Friday, April 18, 2014

Arizona Crapos

Karen was watching Neil and Ashley's kids while they were in Australia for two weeks. She brought them to California over their spring break and we had them over for dinner. Alan pointed out that all the Crapo cousins were together.
Scott loved playing with his older cousins.
 They played this chair tipping game together while dinner was being made.
 After eating I sent the chaos outside. They found the hole Rocky left back there and worked hard to deepen it.
On Tuesday, we met at Happy Hollow, but it was closed, so we walked through the Japanese Friendship Garden nextdoor.
 Scott mimicked everything Sadie did.
 He would even call Madoc's name when he started to wander too far.
 He also discovered a cousin his own size.
 On Thursday, Karen needed to go into the office, so I watched the kids. We lasted about 20 minutes without the tv.
Really I was getting the babies down for naps and needed it quiet. Once Micah woke up, I woke Jonah up and we went to the park.
 Keeping track of six kids is exhausting. Luckily the older two were helpful with the younger ones (ages 0, 1, 2 and 3).
 Scott and Charlotte liked pushing Micah and Jonah, but then they'd swing back and knock Scott out.
Soon it was just Charlotte left. Jonah loved her.
Now Scott knows all their names and can identify their pictures. My boys are so lucky to have so many cousins their age who come to play.

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  1. It sure was fun having them out to visit. I loved all the looks I got from people who thought they were all mine. Especially when I was holding Paige and Micah and I was obviously pregnant.