Tuesday, December 24, 2013

November Phone Pictures

Scott was helping me with laundry by dumping the basket of clothes, putting them back in, moving the basket to the closet, then pulling it out to dump again.
Jonah's chubby little self.
After putting a hat on Jonah and telling him how cute he looked, Scott wanted to join in. He asked for a hat every morning for a few weeks.
Since it's been colder Scott gets upset when I take his shirt off after he eats while I wash him up. This day he went and brought me one of my shirts to put on him.
We went to the mommy-and-me activity at Santana Row with Amanda.
Jonah slept in the stroller while Scott painted.
The event was geared toward preschool age, but Scott had fun and then he whined while Amanda and I window shopped. He crashed on the drive home, which is always a sign he had fun.
Scott gets John's helmet out occasionally to ask for a bike ride. Since John was at work, I told Scott that Jonah would take him for a ride and he thought that was hilarious. He put the helmet on the baby and then laughed.
We watched our friends' kids overnight and Scott tried to copy everything his four-year-old buddy did.
Scott has done better staying in nursery for short periods of time without us. Here Scott went right on playing while the leader taught the other kids a lesson.
One morning Scott woke up way too early, so I tried to get him to watch tv while I slept longer. He was glued for about 5 minutes before getting down and wanting to play.
Walking home from Target with his "phone" and raisins. Scott found out that Target employees use a regular walkie-talkie channel.
Smiley guy
We were picking out some toys to donate for a little boy's Christmas and Scott tried them out to see which would be best.
Another smiley baby picture, this time with some tongue-sticking outing.
Scott has been doing much better going to bed without us and occasionally sleeping through the night. He comes into our room in the morning dragging his blanket and looking for a snuggle.
Karen watched Jonah while we took Scott to a football game at SJSU. He enjoyed watching and we stayed until it started getting chilly.
Scott fetched my shoes so we could go for a walk and he brought his own for me to put on him. I found them inside John's slippers.
Just hanging out.
The introduction of this carseat toy has helped to slightly reduce driving crying time.
Scott giving Olivia a horsey ride.
There was a free day at the Jungle by us, so we went to check it out.
Scott loved the ball pit.
He climbed around and played for a couple hours before getting hungry and tired.
Then he and Anna held hands as they walked to the cars.
After his bath, Scott likes to be wrapped in a towel and held while he dries. He's very calm and snuggly during that 5-10 minutes and we take advantage of it.
Helping me cook. He calls the vegetable scrubber "mine" and the peeler "mommy's." When he sees me pull out carrots or potatoes he goes to the drawer and gets them for us.
Playing with his ball at the park by John's work.
He LOVES going to see John during the day. When we turn onto the street where his office is, Scott starts calling for Daddy! Daddy! and pointing to his building.
He was making duck noises at the geese.
 Jonah was not thrilled about the wind, so we didn't stay long.
 Jonah has been crying less in the stroller now that he can sit in it and look out rather than being in his carseat attached to it.Someone asked me at Target if they were twins. I expected that might come in the future, but not for a couple more years at least.
 Scott found the pockets in his pants and kept his hands in them.
Both boys changed so much in one short month.

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