Saturday, November 16, 2013


My little superheros. 
Flying baby!
Jonah didn't mind being a sidekick this year.
I bought their costumes/pajamas from Target. Easy and reusable.
Seeing Scott run with his cape flying behind him was too fun for us.
At our ward trunk-or-treat.
I also took them to Uncle John's street parade.
Scott cautiously enjoyed the high school marching band while Jonah napped.
Someone had on a scary mask and Scott was glued to Karen's leg until he was out of sight.
Uncle John showing his neighbors pictures of his costumed granddaughters.
After the band went through twice, Scott just ran around in the open street relishing in the attention and comments on what a cute Batman he was.
Living the dream. One day Scott wants to have a big house in Willow Glen on a street that does fun holiday activities. And a boat. 
In the meantime, we'll just appreciate that Uncle John shares.
Grandpa came after work and Scott ran right over for a hug.
When it started to get dark, our friends came over. Lou loved Scott's ball. Scott did not love Lou loving his ball.
She won in the end. 
Scott picked up on trick-or-treating quickly. This kid loves to run.
Linc showed him the ropes.
Lou borrowed some clothes after a particularly bad blow-out, but Lauren kept the tutu for cuteness. She was a devil ballerina baby.
We went down a couple of blocks before Lincoln was tired, Scott was hyper and we were all ready for some chocolate and sleep.
It was so fun being able to experience Halloween with Scott this year. Especially because he doesn't know about candy yet.

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