Sunday, May 13, 2012

11 Weeks

Scott has started sleeping even better this week as long as he's in bed with me
 or on someone's lap.
 He has become very vocal.
 And a little playful.
 He still loves being held, but also wants to be looking out now.
 He looks around all the time and seems to see things better, such as pictures in books.
 He really enjoys nakey time after a bath and having his diaper changed.
 He is getting chubbier by the minute.
 These dinosaur onesies (from Emily Summers) are too snug already.
 The pants are still plenty roomy, though.
 He likes sitting in his big boy chair while we eat so he can see what's going on.
 He also has learned the death grip
 which he uses on his shoulder rides with John.
 Sticking his bum in the air.
 Smiley after a diaper change.
 I love hats on him.
 And his bald head. Especially with that double chin.
 Here he is focusing on his mobile.
 It keeps him entranced for several minutes.
 Eating his baby carrier.
 He was kicking his little heart out.
 I think he's close to laughing now. He squeals and smiles easily.
 I started putting him in his cribs for naps when we're home. I stay and watch him since he's on his tummy, but he sleeps much sounder that way. 
 Scott has also been developing various facial expressions.
 Smiling being his most preferred one.
 He acts the happiest when first waking up in the morning and any time after 11pm. He seems to be a night owl and early bird.
We love him all day and night.


  1. Good job sleeping in your crib, Scott!

  2. Those pictures are wonderful. I love all the faces Scott makes. My favorite of all the pictures is you sleeping all snuggled up with Scott. He is a very sweet baby!

  3. Scott's kicking maneuvers look like Michael Flatley doing River Dance. Maybe Aunt Amanda can teach him some moves.

  4. Scott is such a happy baby.
    I love the fun faces he makes.