Friday, February 13, 2015

Disneyland I

We wanted to take the boys to Disneyland before Scott turned 3 and needed his own ticket. We drove down after work on Thursday. Amanda sat in the back with the boys and they were almost perfect the whole time. I wish she could drive everywhere with us.
Scott was very hesitant on the first rides. He actually liked shooting the targets and played a decent game.
I wanted a picture of us while the boys still had their Mickey shirts on.
Scott was excited to see Buzz. I think he preferred the 2d, non-moving version.
We watched a Jedi training, which starts at age 4. Next trip! If Scott gets a little less shy.
He loved driving the car in Autopia. You actually have to steer and turn the wheel a lot for a small movement, so it was like Mr. Scott's Wild Ride.
Jonah was too short for lots of rides, but he liked running around and talking to people.
I warned John about the steering situation, but he said Scott wanted to drive again, so he let him.
Jonah charmed one of the cast members while we waited. We went on the Nemo submarine next, which terrified Scott and put Jonah almost to sleep.
We did some big kid rides while Jonah napped, which was the beauty of having a 3rd adult so we could take turns and baby swap.
When Jonah woke up (wet), we took them to the Tarzan treehouse to play freely.
The jaguar/leopard roar scared Scott half to death and he wanted to be carried after that.
Jonah was immune to anything scary.
Eventually, Scott warmed up again and he and Amanda trashed the camp.
We went to New Orleans and saw Princess Tiana. Again, Scott was afraid, but Amanda and I were excited. Scott's always nervous in new situations, but I think not getting enough sleep the night before was contributing.
My family gave us so many Disney gift cards for Christmas that they covered our tickets and food in the park.
We decided to try some of the snacks that people rave about that we're always too cheap to get. The mint julep was amazing and going on the list (to try to make at home and get next/every time we come). Mickey beignets were cute, but not the best tasting.
John walked the stroller over to Toon Town and we rode the train.
We went to Mickey's house.
I love that you can play in the house while you're waiting to meet characters.
Mickey came down to Jonah's level for a high-five.
Scott was serious/concerned. His face is so funny.
We went on Roger Rabbit, which shockingly was not scary to Scott (it's kind of scary to me), then met Pluto outside!
Much happier!
We went to Minnie's house next.
Jonah tried out her perfume.
They baked a cake
and watched the dishes being washed.
Jonah loving the "yite" "bubbal" and "wawa!"
Minnie was cute!
We tried a new place for dinner and the boys watched the jazz ensemble performing.
Kids were dancing in front and I asked Scott if he wanted to join and he said yes. I put him down, he stood there for a minute, then asked to get back up.
They danced in their seats instead. We took the shuttle back to the hotel and put the kids to bed. Amanda and I hit the jacuzzi then showered while John went to pick my mom up.

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  1. Your pictures are making me want to go back!! So much fun!