Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Back for Valentine's Day I bought John a google offer for stand up paddleboarding in Half Moon Bay.
We were planning to take Alan and Joseph, since Karen was going SUP at girl's camp, but then she missed camp to visit her mom so we invited her along, too.
I made an early morning reservation and we were the first ones there. They were given brief instructions, then left to explore.
Scott loved it, obviously.
Getting their wetsuits on was a struggle, but in the cold water it was helpful to have them.
Looking official and ready to go!

Scott and I watched from the beach.
I love the foggy, overcast weather. No sunscreen, no burning, no sweating. Scott was bundled up and enjoyed the misty morning with me.
Off they go. I was impressed Karen could carry that huge, heavy board by herself. I probably would have dragged it.
They paddled out around the boats
and into the bay.
Scott and I ran (well I ran, he rode) down to the next pier to wave to them.
Scott was excited when he spotted his dad out there.
Then we ran to the next one and saw some cool wildlife.
There was a playful seal who poked his head up occasionally,
a one-footed seagull with incredible balance,
and some pelicans.
Scott liked looking around.
The further pier had a few friendly fisherman. One said he'd take our picture because these were important memories to keep.
Another told me it was good I was exposing the baby to fishing early so he'd grow up loving it. 
After their excursion, we drove over to see a potential beach house rental for Crapo Christmas 2012.
One of the neighboring houses had this cool boat motor mailbox.

The house is down the street from the bluffs, which Joseph climbed down.
John enjoyed the view from the top.
Then we went to the tidepools, also within walking distance from the house.
There were lots of walking and hiking trails there that we'd like to try next time. Scott didn't much care what we did.
Then we went to get seafood at a restaurant that claimed award-winning clam chowder. John and I split a bread bowl of it to see.
We would definitely have given them an award. Hopefully it'll work out with the beach house and we can eat there again at Christmas.
My favorite part was probably wearing jackets in July. If it weren't an hour commute for John's work I'd move there tomorrow. I know I'm weird, I just seriously love this kind of weather.


  1. I love it when it's cold in July too. We haven't had any of that here though... You and Scott look so cute on the pier.

  2. That area is really cute, and I'd love to try some of that clam chowder. I'm glad everyone had fun SUB.

  3. I surely did enjoy our day in Half Moon Bay. I'd been wanting to go stand up paddle boarding for a long time so I'm so glad I got the chance. I think those wetsuits were kind of slimming, don't you? The clam chowder was delicious. I think we should go back there soon for another visit.