Thursday, February 1, 2018

October I

Helping Grandma Marva with some dinner sampling. This is his smiling, cheese face.
Ready for a bike ride.
He's usually at least on the carpet/rug.
Sending a picture to John at work to show how cheerful we all were.
Jonah wrote this and I asked him what it said, but he didn't know. He likes to write random letters and ask me to read them. Even though they're always gibberish he thinks it's funny. 
Scott helping me cook dinner.
We were bringing dinner to a friend with a new baby and Scott made the cornbread. He was so proud to contribute with only limited assistance.
Perry entertained himself by pulling the pots and pans out.
Cooking with his own pots and pans. As always, there's a stack of books out. He's finally sitting and reading with us now.
Hide and seek with Perry.
He loves this pop-up game. All little kids seem to love it. Our friend gave it to us when Scott was little and it said it was for 9 months, but I've found around one and a half they really get into it. Probably because their motor skills are developed enough to play it themselves. I pull it out when we have a younger friend over, especially if they get separation anxiety because it distracts them so well. Plus no pieces to clean up. A perfect, classic toy.
My big helper cutting up beets for dinner. The boys always ask for food while I'm working, Scott being the worst at asking for bites, but now that he's prepping he doesn't like it. If it's something like cheese I'll send them on their way, but it's hard to turn away kids who want to eat beets.
Perry throwing a tantrum at the store. He just laid on the floor.
Then when I didn't get the cheese he wanted, it escalated. 
After some samples, he needed a wipe down at preschool.
 Love his little bum in the air.
Snuggled up in the recliner for some Jonah-Mommy time.
Perry loves shoes. 
And chilling in his rocker.
A new skill for his resume--carrot peeling. It takes extra time and makes more of a mess, but Scott is finally more helpful at cooking than not.
Especially as opposed to this little trouble maker.
We took Asher to the primary program practice and he entertained Perry.
He liked watching, but mostly just the songs or if the boys were up.
I can't get enough of babies in overalls. He looks so big and so little at the same time.

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