Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jonah's One year JCP Portraits

I rescheduled Jonah's pictures because the night before he fell against the play kitchen and was swollen and bruised between his eyes. A week later he was mostly healed.
He wasn't particularly smiley, but he looked like a little doll. I love his big blue eyes--and the brown wedges in his left eye.
He's squeezed like a sausage in this outfit, even in a disposable diaper.

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  1. These photos are adorable! I have my 3 boys one year old pictures framed and in my entryway. I still smile when I see them 10 years later. You'll have to frame Scott and Jonah's one year old photos together.
    I wish you better luck than we had. Our first minivan was a Dodge Grand Caravan. After 4 years I got trapped in it, electrical system died and no way power locks or windows would work. Our second minivan was a Town and Country. Again after 4 years there is a recall that they currently don't know how to fix plus my problems with the key stuck in the ignition. We are done with Dodge and Chrysler. We are looking at a Kia and if that doesn't work out then either Toyota or Honda. I don't think we need a minivan because we only have 3 kids and currently take the Camry most places, even long trips with the whole family. It will be interesting what we end up with.