Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Scott's preschool had their first field trip to Uesugi Farms, which is where I went on a 1st grade field trip. There was a pumpkin pyramid, trains, scarecrows and all sorts of fun activities, but the one thing Scott noticed was "all the beautiful flowers." He was excited to get out of the car and see them up close.
Here's Miss Angela with both of her classes (4's in the morning and 3's in the afternoon).
We could bring siblings along, we just had to pay their entrance. Jonah was excited to finally join Scott at preschool. He's going to think it's a real party.
We went through the corn "maze" to learn about bees, then rode the train.

We also watched a bee movie, but it was geared more toward elementary-aged kids.
Next we each picked a pumpkin.
I told them they could bring home what they could carry.
Jonah picked a nice, big one.
Scott picked this one, but then decided it was too heavy.
Since ours were included, I brought them home anyway and bought them each the tiny pumpkin they picked out for $2.
Miss Angela wanted bigger ones for a craft, so we gave her one and had one extra to take home to Daddy, who missed all the field trip fun.

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