Thursday, February 16, 2017

Christmas at Home

After we came back to California, we had my mom and Amanda over to open presents together.
My brother sent the boys light saber toothbrushes that they had to try out immediately.
Little P got a big boy chair from my aunts and uncle. He loves climbing on it.
Now they're all set to lounge together.
Perry playing with bells that came as wrapping on a gift.
The boys wore their "matching" jammies. We went to Carter's on black Friday and they each picked the print they wanted. Even Perry reached for the green and blue striped ones.
Then my dad came over for Christmas dinner.
He gave us inner peas, which Perry enjoyed chewing on.
Amanda and Jonah in their animal slippers.
It was a quiet day compared to the Crapo Christmas we'd had in Utah. We appreciated being able to celebrate with both families.


  1. Nothing like using The Force to promote dental hygiene!

  2. Cute picture of the boys in the Boy Cave seats!