Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pumpkin Bust

We went to my mom's school Pumpkin Bust the Friday before Halloween. 
 Scott met some little storm troopers and was a little timid.
 He warmed up when they showed him the death star bean bag game.
 Then he met Merida, Tink and Elsa. They thought he was so cute and he thought they were terrifying.
 My mom tried to get Scott to play some games. He liked the lollipop tree.
 Then he ate his sucker while watching the cake walk. 
 Jonah was also intrigued.
 Scott preferred to play on the school playground.
 Jonah just wanted to play in the tanbark.
 The static hair just added to the costume.
 Everyone called Jonah a girl. I'm sure the curly hair and yellow "dress" didn't help. Very few people knew who he was, even with Scott next to him.
 The Imperial March came on the speakers and Jonah spotted Darth Vader and crew making a grand entrance. 
 Both boys were afraid of all of them. Luckily they were more friendly than in-character. Darth Vader talked normally to Scott and held his hand.
 John showed up and we took a group shot. Jonah was still not thrilled.
 John also convinced Scott to try the cake walk.
We had dinner from the food trucks, then John headed to volleyball and I took the boys home to bed, all tuckered out from a fun night.

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