Friday, January 17, 2014

December II

I watched my friend's daughter a few times after she had her new baby, so we made it a play group one day. Scott and his lady friends. Eating crackers and chillin' in a basket.
Jonah is able to sit in the Boppy pillow now, so of course Scott likes it again.
Doing one of his daily chores--emptying the dishwasher.
This Mr. Potato Head Santa beard cracked us all up whenever he put it on.
Smiley boy. Also, I've noticed we all wear stripes a lot. Most days at least one of us will have something striped on, sometimes all of us.
We met Santa at Christmas in the Park. Scott liked the candy cane they gave him
but not so much the actual lap-sitting.
Little Lou-Who came over to play one night, too.
Jonah tried out some oatmeal baby cereal. He seemed to like it, but could not keep it in very well.
Scott showed him how it was done with big boy oatmeal.
We let Jonah give Scott kisses and he hates it. I feel it's only fair to balance the score with them from time to time.
One of their favorite Dad activities is horseback riding.
Scott would not get out of Jonah's face when I was feeding him, so I gave him his own pillow and sippy cup. Then Jonah could eat in peace. 
Scott has outgrown his shoes, so we went to get him measured and he picked out these beauties.
Scott was copying John by tickling Jonah.
He loves the attention and is very easy to get to smile.
Helping me bake bread. We actually botched this batch because I let Scott put the ingredients in and forgot the order matters when you use a bread machine. The bottom half was yummy, though.
We bought ourselves a new tv for Christmas. John got a Chromecast and was showing Jonah how to watch football and eat pie.
Scott's velcro diapers have started losing their stick and a few of them will fall off if he moves around too much. We were dying at the way he walked and the diaper lumps in his legs.
He went in the nursery and brought back a diaper for us to change him into. After we made him walk around a bunch more so we could laugh at his expense, we changed him.
Burning some of the wood from our house project discard pile. Scott loves watching from a healthy distance.
The last day of December, we had a few friends over to celebrate New Year's Eve and ended a great year together. We're excited for 2014!


  1. Stripes are my favorite, can't go wrong. I love all the fun pictures. I was debating getting Ryan a Chromecast for Christmas. You'll have to tell me if you like it.

  2. If the diapers are wearing out, it must be time for Scott's potty training to begin! And now Jonah's getting cereal? How fast they grow. Keep the pictures coming!