Saturday, June 16, 2012

15 Weeks

One of the many aunties Scott hearts.
John stuck the bottle through the crib like a hamster water bottle and Scott scooched himself over closer to it.
His hair is dark in back/on bottom and light everywhere else. Lots of people comment on how funny/cute it looks. John wants to draw a face on to make it look like a beard.
Now that Amanda's out of school we've been seeing her more.
Scott's feet took a dip in the spa at her complex. His tongue is out because it's windy.
He's really filling in and plows through his bigger bottles.
This is a onesie, but has a t-shirt attached. I think he so grown up in it, especially with the jean shorts. His favorite side tongue face.
This pineapple romper gives him the broad shoulders he's always wanted
and reminds him of his favorite show, Psych.
We went to Lizzie's graduation lunch and Scott was passed around the relatives.
John found a new buddy to snuggle.
Grandma was busy with this cutie.
John and Scott both work hard, play hard, and crash hard.
Proof of his chubbing up.
Can you spot the kneecap?
We love our little chunk.

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  1. I love the knee cap chunk! Your pictures of my boys are so much cuter than mine. They always look away or make a weird face when I take a picture. I think you should follow us around and photograph our life.