Saturday, June 2, 2012

13 Weeks

This smiley guy is wearing almost all 3-6 month clothes now.
He had more visitors this week. Ari and Nathan came over a couple times while they were in town.
We were invited to go strawberry picking one morning. 
I think he could be a farmer with those overalls.
He slept in the car and was happy while we picked . . . probably thinking about eating the strawberries. 
Scott came to pick me up from book club dressed as Pooh Bear. He was a hit.
His hair is still mullet/male pattern baldness style. 
Luckily babies look cute bald.
Lots of our baby shower guests are Sharks fans and Scott is excited to start wearing the (5) onesies in his new size.
He was lunging forward and grabbing the pillow then eating it. I'll have to add a video of that later because it was hilarious.
After learning to hold his keys, he's all grown up and off to work. Britta was happy to find someone to make her look tan.
Scott acting like a puppy to match his pajamas.
Or jams, as he calls them.
He looks up to his dad. Literally and figuratively. 
Scott being trained on how to grill.
Licking his lips in anticipation.
I heard him whimper during a nap, but he never cried so I went to check on him.
He was sucking his thumb with his little bum in the air. 
This is our typical night: sleepy John and wide-awake Scott.
Being tickled.
He started sticking his tongue out, but always to his right.
Must be something tasty over there.
And a final development was finding the cute baby in the mirror.
He was all smiles as he gabbed it up with his new friend.


  1. He is so smiley these days. Babies LOVE the mirror, I'm glad Scott got to meet his twin. :)

  2. He is just so cute!!! I love the picture of him sleeping with his bum up in the air. Connor and Dallin sleep like that too!