Monday, November 3, 2014

Muir Woods

While Neil and Ashley were in town, we tagged along on a trip up to Muir Woods. We had a picnic lunch when we arrived. Scott was so weird with his sandwich--he wanted to eat it one nibble at a time. Eventually he finished the whole thing, but was carrying it with him for a long time.
Some cousin statues I found along the walk.
Jonah hitched a ride on Grandpa's shoulders. John had to work.
It was really easy to get the big kids into giggle fits.
Logan also had a nice, easy hike.
All together there were 10 kids. These are the older 7.
Scott watched and copied everything.
We found a nice, long log
and took a family-on-the-log picture.
It's a Crapo family tradition:
 (I'm guessing 2007 and 1985)
The kids also found a big tree to hide in.
We spotted an owl!
Jonah loved getting down and running around.
We stopped for the babies to eat then headed back. It was a beautiful, shaded, stroller-friendly walk and I'm glad we had the opportunity to go explore a new place
but given the cost, longer drive and difficulty parking I think we'll stick to Big Basin in the future. We're so spoiled with redwood parks in the Bay Area!

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