Thursday, November 13, 2014

October I

I'm not sure whose idea this one was, but Jonah earned another tubby.
He wanted his hood up--he cried and came to me to fix it when it fell down.
I tried a new recipe for my General Conference cinnamon rolls and they were amazing. We didn't get an invite to watch at Brian and Annie's this time, so we had a LOT leftover. Ah shucks.
My cousin sent a surprise package full of fun things her boys had outgrown. Scott went right to work on the train puzzles.
Jonah helped.
After mastering smaller puzzles on his own, I bought Scott this 46-piece one for a little challenge. It's even a funkier shape, but he still figured it out. Then he clapped for himself.
He still has a lot to learn, though. Like no socks with flip flops.
Sadie and Scott holding hands in the back seat of the car. She kept them happy during the drive.
Crossing the foggy Golden Gate.
Jonah had a particularly fussy morning and came to me in the bathroom holding his pouch. He whined and screamed until I put him in it.
At Costco, Scott wanted to put something in the cart whenever I did, but he stayed by me and was so well behaved. We go when it first opens so it's not busy and there are usually older shoppers out then. They almost all commented on the boys' cuteness and Scott's helpfulness. Jonah also went a whole shopping trip in a cart without screaming.
I don't know why it's such a big deal, but I dread unloading the car. Scott brought in all the little things this time and ran back and forth until we finished. He even dragged the tp in by himself. It made a big difference mentally to not have to do it alone. Plus I didn't have to try to keep them both distracted and safe while I did it. One day we're going to have a garage, but in the meantime I'm grateful for my little helper.
My aunt also sent the boys a package. Scott wanted to keep his "so hungwy caderpilyar" jams on all day. He doesn't fight the bib for breakfast anymore because I told him he has to take them off if he doesn't wear it so they don't get stained.
Scott also loved the matching shirts because he usually wants Jonah to wear what he's wearing. They both like the extra train pieces my cousin sent. One piece makes pig oinks and they both think it's hilarious.
We met my mom for dinner and Scott needed to wear his glasses. He kept them on the whole meal.
Another mom outing to ice cream. I shared with Scott, who understands taking turns. Jonah not so much.
We went Christmas shopping one Saturday and I went to get the boys outfits at Janie and Jack while my mom watched Scott in the play area. I came out and found them sharing a little snack. He gets spoiled rotten.
We went up to visit Katie one day and I snuggled this little angel. If I could guarantee a baby like him I'd be on board for more, but every time I think about having another screamer like Jonah or sleeper like Scott it sets me back another 6 months.
Jonah found Paige's bumbo and made himself right at home.
Daddy leaving for work is still a big trigger for Jonah. We've started waving goodbye through the window,watching him drive away and then I let him play on the bed with me for a little while to help ease the transition. Otherwise it's a daily screamfest.
Jonah is taking over the emptying the dryer chore. He doesn't separate the clothes like Scott can, but it keeps him distracted for a few minutes.
Jonah is really into being wrapped in blankets. He wants it when he wakes up and sometimes randomly throughout the day he'll bring us a blanket to snuggle.
I bought tickets for Disney on Ice and showed Scott some youtube clips of the movies that would be in the show so they'd be familiar to him. They both loved every single one from Toy Story.
Jonah wanted his shoes on so he could leave with John.
He ended up with one Jonah shoe and one Daddy shoe. Then John left without him and he had one of his best meltdowns yet. All that false hope.
We got out of the house asap. The Barnes & Noble by our house lends out trains for the Thomas table and the boys will play nicely together as long as they're there.
After talking about all of Jonah's screaming, I should mention all 4 of his molars broke through. He's always a little whiny, but even with painkillers these couple of weeks were rough!


  1. I love the VHC pjs! I like Janie and Jack too, I always tried to get there when we visited CA on vacation. I think we have one here but my boys are older so I haven't looked. Good luck keeping the puzzles separate. I'm surprised Scott could do them already. Most of our trains were Brio ones that were my husband's when he was little so they will be kept for my grandchildren, but there were a few duplicates that we sent you. We just cleaned out our puzzle and game closet again but I doubt I have anything worth sending you after 3 boys used it. They had so many similar Thomas puzzles that they weren't played with often which is why I sent them.

  2. Maybe Jonah wanted to wear his hoodie to avoid getting more gunk in his hair!