Monday, July 7, 2014

June I

Jonah has started copying Scott and loves to use big boy things, like Scott's water bottle.
Scott and Jonah both had some cold symptoms, so I bought Scott some juice to get him to drink more. I found a Mater top amid all the princess ones, which made him even more excited for juice.
Jonah loves pulling up on our legs, especially if we're trying to cook.
John took Scott to a Home Depot workshop and they gave him an apron and balloon.
Scott painted and John assembled this little ride-on mower.
Jonah loved the balloon and carried it around with him.
We went out to dinner for Russell's birthday and Jonah kept Russell entertained while he ate.
He also got a little grabby. The kid loves food.
Scott likes to snuggle in his towel burrito after his bath. Jonah brought some Duplos over for them to play with while Scott was confined.
We had to relocate the books because Jonah pulled them off the shelf every chance he found.
He has a good time reading them, though.
Scott knows Go Dog, Go!, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and several Sandra Boynton books by heart and "reads" them to Jonah.
Piggy back rides. We're so glad we bought the cushiest carpet available.
We went to my mom's classroom one day and Scott warmed up to the turtle. He helped feed her and now whenever we have kale he says "turtle food!"
Free donut day! Scott couldn't stop for a picture. Jonah can't wait for next year when he can join in.
Morning church.
We wait until the last minute to wake Scott up for church and I bring him breakfast to eat there. I tried giving him cereal this week and he was sad about not having milk, a bowl and spoon. Then when we gave Jonah a bottle his eyes got big, he pointed and yelled milk! milk! I carried him to the foyer to eat while people around us tried to stifle laughter. At least his tantrums are entertaining.
He's definitely vocal about what he wants these days.

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