Monday, February 6, 2017

Joseph's Wedding Week

We flew out to Utah for John's brother's wedding. I woke up from a short nap to find only Scott awake.
We had a few meltdowns waiting for John to get the rental car. It was a long day of traveling considering how short of a flight it was. 
 I didn't take pictures of the wedding, since they had a professional photographer. I took this of Julie and Perry outside the temple, though, because they were so cute.
 After the temple we had a luncheon, then a break. John took the big boys to a dinosaur museum across the street from our hotel where I stayed and napped with Perry.
Then we went to the ring ceremony, dinner and reception. By the end I pulled out the ipad with a movie so my boys would sit quietly a little longer. It was popular with the cousins as well.
 The wedding was on Thursday, so we had a long weekend before the week at the Christmas cabin started. Since this was John's only time off for months, we tried to fill every day with fun family activities. 
 The first day John and I went to see the new Star Wars movie. We checked out the Bean museum, where John scared the boys with a hidden bear. Except Perry didn't mind it.
 We met up with my friend Emily at the Provo rec center.
 We checked out of the hotel and went to stay with our old ward friends the Pincocks the next night.
 We went to the City Creek mall. Perry got to stretch his legs
 and we met up for lunch with our old friend Kevin.
We found a nearby ward to attend the next morning. The boys liked going to new classes with so many kids their ages. Perry and John took a foyer nap.
 Our friends the Fa'amausilis made us dinner that night and we stayed with them.
 Perry loved crawling around and watching all the kids.
 Scott and Jonah loved all the toy cars. We'd been doing fun things all weekend, but hadn't had time where they just played. It was very relaxing for all of us and the boys didn't want to leave.
 We met at Kneaders the next day to see my friend, Brianon, and her cute baby, Henry, who's a few weeks older than Perry.
He is SO chill. He was especially patient with Perry trying to touch him and Jonah in his face trying to play with him.
We met up later that day with Kelly. It started with Perry having a blowout and ended with Jonah throwing up. Thankfully Kelly is the best sport about things like that. Next time I'm having a kid-free girl's day, though.
We fit in a lot of visits and activities and food for a short time. We also went ice skating that night, but there's a whole post's worth of pictures.


  1. Children aren't the only ones who have meltdowns while traveling! Your boys are generally good troopers.