Sunday, May 18, 2014

April II

Jonah has made great progress on his teeth. They're coming in right to left on top. We are all ready for him to be done teething.
All the boys helped mow the lawn.
Jonah had his first slurp of mango.
He was hooked.
He kept his mouth open so he was ready as soon as it was his turn again.
He's perfecting his eyebrow raise.
Playing ball with Scott.
We put the toys in the playroom and there is a lot of space to play around. Plus now the other rooms in the house feel more spacious without toys.
Scott is a running blur. We like playing on the carpet after it's refluffed from vacuuming.
One Saturday morning I took Scott to run errands. We used our Kohls reward on a car and truck, tasted a truffle sample at See's, then stopped to see the puppies for sale outside of Petco. It was a fun Mom-Scott date.
My aunt sent an Easter package and Jonah found a treat just for him. He played with it so happily. A toy and lunch in one.
Jonah's been pulling himself up on everything. He'll stand with one hand supporting him and even lets go sometimes and wobbles over. He likes exploring his balance and strength, which is the opposite of Scott, who only seemed to do things once he was confident. 
After the above picture, I picked Jonah up to wipe his nose. I looked down and found the worst poo-splosion to date all over me and him. Much to Scott's dismay, we quickly left the mall play area and went home to change. And bathe Jonah.
He was very sorry. 
Scott asks for his glasses all the time now. He doesn't pronounce the "gl" yet, so it's fun when he asks for them really loudly in public.
He usually has them open and about half the time they're upside down.
Jonah and Scott have been playing contentedly together more often, which is fun to see and a relief from the constant monitoring that was needed in the past.
Scott gets excited when Jonah has a truck, train, tractor, etc. on his clothes and he'll point it out to me every time he sees Jonah. So I decided to get Jonah a pair of truck jams to match Scott's.
They wore them on our Sacramento trip and Scott was thrilled that they both had truck shirts, or "sruck shits" as he calls them.


  1. This is one of your funniest blogs to date! It's hard to say which is my favorite: Scott's flip glasses or Jonah's raised eyebrow, peeking around John's back in the backpack or the infamous poo-splosion. Looks like moms need to carry a change of clothes for themselves in the magic diaper bag.

  2. We love to go see the puppies for sale at Petco. And the play room is so much fun! I love how much personality Jonah's little face has.

  3. That poo-splosion was phenomenal! I loved the pic with all the boys working together to mow the backyard. Lots of fun pictures in this post.