Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Weeks

Scott stayed awake all through church for the first time this week. Consequently he was exhausted when we came home.
He slept in the most uncomfortable-looking positions.
He was whiny when we went to Brian and Annie's for dinner.
He played on a blanket my mom made for Ryan as a baby.
Scott is better at holding his head now and likes sitting in his chair.
Here he is after rolling over for the first time.
John propped him up on his arms and he flopped to the side and kicked his legs over.
I don't think it counts, but John and Karen were there and they say it does, so I'm outvoted.
I took all these pictures on Karen's bed and didn't get a single one showing her new bedroom set. It's beautiful.
Scott started splashing in his bath. I don't think it's intentional, but it is funny to watch.
He also whacked his own rattle on the bouncy seat. Again, not likely intentional, but he can reach it now, so that's progress.
He also wore his first 3-6 month clothes. They're (obviously) too big, but I just wanted to try on the cute hat.
And he doesn't have 0-3 month gowns, which are the best for night diaper changes.
He also experienced his first time in a pool at the Harline's house.
He just dipped his feet, but it called for the whole outfit on account of cuteness.
Britta joined us for a delicious barbecue dinner.
Some babies have blankets or stuffed animals, but Scott sleeps most soundly when surrounded by his comfort food.
Really I was walking home from Target and didn't want to carry the boxes. He does suck his thumb for comfort, although usually he likes to get his whole hand in there.
He's a perfect mixture of sweet and silly.


  1. Too many cute pictures!! My mom finally got a new bedroom set?! She's been talking about doing that for as long as I can remember.

  2. Scott is the perfect mixture of pretty much everything. I love his rolling over pictures. In fact, I love all these pictures. Its good that you take a lot of them because he is growing so quickly and next week he will look totally different...but always cute!