Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rick Visits

My brother stopped over for a few days on his way to Oregon for Christmas with Jessica's family.
 Scott loved having a playmate. Especially one who had access to "swish swish," which is what he calls Zelda.
 Rick was playing with Jonah and Scott found a tunnel under his long legs.
 We went to Christmas in the Park one night.
Scott found a reindeer friend.
 Scott liked the fire truck
 and the "meow"s. They had a few cats in the Humane Society display for anyone looking to adopt.
 Scott's perplexed eyebrows.
 They both look a little unsure.
 Before he left we exchanged gifts with Ricky. 
 Scott thought playing with the big box was so fun. He looked funny trying to carry it around.
 An obnoxiously large Star Wars pop tent! Just what he needed! Thanks, Rick. We'll get you back when you have kids. Seriously, though, Scott loves that thing.
 He also liked rubbing Rick's hair.
 He gave Scott a kid-sized Sharks jersey that is too cute. Jonah tried his onesie on for a group teal shot.
 After my dad left my sister had the great idea to get a picture together, so here are the rest of us.
Scott still asks where "Ree-ree" is. Come back soon! And bring Jess next time!

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