Monday, December 18, 2017

August II

Perry snuggle.
Jonah was sick one day so Scott and I brought food and entertainment to his bed.
Then they had some Peppa Pig time.
So big and so little at the same time. 
Scott's beheaded snowman pancake. He couldn't wait to chow down.
Perry went chair to chair reading to himself. 
We went to Target just the two of us and he didn't love it.
When he's really upset, he just sits down (or lies down when it's a big one) on the floor. No noise. It's so funny and doesn't bother me at all, so I hope he doesn't learn how to properly tantrum.
Taking a tubby with a Lightning McQueen soap Aunt Wendy sent. 
Big boy walking to school in his overalls.
They don't like dropping Scott off, but luckily they have each other to play with while he's gone.
Then they reunite and make up for lost time. 
Perry isn't into tv yet, but he did everything he could to get his brothers' attention. 
Things that would have normally bothered them they completely ignored while glued to the screen.
I entertain Perry on the walk with cereal or waffles when I have to wake him up to leave for school. Sometimes he transfers asleep, but he's always awake by the time we get home.
We did our favorite family puzzle again. Perry did not help one bit. He did admire the finished product, though.
Jonah needed a picture with the puzzle since he did actually help assemble it.
Walking to the car after school. Perry stays standing, puts his hand up and says eh eh eh until you hold his hand, then starts walking.
Scott put his n1 starfighter lego together again and they played pretend with it all afternoon.
Melody gave me a bunch of peaches that were falling from her tree and I made pie.
Jonah keeps crashing when he gets a time-out. I know he's acting out because he's tired, but I also can't have him napping late in the day or he never goes to bed and the cycle continues.
Perry likes to play on the bike rack at the community center. I like to let him go at his own pace when it's just the two of us.

He's holding his hand up to push the automatic door button. He keeps it up the whole time he runs over.
Whipping up a little lunch in his carseat.
We're still getting adjusted to school every day, but it's nice to have a routine again.

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