Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrating John

On John's birthday we went out to eat while my mom watched the boys.
We came home around bedtime, so they came out and helped John open his present--a photo book of our Hawaii trip.
Jonah loved staying up and getting extra Oma time. We had carrot cupcakes then put them back in bed.
On Sunday, we invited our family over for a Father's day/John's birthday dinner.
Jonah showed off his slide-climbing skills. He can go up both sides.
Scott played catch with Joseph.
Jonah can also throw balls now.
John took pictures and entertained the kids while I prepped dinner. Then he barbecued everything and we ate a tasty dinner.
We gave our dads their gifts and then had peach pie that Alan made.
Katie couldn't make it and Amanda came late after work, but we're glad everyone else could come and we could celebrate together.

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