Thursday, May 10, 2012

WS day in Oakland

We went to our second annual Williams Syndrome walk/run this weekend.
There were at least five times more people this year including about a dozen kids with WS.
Alan ran and the rest of us walked, then we got our amazing Belgian waffles from the farmer's market.
We like our new tradition, but are thinking we may need to go to Indiana next year so we can participate with our favorite person with Williams.
Scott likes that idea because he wants to play with his cousins.
See? Just thinking about Connor and Dallin makes him smile.


  1. Thinking about Scott playing with Dallin and Connor makes me smile too. I'm glad you were able to go to the walk again and I'm jealous of your belgian waffles. You're always welcome to come visit us here in Indiana!

  2. I love Scott's smile while he is thinking about visiting his cousins. I think its a great idea for us to go to Indiana next year for the Williams Syndrome walk. Perhaps I should start collecting money in an Indiana jar...

  3. Scott did great on the walk. He did not even slow down.