Friday, February 27, 2015

February I

John showing the boys a ladybug he found.
Scott wanted to hold it.
Scott had his very own frozen yogurt for the first time on free Yogurtland day. He picked strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries.
We went to visit John at work so Jonah could share his.
John read all 16 of the Dr. Seuss board books, then Scott counted them to make sure.
Cash is a toy hoarder. He cracks me up.
I thought Jonah caught his fever from Scott, but then he came down with it the next week (again?).
I was hoping watching a show while in a nest on the floor would make him fall asleep, but no luck. 
He just rested all day and as he was getting better, he broke out into a rash all over.
Jonah was apparently ready to get out of the house, so he climbed in the stroller and called for me.
Jonah had so many baths this day, we switched back to the sink for convenience.
While homebound, I didn't get my much needed exercise, so the boys helped me with some yoga/pilates videos from the library. (I actually hated all of them. Does anyone have a recommendation for one that's faster-paced? We ended up just using youtube)
Jonah found my boots.
Jonah's favorite game is Boo! He just says it all the time and laughs like he surprised/scared us.
Scott was excited about having his own bagel sandwich. He keeps asking for "a big one" of everything, which means whole and not shared.
Jonah saw the little pillow on the floor, ran over and had a little rest on it. He's such a snuggle bug.
Toddler two-handed eating is a high compliment to the chef.
Playing peek-a-boo with pillows. Cash and Scott actually played. Jonah is still catching on.
We also played "tunnel", ring around the rosy,
 and duck-duck-goose, which is more like chase each other in a circle.
I have the big boys play games so I can sit and hold (and smell) the sleeping baby.
After Indy goes home, jealous Jonah needs some babying.
Saying goodbye to John in the morning. Jonah's been especially sad about his departures lately.
We have found a show Jonah will sit and watch for several minute stretches of time. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Ever since Disneyland, he's been obsessed with Mickey and Minnie. More than once he's gotten to watch "mou"when he wakes up before seven. Don't tell Scott. 
Reading the upside-down book at the library with a missing shoe.
I let the boys each pick a book to bring home for the first time.
The first day, Scott lost his choo-choo book and Jonah ate a hole through the back of his Mickey book. We will stick to just reading library books at the library for a while.
Jonah was playing in the backyard and I looked up and he was gone. I panicked for a second until I found him in the bike carrier.
Looking so big at the park. We spent a lot of time outdoors after the boys we feeling better to wean them back off the tv, juice and snacks.
He thought he could get away with skipping his nap.
The rain made the backyard into an instant jungle of weeds.
Jonah took care of it for us.
It's a small mower for such a big lawn, but he had nothing else he had to do that day.
Jonah loves playing outside and will bring me his shoes periodically to let me know he's ready and willing to go in the backyard.


  1. Scott looks like a big kid when he's wearing his slim jeans, and Jonah's haircut definitely takes him from baby to toddler--until you bathe him in the kitchen sink! Then he's a baby again.

  2. Scott and Jonah are so adorable. I'm glad you take so many pictures of them so I can enjoy their cuteness. Love the lawnmowing pics!