Sunday, June 10, 2012

14 Weeks

This little stinker is getting bigger by the minute.
He discovered his tongue this week and it spent more time out of his mouth than in it. 
He's a very content little guy.
For Memorial Day we helped my mom move in the morning, then went to our friends' going away party.
We swam and ate. Scott practiced cradling his bottle.
We were exhausted by the end of the day.
He rolled over twice one night and we've been encouraging more tummy time since then.
He doesn't mind it so much as long as Dad sticks around.
He keeps his legs straight out and toes flared. He's pretty strong.
His face here reminds me of the one from his winking picture.
"Daddy's Look-Alike" dinosaur outfit from Sister Green.
He has taken to posing with his hands clasped.
He thinks it makes him look more angelic.
We keep his Sophie giraffe next to his changing pad because it distracts him when he's fussy. He is able to bring toys to his mouth now, right where he wants them.
Scott's also better about not being held or entertained for little stretches of time.
Although he still prefers company.
He loves pulling on and eating John's hair.
Sitting up
and standing! Scott loves being upright.
He just can't balance very well yet. I think he looks like a baby Lucas here.
I think he looks like a cute version of Jabba the Hut here.
Big smiles help his neck disappear.
And you can see his cute rolly chins.
Such a happy boy!

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  1. I remember really liking this age. It's fun to watch their personality develop and watch them figure out how to do things. He's such a cutie.