a puzzle.
The Planes puzzles he wanted to do right away, too. Rick and I split them up (there were 3 in the box) and he did all 3.
Jonah was thrilled to find bubble wrap.
My dad in his new slippers from Amanda and Russell.
Jessica started her book. I love her sweater and hope Mrs. Weasley makes me one someday. 
Jonah showed Amanda how much could fit in her new baskets.
Russell came a little later and found a stash of presents waiting for him. We all received Disney gift cards for our upcoming trip to Disneyland and are really excited to go!
Scott with his new best friend.
Russell crashed. Perhaps it was too much excitement for him, too.
Jonah took a nap and woke up happier and ravenous.
Scott couldn't bother stopping to eat because he had so many fun toys to try out.
I think Ricky liked the toys just as much as the little boys.
We started dinner and my siblings took the kids to the park while I made several pies. It was a nice, leisurely day at home together.

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  1. One question--who was the lucky recipient of a toilet seat?!