Monday, November 2, 2015

August II

The boys kept telling me how hard they were working to fix things.
Jonah playing at his 2-year check-up. He was 28.5 lbs (56th percentile), 2' 10" (47th percentile) and he had a 19.76" head circumference (86th percentile). 
Movie night at the park!
Playing tunnel with Manda.
After our Oregon trip, Scott got really into coloring. Our neighbor gave us these Cars sheets and he spent a lot of time on each one.
Jonah enjoying his See's sample.
Jonah tried on all of my shoes.
He decided Daddy's slippers were the most comfortable.
Taylor Swift came on Pandora and we (Jonah) had to stop playing and dance.
 The boys love sharing a room so they can read together in bed before going to sleep. It's handy because I can put them to bed way early and they're happy about it.
 Scott made play-doh carrots of every color. 
(Jonah's eating a spoon of peanut butter, not play-doh. Not that that's much better, but at least it's edible.)

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