Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend in Denver

Amanda had a buy one get one free flight she wasn't going to use and offered to babysit, so I booked tickets to Denver. When I planned the trip, John and I were considering moving and wanted to visit a few areas to check them out. By the time we went, he had a new job and we planned to stay put for at least a few more years.
So we just enjoyed a relaxing weekend away. We went to the temple, then the mall because I wanted to go to an LLBean. We ate dinner there and clearly didn't like it. 
We used points for our hotel and Turo for a really cheap rental car (I used Turo for the Tesla rental and had a $25 credit for the referral. If anyone wants to try them, go to to get us both $25 off)
We drove around Boulder and up to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Without kids and in a gas-saving Prius, it was nice to just drive around and talk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We loved how quickly you can get out of the city.
We stopped for a bathroom break at this amazing place. The bear room was only a fraction of the store.
We saw a bird right by our car. There were a lot of animals around the roads, like elk, that people stopped to watch. Denver wasn't traffic-free, but it was so much better than home and we both enjoyed the change of pace. I think we could both picture living there eventually.
We especially loved the food scene. Sarah recommended Park Burger and Sweet Cow, which were both amazing. We found a great lunch place near the park, too, called Scratch. After eating we drove to the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. I would love to go back for a concert one day.
It was chilly, but not freezing and John convinced me to go for a little hike loop. It was warm by the time we finished, because, as always, there was way more incline than I signed up for. It was nice to get some exercise after so much indulgent eating, though.
We walked around downtown at night and it wasn't as entertaining as we'd hoped. It was more like a small town with not much open late. We walked a ways to get dinner was at D Bar, which we chose for the dessert. We were seated at the dessert bar and watched the pastry chefs at work.
It was hard to choose just one after seeing them all, but it did not disappoint. Next time we'd skip dinner and just get all the treats. 
Before we knew it, we had to head back to the airport. Special thanks to Amanda for sharing the discount and keeping the boys alive.

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