Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March II

Jonah makes some crazy faces.
He also gets himself into crazy places.
Scott was shoving food in his mouth while Jonah was trying to stick half a play kiwi in his.
They both stopped for the camera, of course, but it was funny.
Scott uses his quiet time to build Duplo towers.
My grandpa sent him a bigger helmet for his birthday and he asked for a bike ride all day. I told him Daddy wouldn't be home from work for a long time, but he needed his helmet on to be ready.
Jonah's outer upper middle tooth came in. His smile is ridiculous now.
He's much happier now that it's broken through.
Post-church play time. I wanted a picture because Jonah is busting out of his 6-12 month clothes and won't likely wear this outfit again.
Scott was playing with his barn animals and Star Wars characters making both their sounds. Like "moo" "neigh" "pew pew pew!" 
Jonah working on some more teeth.
He drools and chews all day and night.
Straps are his favorite chew toy.
Scott lounging in his chair to watch his show.
He borrowed Anna's hat to mow their lawn. Meanwhile she was pushing the baby stroller. It's interesting to see each of them choose the toy intended for their gender when they both had access to either one.
Scott and Nana were snuggling while Jonah looked on longingly from his playpen. We're going to need a double wide chair. 
Amanda had Jonah model this hat at the store. He makes a cute lobster.
Jonah's range is impressive. I made poor John hold still while I got the camera. 
They reconciled over a church nap.
Not all of the food makes it to the table when Scott helps me cook. Love his GQ asparagus pose.
When Jonah fusses himself to sleep, he ends up in some uncomfortable looking positions.
Jonah enjoys the mall play place now that he can explore. He likes spinning these starfish.
I love taking them there because I can just sit and watch.


  1. Haha! I love the one of Jonah under the tramp. He sure is getting big! Scott is such a healthy eater.

  2. Poor John, all covered with barf. He was a good sport to wait until you got the camera.