Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jonah Turns One!

I made a present tree for Jonah. Scott would yell excitedly every time he walked by about "Chicka Boom Boom tree" and "Nonah One!" Even though it was Jonah's birthday, it was fun seeing Scott so happy for Nonah Bear.
Jonah enjoyed opening his presents, especially the tissue wrapped one. Scott kept trying to hand him the next one, but he liked savoring each gift.
My mom gave him a Duplo trash truck that was a big hit. Karen and Alan gave him some cute outfits that I'm excited to dress him in this fall. 
John and I gave him a tug boat and submarine. I think it was Scott's first time grasping the concept of gifts. He yelled out "It's Nonah boat!" Then, "More Nonah boat! Mommy see that? More boat! Yay!"
Jonah loved the propeller on the sub.
My mom was going to go out to eat with us for Jonah's birthday, but Karen and Alan were going to be in Utah for Jonah's party, so we had them all three over for dinner to celebrate. Then Jonah tried his first cake--white chocolate raspberry Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlette.
He screamed for a fork and then dug in.
He mostly just ate the cream cheese frosting. We had a big bundt cake to share and he didn't want any more the next day, either. Luckily his brother and parents were willing to help him finish. 
It was a fun evening celebrating our little guy's big day.

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  1. Very cute tree! Charlotte and I just read that book the other day. And Karen just got Micah that duplo garbage truck too. He loves it as he's obsessed with garbage trucks!