Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gilroy Gardens III

The first weekend of November was our last chance to bring a friend free to Gilroy Gardens, so we took John again. Scott and Jonah are free as well as parking, so it turned out to be a great deal just buying my pass. It was more fun each time since Scott was slightly older and more involved.

Scott sat down during one line to have some of his lunch and wouldn't get up to move ahead in line. The other kids started congregating by him. Little rabble rouser.
Any age can go on some rides, but no lap sitting is allowed. Having a baby sit on his own doesn't seem safer to me, but we followed the rule and Jonah napped through the whole ferris wheel.
I also discovered he'll fall asleep in the stroller as long as he's on his tummy rather than in the carseat.
John and I took turns on a roller coaster while the other took the boys through the monarch garden. There were butterflies this time since it's the right season.
Scott found water and I gave him a penny to throw in.
He wanted it back. He kept pointing and trying to crawl under so we moved on.
The waterfall area was also fun.
Scott was not happy about getting wet. There's a lot more drizzle lower to the ground.
He liked watching from dry ground better.
Scott absolutely loved driving this car. He steered and was serious about the entire experience. Until we got out. He pointed and asked for mo! mo! mo! Then he realized another kid was taking his seat and started melting down. I told him it was that boy's turn and he could have another turn in a few minutes. He calmed down and we went to another car ride with a much shorter line.
Ta da! At least when he cries after something we know he enjoyed it.
You couldn't tell by his face during the ride.
After a few more rides, he had figured out how to ride and smile at the same time.
Here's his mo! request in action. There seemed to be a pattern of him being hesitant for something new, then loving it, getting disappointed when it ended, then cycling back.
By this time, though, we were ready to head for home. He napped the entire drive back after having such a fun morning playing.


  1. Never been to Gilroy Gardens but it looks beautiful, probably even more so since we're in for a rain/snow mix in the East!

  2. I love his mo face. Sometimes the rules about babies and lap sitting and all that are ridiculous. Jonah looks so cute sleeping with his bum in the air in his stroller. We're going to have to make it down to gilroy gardens some day.