Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vasona Park Take Two: Lou's Party

We celebrated Lou's first birthday on a clear and sunny day. 
John dropped us off and went to park. I put a sleeping Jonah and the diaper bag at the picnic tables and came back to find Scott at the top of the big kid slide. Someone called him fearless and I thought I have enough fear for us both.
 It was fun to be at a pink party. Scott liked the pink straw and pink lemonade.
 Jonah woke up and was happy to be held and outdoors.
 Crazy Lauren
 Very serious Lou while we sang Happy Birthday to her. 
I think Scott saw Lou get stripped down and then given a cupcake and thought he would do the same.
I told him he could eat his with his clothes on, since he wasn't wearing a fancy party outfit.
 Scott won a train ride for the family and was very excited for a real choo-choo.
 I forgot Jonah's hat, so John shared.
 The train turns around at the end to make the loop again. All three boys liked watching it.
I'm glad we were able to go back when the train was running. It was a fun afternoon celebrating our little friend.

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