Thursday, June 21, 2012

7-12 Week Videos

I can't remember which videos I've already posted and I'm getting behind, so here is a whole bunch.
John the puppeteer:
Scott looking up at his lamby mobile. At the time this was the only distraction that kept him happy for a few unsupervised minutes.
He loved the rattles on Lincoln's bouncy seat. It's crazy that he can reach them himself only a few weeks later.
He loved his swing until he developed a distaste for his carseat.
Scott loves sucking on his hand. He also threw in a little bonus if your volume's on.
Trying to lick the milk through the glass.
He's very strong and loves being upright, but feels the same way about sit-ups as I do. Check out his grunt.
Just like his dad, Scott loves cheese. He can't wait til he can take a nice, big bite.
At night Scott will often get a burst of energy and he lets it out the only way he knows how. We try to encourage his flailing so can wear himself out and get to bed.
One night he was in his crib, but not sleeping. John left him in there to see if he'd maybe fall asleep on his own. We learned that he entertain himself for quite a while. His room was dark, so this is only audio:
He started trying to sit up on his own. He is not content to be flat anymore and does this whenever we put him down.
I think that brings us up through 12 weeks old.


  1. He is such a sweet baby. I love John as a puppeteer. I also love the flailing video. Good job at picking the perfect music for it.

  2. He is really trying hard to sit up! And I think he's going to be a cheese lover.