Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Baby Boy

We found out on November 4th that we're expecting another boy! Scott was not having it and told the technician he already has a brother, so it's a sister. After the ultrasound, she told us she'd never had one, much less two kids behave so well during an appointment. That made me feel better about us raising a third boy.
We're still trying to find the right name and aren't sure what we're going to do with 50% more energy around here, but we're excited and grateful everything looked great.
John and I went to Janie and Jack on a date night to pick a coming home outfit for him.
I haven't gained much weight yet because I've been sick. I started feeling better around 14 1/2 weeks, but still throw up a couple times a week.
This is at 23 weeks, when I started getting bigger. I had horrible hip and sometimes lower back pain and the chiropractor was helping. Then once I could get out of bed in the morning again I went back to spin class and my joints have been 98% better ever since.
Now I just have regular pregnancy things like heartburn, fatigue and waiting forever until March 30.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. I'll keep an ear out for a fabulous name for the youngest musketeer!

  2. This just blows me away that our dad's generation was all boys, our generation was almost all girls, and our dad's grandkids are all boys so far. Wonder if our grandkids will be almost all girls? I know my dad splurged on a few toys for your brother when he was young because he was the only boy he had to spoil. He loves having grand boys now.

    I so understand morning sickness. I was hospitalized with morning sickness with my first. I survived on Preggie Drops but needed to feel well enough to even take those. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful.

    Reading your blog reminds me of when we just had 2 and then when #3 came along. We love having 3 boys that are close together and close friends. We found #2 was a good baby but having 2 "babies" was the most difficult. The newborn stage for #3 was the easiest when #1 and #2 could play together when I needed to take care of #3. I would have gladly had more after #3, but life didn't work that way.

    Our #3 was born on April 2, so similar to your due date!

    Are those penguins on the outfit? I love it!