Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Visiting the Sebras

We found some inexpensive flights and decided to go visit Bethany and her family in Portland. Scott held his first snowball in their front yard.
He really wanted to play in Alice's bouncer. Then he couldn't get out and cried and didn't ask to get in again.
Little Alice and her pretty mama.
Since they have a house full of girls we tried out some new toys and learned the color pink.
Daintily having cups of tea.
Scott really throws them back.
Eleanor asked, "why him's naked?" after I took his shirt off to eat dinner. Then she proceeded to dress "her boy Scott."
She actually got his shirt and sweater on the right way then covered him in a blanket.
Scott just stood there and let her dress him up.
He did look at me confused a few times.
Jonah also tried out a few new toys. He liked this play mat.
Especially when it came with an entertainment buddy.
Catching up on their shows.
Scott tried out this ride-on car and figured out how to scoot around. Hopefully it'll translate to his cozy coupe soon so I can stop pushing him around the house.
Jonah liked the bouncy seat for a few minutes at a time.
The girls were great about sharing their toys.
Bethany was the best hostess and we loved staying with them. Hopefully they recover from our inundation quickly so we can visit again soon.

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