Friday, May 25, 2012

Party Sunday

After church (and a meeting and home teaching for John) we went to Karen and Alan's.
We had a family dinner for Lucas' third birthday.
Before every present, Lucas looked at the camera and said "cheese!"
Then we had Dick's burnt almond cake for dessert.
He loved being sung to, but had some rough times trying to blow the candles out.
Then we went over to Garrett's mission homecoming get together.
Ari came into town for it and met Scott for the first time.
Scott was passed around and adored by everyone. Britta got a little turn in as well.
When we came home John and Scott both crashed.


  1. Lucas' birthday looks like it was a fun time. And Scott is getting so big! It''s nice that you post often enough that I feel like I've already met him!

  2. Lucas really did have a hard time with those candles. Cute pictures.