Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Scott and Jonah's preschool classes had their annual fall field trip. Their teacher went to a new pumpkin patch for us, which was smaller and closer.
The only day we've had rain in months, naturally. The train was closed, so they went on a hay ride instead.
Scott acts like himself when his brother is around. His teachers don't see that side of him in class.
John went in to work late so he could come with us. Little pumpkin Perry had a nice, warm seat.
Beautiful overcast day. It only sprinkled a little while we were there.
The kids all went on a barrel ride as well. Scott was still bummed about the train, but we scooted him over to pick a pumpkin.
They both walked up, grabbed one and declared it their choice. I think the cold contributed to their haste, because they're usually more picky/indecisive.
Scott's been asking every day when we're going to cook our pumpkins so we can eat them. They like to tell me pumpkins are a fruit and we don't eat the little ones because they're gourds.
Jonah wants to know when we're carving it into a jack-o-lantern. I love hearing what they learn about from other people and I'm always impressed by their memory.
We went to put the camera and pumpkins in the car so they could play some more, but they both climbed in ready to be out of the wind. So we went home and had hot chocolate instead before John headed to work. A great ending to a fun morning out together.

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