Monday, June 18, 2012

16 Weeks

Scott had a very full week. Napping at Brian and Annie's during Joseph's homecoming family dinner.
Helping my mom move.
He wants to be a milk delivery man when he grows up.
Everyone came over Monday night for enchiladas.
While Joseph tried out the new Zelda game, Alan took a much needed rest.
Karen played with this little bud.
I went to get Scott from his nap and he had turned himself sideways like this.
He's put himself on more of a schedule this week, which has been wonderful.
I don't want to jinx anything, but he's slept in his own bed four nights this week for about 6 hour stretches.
And he takes an early afternoon and a prevening nap, each around 1-2 hours long.
Scott was introduced to his first non-milk food: watered down apple prune juice.
Then we waited. And waited.
Then finally some relief! Luckily Dad was around for the celebration/clean-up.
He slept really soundly after that.
The missionaries came over for dinner and Elder Leva played a Tongan hymn while they both sang.
Scott loved dancing along.
 He was in a trance the whole time watching the ukulele.
 We went for a long walk Saturday night and Scott fussed when flat in his bassinet. John sat him upright and he loved it.
 He knocked out in a few minutes.
 So we switched the bassinet out for the big boy seat in the stroller.
 He loves it.
Especially the straps within eating reach.

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  1. He looks so grown up in the big boy seat of the stroller. And good job sleeping Scott!