Sunday, July 15, 2012

BYU Tour

We went to visit Jon-Paul at the Clyde building and John showed us around his old stomping grounds. I found Ryan's picture on the wall.
 Also, a vending machine for nerdy necessities, such as batteries and transistors.
 Scott envisioned himself as an engineer. 
 It was about 100 degrees Wednesday, then pouring and chilly Thursday. Scott was excited to wear his cute jacket.
 We had lunch in the Wilkinson Center with Jon-Paul.
 I went to change Scott and the restroom had an automatic toilet paper dispenser. What will they think up next? 
 Scott fell asleep after that, so we went to the Creamery on Ninth and shared an ice cream. There were at least 30 kids in that tiny place, including a few wrestling on the floor in line ahead of us.
So, we enjoyed our treat in the car where Scott could sleep in peace. John had me get the "Y" in the background to prove authenticity.


  1. I haven't seen that nerdy vending machine before. Perhaps I haven't delved deep enough into the building. Creamery ice cream is so good. I'm glad you ate some while you were there.

  2. Yay for visiting the Clyde. I'm glad you got to see the picture of Ryan and the nerdy vending machine. I love that building! :) I love creamery ice cream too. Good choice!

  3. I'm just a little bit bitter that you went to the creamery without me...
    I had to really strain to find the Y in the background of that picture. Good job for squeezing it all in. Scott looks like he enjoyed the excursion to BYU