Sunday, May 11, 2014


We drove up to Sacramento Friday after work for my commencement. Scott napped on the drive and didn't go to bed that night until 11pm. Then Jonah woke us all up at 6 Saturday morning. But at least that meant we made it to the hotel breakfast in plenty of time and got an early start for the temple.
 My mom played with the boys while John and I went inside quickly.
 Then we walked around the grounds. I really love the gray stone and door designs. It looked like something I would do to my own house. If I lived in a mansion. 
 After the temple we visited the railroad museum. I learned a lot about early California history and how the railroad influenced its development while Scott tried to pick up the rocks.
 We read about the early train cars and building the transcontinental railroad.
 Scott ran from place to place, anxious to explore.
 Then he pointed out yeyow choochoo! orage choochoo! 
 He was so excited that we could go through some of them. The sleeper/passenger train rocked and rumbled like it was really moving.
 Scott steered the fine dining car while we discussed going on another cruise. 
 He started crying when we left the room with the big trains, but was happy again when we arrived in the play area.
 They had several train tables set up. He played until he had to go potty. Then walking back he discovered the model train area and we spent the rest of the time looking at those.
 We left to get lunch and took a carriage ride around Old Town.
 Scott repeated horsie, neigh. horsie, neigh. Jonah looked all around and I think he enjoyed bumping over the cobblestone road because it put him to sleep.
 We explored some of the places my mom takes her class on their annual field trip. The old schoolhouse was not as exciting as the giant candy shop. You could sample any of the taffy and there were five rows of unique flavors.
 We walked around the Delta King steamboat, which made me want to go to Tom Sawyer's island. Scott was distracted by the train whistle. 
 We walked back to the museum and went in the engine room.
 Scott took an important call.
 Then we tried some mini donuts next to the museum and headed over to the Capitol.
 Scott was exhausted at this point and I wouldn't let him nap again. I realized we should have done the capitol tour first since it was less engaging for a toddler.
 He did like seeing Bacteria Bear.
 Until John put his hand in the bear's mouth
 and my mom growled, not knowing what John was doing at the time. The rest of the tour Scott would start crying randomly and give me his hand to kiss better, but then whine asking to go back and see the bear again. Such a weirdo.
 Jonah was perfectly content as long as he was being held, in the carrier, or on John's shoulders. We dragged Scott through the rest of the tour quickly. Luckily my mom had been there enough to know the highlights.
We had dinner, then John and I went swimming while my mom watched a movie with Scott and Jonah in the hotel room. Scott's whining all evening paid off when he went to sleep much earlier that night. We were all exhausted from a fun, full day exploring a new city.

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  1. How fun! We love the train museum. I'm glad you guys got to go. I think we might need to check out the candy shop next time we're there.