Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scott's First Dance Classes

The boys both love music, but while Jonah constantly dances, Scott just sits and listens. He's actually very reserved while he's being watched. So when I saw a groupon for a month of dance classes I jumped on it.
 It was all 2-3 year-olds and they were all adorable. I'd prepped him the few days before as best as I could so he'd know what to expect. I was hoping he'd actually join in.
He just stood and observed at first. It was a great set-up where I could see him through the window, but he wasn't constantly aware of being watched.
 Eventually, he started making small movements to copy the teachers--like a heel touch here or there.
 He liked the songs where they did coordinating actions, probably because he does them at home, the library and nursery, so they're familiar. Jonah wanted to watch it all.
 I had to put him down after a while because he's so heavy. He found a basket to hang out in.
I wasn't sure how Scott would like the class, but he LOVED it. Talked about it non-stop and told me every morning that it was time to get his tap shoes on for dance class.
The second week he was an old pro.
 He started doing things along with the class without having to see them all try it first.
 New things were still slower going, though. I caught him occasionally focusing at home saw that he was trying heel-toe walking.
 The teacher was great. She and the helper kept the kids engaged and were fun and kind, but strict with listening to rules. It was perfect for Scott.
 They did various fun activities at the end of each class--balancing while walking, scarf flying to Let's Go Fly a Kite, dress-ups, etc.
 The girls had tutus and he had a pirate hat.
 He's been walking around with his hands behind his back all month.
It was a great experience for Scott and I loved seeing him learn and grow in just a few weeks. He's much braver dancing at home now, which is fun for all of us. One day I'd like to get him back into classes full-time.

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