Thursday, January 2, 2014

December I

My dad gave us this "fishie" book that Scott can't get enough of lately.
I usually put a blanket under Jonah because he spits up so frequently, but didn't this time and found him licking the rug. One more reason to use a blanket.
I asked Scott to get Jonah a toy and he brought the whole basket over one at a time.
Jonah has been engaging a little more with toys, which is fun for all of us.
Sometimes the only way to get Scott to sit still for a picture is to ask him to kiss the baby. 
Jonah is happy to pose for me.
Scott teaching his brother "tree," which is what he calls trees, lights and anything with the word Christmas in it.
Our friends gave us their old reusable tree which we decided to use this year for cost and time savings. All lit up with cute boys in front it looks the same to me.
When Scott comes out of his room in the morning, he gives me his sippy cup and his train blanket. Sometimes he wants to snuggle and have a drink of water, but other times it's like he's just turning it in to end the night and start his day.
I thought this train outfit would be perfect for Jonah for Christmas because it's 3-6 months, but I had to squeeze him into it. After 3 hours of church we let him out and packed it away in the too small bin.
Naptime during Sacrament meeting. We're very excited to rotate to morning church next year. 
Another 3-6 month outfit. Jonah is not very tall for his age, but he sure is chunky.
Jonah does not like when we aren't holding him, but I tried out the jumper and it bought a couple minutes of happiness.
Jonah also likes to sit up with side supports, like between our legs.
I love Scott's button-down jams. I also love that both boys like to sleep in. 

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  1. I love Scott's just-woke-up face. Jonah is getting so big. I need to squish him. Yay for you guys moving to morning church. Boo for us, we're moving to 1pm. Worst time ever for young kids!